Aladan Fairchild, also called Aladan The Amused, is one of Styss's rare valubale resources. When one needs a spell that violates common sense, reality, or just good taste, Al, as he's known, is famous for his ability to cobble something together.


Not much is known for certain about Aladan Fairchild. It's known that he began his training in the magical arts in Thay, and that, during his stay in that city, he lost his ability to cast and preform magic, and regained it via the favors of "Those Bitches", as Aladan likes to call his patron goddesses, Tyche, Tymora, and Besheba. It is suspected that many sub-speices of the already numerous Feliner tribes, can be laid at Aladan's feet. It is confirmed that the plight of Than, a small country in Abor-Toril who are now reduced to a sex based economy, and are emrboiled, and have been embroiled, in a bitter civil war can be laid at Aladan's feet firmly. Both as the rebel leader, and as the monarch he was trying to remove.

The only other facts, known for certain about Aladan Fairchild, is that somewhere in the foggy mists of his life, he replaced his liver with a very powerful magical artifact that could have provided benificiant healing for the world. Instead, he uses it to filter out alcohol from his poluted system. As if this wasn't bad enough, as far as the world is concerned, Aladan began investigating, and was subsequently infected by the Far Realms.

On StyssEdit

Arriving on Styss, Aladan quickly made himself at home in Blackwaters Rock. He was involved in the comming of the Overlord on the sidelines and historians suspect that he might have recived fragments of the Origional spell gem via the favor of Ta'hyen Narr. It is unknown what the mage has done with the artifacts. Aladan is also one of the few individuals on Styss to be free of obligations to the primary cities. Weather from personal choice, or simply because no monarch is insane enough to employ him has often been a source of debate.

Well over a hundred-twenty years of Age, Aladan has been seen but rarely around Styss since his Far Realm infection finally passed his ability to contain it. As of this writing, he stands at about 5'10", weighs about 240 pounds, has replaced his eyes with gemstones, and has a network of Pesedopods and Tentacles covering his body.

"Fair Wines, Winds and Wenches" Captain Aladan Fairchild of the Drunkards Daughter.

"No, no, it makes perfect sense if you simply devide reality by zero and add the cheese co-eficent-" Aladan The Amused on the Mathamatics of Wild Magic.