Alaeda's HistoryEdit

Alaeda Fairchild and her twin Ahava were born on a small farm, to an elven woman named Chandrai Si'tria. They were raised by Chandrai and her human husband Derrick Goodmane. Chandrai and Derrick bore many children of their own, which in and of itself was a rare thing for an elf woman to do at all.

It wasn't until twenty eight summers passed that Alaeda learned that Derrick was not the twin's real father.

Whilst her twin was home witnessing the slaughter of their entire family, Alaeda was at the healers, restocking her supply of herbs that kept her in at least tolerable health. For Alaeda's entire life, she had been some thing of a sickly girl. Later it was discovered that Alaeda bore the talent of healing others, but it came at a cost to her own health, for reasons unknown until recently. Her talent for empathy would not allow her to ignore the call for aid when it was needed, and so Alaeda led a life of weakness and instability.

After the slaughter, Alaeda Goodmane, later renamed as Alaeda Fairchild, was retrieved by her sister, and took off on what would certainly be a wild goose chase for someone Ahava called 'Aladan the Amused', who Alaeda discovered in their travels, was their birth father. And true to form, it was quite the wild goose chase.

For months, the twins searched Abeir-Toril, looking for their father. Pursued by nameless, black robed individuals. Alaeda using her gifts to divine where their father was. The trail eventually led to Styss, but by no means was it easy to get there for them. It took all of the gold they had secreted away to secure a path to the strange place. Once they found him, they also found his strange 'family'.

Their step mother, Maureen, who's accent they couldn't understand, but she seemed nice enough on most days. Their nephew, Gavin, and his slave girl who's name they couldn't ever remember. And their brother, Lenfal, the man who they would later realize was a very sick and twisted individual that they would sooner hope to avoid than any thing else. Though, due to circumstance, Alaeda cannot seem to rid herself of the twisted necromancer, no matter how hard she tries.

Alaeda's AppearanceEdit

Alaeda is five feet, one inch tall. She looks to be about 25-28 years of age. Rather lovely in the eyes of some, in spite of her pale skin. She has deep, indigo blue eyes, just like her older (By 13 minutes) sister. That coupled with knee-length dark brown hair, and an hour glass sort of figure, it was clear that though she had the slightly pointed ears that marked her as half-elven, she leaned more towards her human parentage.

Her and her sister both have a sort of etheral, and euphonious voice, though Alaeda tends to move a bit on the weak and shaking, some times swaying side.