Adelaide Zu'Qalii
Character Information
Race: Tanar'ri, Succubus
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 5'5
Hair: Charcoal; damp, curly, and wild
Eyes: Dark and deep
Physique: Slender, alluring, gracefilled, sexy
Age: Young
Faction: Tens
Relationship(s): Daughter of Aurora Ayanah
Slave(s): None, currently
Owner: N/A
Origins: Abyss, unknown layer

Played by: SomeLittleSaint

Current dayEdit

Adelaide resides in Tens, living with her mother, Aurora, in an appartment by the docks. It is debatable wether she is actually plotting and working on something, or simply making time pass. Often seen by Aurora's side, it seems she prefers sticking close to the elder fiend, following her around Tens, even if she more often than not doesn't comment or participate in the business her mother does. It is suspected that Adelaide keeps such close eye on Aurora to observe and learn, but it is also a possiblity that she clings to her mothers, because she knows no other way to survive.

As of late, Adelaide has been as good at making friends, as she is at making enemies. Her constant struggle with keeping a sharp tongue, and witty yet insulting remarks at bay, landing her in trouble more often than not, as she seems unable to let a few snarky remarks slip past her lips. Her charm is undeniable, and her allure strong, but such is only the case when she is calm and collected enough, to practise her natural skill of seduction.

Having recently suffered a severe and brutal whipping, many wounds strain across her soft flesh are in the process of healing, having now imbedded themselves upon her form as long, thin scars. They come in the hundreds, uncountable simply because one would loose track in which of the myriad of marks they had processed, before they got anywhere far. Natural regeneration will without a doubt return her to her flawless form once more, every mark seeming well under way of fading, except for the three scars which marred her cheek. The wounds strain over her left cheek ran from the base of her ear, and all the way to her jaw. Those seemed capable of growing far more permanent, than the rest on her body.

Physical appearanceEdit

An appearance so attractive it seemed almost otherwordly, coupled with wings and a spaded tail made it very apparant that this creature was a succubus. She appeared majestic and compelling from a distance, and closer inspection revealed numerous tiny details that set her far apart from regular mortals. Long, dark hair fell freely down her back, the mass of fibers at all times halfways tangled and curled, sticky and slick as if wet, overall greasy in appearance. It was worn in a simple style, parted at the middle, with bangs left to frame her face, hair helpfully kept out of her face by two small horns which sat at her forhead, the bonestructure thin and frail in appearance as it curled backwards along her head for an inch or so. Her face was compromised of sultry features, eyes dark and intense as could be, her stare usually narrowed and mysterious, as if a strange fascination and curiosity towards to her surroundings was everpresent. Her nose was thin and pointy, giving her a regal look. Lips were inviting to a certain degree, delightfully full and suprisingly gentle, considering the sharp fangs which lay just underneath, elongated canines making her every grin a slight bit comical in appearance. As a whole, she held the grace and beauty normally found in elves with high cheekbones, and sharply defined, expressive features.

The similarities to the elven race seemed to end as her long, graceful neck tapered into her shoulders. She was fuller, than most of those with pointy ears. Clad in gleeming red skin, her dark hide always glossy and wet with perspiration, tiny droplets of salty sweat trailing down slender arms, over a well endowed chest, and long legs. Her abyssal nature probably meant she could appear however she wished, and the form she had chosen was alluring and downright sexy. Narrow, delicate shoulders did much to make her chest appear large, the mounds of delightful flesh squashed close against whatever she chose to wear, thanks to their sheer size. The small nipples which adorned her perky breasts were clearly visible through thin fabric, onyx barbells ensuring the nubs were kept at a constant hard. Not a single gram of unneccesary fat found home on her form, and as such each and every of her graceful movements brought out the true beauty of her slender midsection, abdominals faintly visible whenever she twisted or writhed. She strode upon long legs, her stature almost always elevated by high, sharp stiletto heels, the boots doing much for the appearance of her slender legs, the limbs touched with a certain grace, especially so as she managed to walk as well as anyone could barefooted, with thoose very high heels.

Long and thin, spaded sharply at the very end, her tail did much to compliment her taut ass as it wagged above and infront of it. Her every step caused an alluring wiggle to delightfully broad hips, her peachy, firm butt swaying almost teasingly at all times. She radiated a certain warmth, the heat of her company increasing and intensifying with closeness and the length of exposure. A pleasant smell, and the cozy tempeture she brough, was calming and nice, as much as it was upsettingly unnatural. Armed with black talons tipping her slender fingers, she appearaed able to tear most things to shreds, yet the gentle smile curled upon her glossy lips would lead must to doubt if she even had it in her to carry out such a thing. Of course everyone knows that succubi are nothing but deceaving and manipulative, and this one was probably no different.

Character historyEdit

Coming to Styss under the disguise of a plain, blonde elf, she had travelled over much of Faerûn, before finally finding the city of Sigil, the many doors within allowing her access to the plane upon which the isles lay. Her search for her mother had been far and long, atleast a decade of travelling and searching finally leading her to Tens, and the first encounter with her parent. Even then, she restricted herself from spewing forth questions that had been brewing within her head for many years, and instead decided to get close to her mother, before she shared her true identity. Work was taken as Trisha's assistant, helping her manage the slaves she oversaw at the time. Adelaide made very little friends, most of her attention focused upon the demon under which she was employed, keenly observing her, not only to learn about her, but to learn about herself aswell. A relationship developed briefly between the young succubus in disguise, and a monsterous male slave under Trisha's care. It was brief, and ended abruptly as Tezla Feinn wished for the beasts attention aswell, and ultimately wounded Adelaide severely to scare her off.

When she finally did reveal to Trisha that she was her daughter, mixed feeling were received, yet Adelaide managed to win the Tanar'ri's deepest affection and compassion in the end. With means of a ritual that left Trisha severely wounded, Adelaide was born again, embracing her abyssal nature in full, as she shed her elven disguise, and appeared in true demonic glory instead. The ordeal left Adelaide's mother weak, giving Adelaide a chance the end the life of the very person that had threatened hers, yet she chose not to, having both developed intensely passionate feeling towards Trisha, and perhaps deeming it neccesary to learn much more from her mother, before they could part ways. Now armed with the alluring features of her true form, Adelaide practised her seduction and manipulative skills, winning many people close to her for time, yet loosing just as many.

A period of true chaos followed in the wake of her transformation, as she fully indulged in everything her race stood for. A day never went past where she didn't lay with multiple people, tasting the souls of some, and simply having sex with others. It brought her away from the isle of a time, as her curiosity as to her ability of soul draining couldn't be sated, with the many individuals of Styss, however varied and exotic they may be. As she returned, her mother had submitted to the elder demon Na'amah in search for increased power, and Trisha advised Adelaide to do the same. She never managed to gain as much from the relationship as her mother did. While Trisha emerged more powerful than ever, once Na'amah relinquished her hold upon her, Adelaide had gained nothing but trouble, her problem with authority and her habit of snarky aswell as rude remarks saw her punished more often than gifted with any knowledge or streng.

History had a habit of repeating herself, and when Aurora soon after advised Adelaide to submit to an older demoness once again, she went about doing such very differently than she had with Na'amah. It proved easier on her to bow her head and express respect towards the Tanar'ri Nephthys, and such she did. Adelaide finally experienced extended periods of favor from both her mother, and Nephthys, something she had never been able to acheive whilst under the rule of Na'amah. It lessened the strain on her, allowing her time to grow more experienced and learn, yet the comfort of being amidst a clearly defined network of fiends ended abruptly, as Nephthys tossed her symbolic crown and allowed the fiends she had come to control to roam free.

Sometime inbetween falling under the command of Nephthys, and being released once more, Adelaide suffered severe punishment by her mother. Many scars adorned her form for a time, as she had been stricken precisely a hundred times by Aurora's flaming whip, a punishment brought by Adelaide's witty, yet ultimately rude and trouble causing remarks, as so often seemed the case. The very most recent trouble she has brought herself in, is with Azi. Having previously had the favor of the abyssal dragon, the very same remark which caused her to suffer by the whip of her mother, has turned Azi's opinion of Adelaide sour and rather harsh. It appears it has effect Adelaide quite a bit, for surely she considers every friend lost as a personal failure.


Trisha and Aurora are the same person, making both Adelaide's mother. The character underwent a change in both form and name.