Alessa D'linda
"I'll tell Leto!"
Character Information
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Purple
Physique: Lithe, shapely
Age: 29
Classes: Rogue/Fighter/Shadowdancer
Weapon(s): Rapier
Item(s): Decorative ribbon, slave collar
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faith: Atheist
Faction: Tens
Title: The Mischievous
Relationship(s): Younger sister to Leto
Origins: Lien
Languages: Abyssal, Infernal, Common

Played by ILickLightBulbs

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alessa is a small girl, almost elven in apperance but lacking the ethereal countenance or pointed ears of an elf, with an athletic, shapely body. Her breasts are above average in size, though she moves with almost unmatched dexterity despite this and unlike her older sister appears far more natural. Her hair is silky blond and often tied up lazily in a ponytail, while her eyes are, unusually, bright purple in colour. She appears to be a natural beauty, not using much makeup besides black charcoal eyeshadow and peach-scented lip gloss, nor does she wear fanciful clothes to show off her apperance, she merely appears as she feels most comfortable; her wonderfully tanned skin a pleasure to the eye. As a tiefling she has very few fiendish traits, though instead of feet she has cloven hooves, her eyes are unnaturally coloured and, more recently, she has a long spade-tipped tail.

She wears whatever she feels like wearing, making her own fashion as she sees fit; often wearing very little and wearing for comfort rather than style - though she always seems to make whatever she wears naturally stylish. Around her bicep she wears a deactivated slave collar with a golden 'L' sewn onto it.


Alessa has faced rejection all her life due to her fiendish blood. She was born to human parents, but abandoned by her mother at the age of 8 to fend for herself. She survived by stealing what she could where she could and on the charity of strangers, though the latter was oft hard to come by. As she grew, she became a fiercely individual woman, believing strongly in her own skill to survive. Her sense of rejection manifested in pranks, and mischief that was often responded to violently by local paladins who chased her away from town with divine swords and blazing holy symbols after she pilfered from the town's temple. Though Alessa may have found these fun, she still longed to be wanted, to have someone care about her. And so she traveled far from the village of her birth, hitching rides where she could, hijacking horses where she couldn't. Eventually her skill as a rogue and shadowdancer allowed her to sneak into places many couldn't, and in an effort to steal from a magister's tower, she was discovered. Rather than face imprisonment she dashed through the nearest portal and vanished.

Only to reappear on the Isle of Styss, bewildered and confused. In this land of devils, demons, angels and dragons she was no longer the odd one out. Rather she felt strangely normal, but her desire to be wanted still drove her to explore and try to befriend people. This is where she met Leto, a pure blood demon, who upon seeing the tiefling's appearance promptly enslaved her and forced Alessa to be her 'sister'. Being captive to this seemingly insane demon would have been a harrowing prospect to most, but to Alessa it seemed this dangerous creature actually needed her. The feeling of being needed, and wanted, soon rid her of most of the fear she felt for the demon and she was soon back to her mischievous ways, taunting and playing pranks on her new older sister.

When Leto became slave mistress, the two had finally become family, unrelated by blood, but bonded by sisterly love; Leto freed the tiefling from enslavement and adopted her officially as her step sister. Now finally finding family and love, Alessa enjoys her life to the fullest, taking risks and meeting new people, now with the knowledge that should she ever find herself in trouble, her demonic older sister would protect her. The only issue now was cleaning up the bloody mess after Leto had finished her 'protecting' ...


  • Though Alessa is 29, she never recieved a formal education and acts more like an 18 - 20 year old.
  • Alessa is the only person alive who could insult Leto and not be attacked.
  • Alessa designs clothing so stylish and unique, others can't help but copy it!