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Amy Swift - DECEASED
Amy before a formal function
Character Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: approx 5'4"
Weight: it's rude to ask a lady her weight (about 125lb)
Hair: blonde, chest-length, braided into a pony-tail
Eyes: bright, pale blue
Physique: slender & toned, but filled by motherhood; since her change of faith, she has also found better-defined musculature
Age: 23
Classes: Fighter / Rogue / Weapon Master
Weapon(s): Longsword "Divine Fury"
Item(s): Silver Holy Symbol of the Silver Flame on a sturdy chain around her neck
Alignment: NG
Faith: Silver Flame (Torm/Domiel)
Faction: Anamchara
Title: none
Former Title: Chancellor, Judge
Relationship(s): none
Origins: Argannon
Languages: Common, Celestial, Drow, Infernal

Amy Swift is a Slayer of Domiel (formerly a Paladin of Torm) and three-time Chancellor of Anamchara. Formerly the Judge of Anamchara, she once held a firm view of Law and Duty as per Torm's doctrines - now her view of Justice against those who wrong her and her companions is more blunt and brutal. She places herself and those who would follow her in the path of the city of Tens to prevent citizens of Tens from taking over the Isles of Styss and plunging the lands into darkness forever.

The PersonEdit

Amy is a human female only a few years into adulthood. When she was held to Torm's service, she typically wore a blue-white dress with some embroidery on it while wandering about Anamchara, and distinctive Ice-blue plate armour with her matching cloak that had the symbol of Torm embroidered in gold when in battle. Since taking to Domiel's service, though, she tends to wear darker, more figure-hugging attire, with her preference now for darker blues and purples, and she keeps this preference for both casual attire and battlefield dress. She keeps her long blonde hair in a neat pony-tail, and generally keeps herself presentable without looking too formal.

Amy tends to have a positive outlook on most things, although leadership of Anamchara tested that part of her general nature. She likes to believe there is good in most people's just that it's easier to find in some people and harder to find in others. She doesn't stand on formality, preferring things be kept casual and title-free.

When it comes to law and punishment, Amy tends to be black-and-white about it: if you obey the laws, you'll be fine; if you break them, you're on your own. She holds this view regardless of whether it is a Tensian or an Anamcharan who is breaking Anamcharan law. A couple of people have tested her resolve in this their own loss.

She has a fondness for simple foods - beef, lamb, the staple vegetables of potato, carrot and pumpkin. Her favourite drink is a Hot Chocolate, and so far Jeanette in Anamchara's Busted Tap Inn makes the best Hot Chocolate she's tasted.

Some have called Amy scary, in particular Kelia Takemi...Amy has heard the whispers. (People tend to forget that castle walls have ears, and Amy isn't above listening to what they hear on occasion.) The notion that she is scary, though...Amy is somewhat bemused by it, and she doesn't even attempt to capitalise on it.

Since her recent change of faith and outlook, a mark has appeared on the inside of her left forearm. The mark is something she did herself with the tip of a dagger: it is a mutilated Holy Symbol of Torm...a reminder to her of what she sacrificed to take up Domiel's faith and service. She is hopeful that she will be able to return to Torm's service...but, deep down, she knows that she never will.

The HistoryEdit

Amy is the daughter of a farming couple, and a former refugee of Argannon. She found herself in the camps outside of Blackwaters Rock when Argannon was destroyed in the war against Nasher - the war that claimed her father immediately, and her mother a few months later.

She found her calling when Lord Torm presented himself to her in a dream. Still young and somewhat naieve, she presented herself to then-Chancellor Corin Fellswick. After putting herself in the Tensian firing line during her investigation into the deaths of Estela and Keyla (an investigation even she now says was horribly flawed), Amy was appointed by Corin to the rank Judge for trying. She had more success as Judge after that, most notably the capture and punishment of then-Commander Cazaset of Tens. She also, around this time, found herself captured and delivered to Tens, where she was forced to experience the barbarities that Tens can inflict upon their experience which, understandably, changed her outlook on a number of thngs.

In the shadows that saw then-General Elle leave to go to Tens, Amy was elected Chancellor of Anamchara...and soon afterwards found herself pregnant to Corin. While the pregnancy was refreshing and enjoyable of itself, she did resent - just a little - the fact that she couldn't do all of the things she wanted to fight alongside her citizens. During her first term, Corin was killed by Zahle Undt - Corin's soul was unrecoverable, and the loss of her love (not to mention the father of her child) devastated Amy.

She was elected - returned - as Chancellor and had a more energetic series of battles with Tens - perhaps her most telling achievement was the mutual agreement prohibiting both collars and sneaks being used by either city against the other city. During her second term she also proposed, wrote and had passed, the laws that are now cynically known as the "Anti-Demon" laws. Also during her second term there was an assasination attempt on the Tyrant of Tens, Vier'idil...and the assassin was proven to be an Anamcharan drow. Out of concern that Tensian soldiers might seek reprisals against her through her son, Amy took Garvan to live on Mount Celestia until the matter died down, and she brought her son back to Anamchara a few days before the election results were known.

Amy was elected to the position of Chancellor for a third time - this time with a slightly increased margin in an election she hadn't expected to win. Amy was rather interested to note that her main rival for the title - the succubus known as Blue - defected to Tens a few days after losing the election...although as time goes on and whispers grow, she is less certain that it was a defection.

More recently she has begun to question herself - not her faith, for she believes within herself that her faith is strong. But, in the aftermath of additional attacks by Tens against Anamchara itself, Amy has personally dispensed justice against both Tyrants (Brocard and Vier'idil) and the Secretary of State (Katarina of the Linnorm). In an effort to teach Tens a lesson, she was particularly brutal with the brand of justice delivered...and she has started to realise that she may be getting too heavy-handed, almost zealot-like... And a recent dream, in which she was attacked by a demon and woke from bearing a mark on her belly, has her wondering if her faith is as strong as she thought it was...

The dreams played themselves out...and resulted in a meeting of a different point of view, one she realised she was taking herself. It left her with a very difficult choice...a choice she ended up making. She forsook her paladinhood...and took up the mantra of Domiel to become one of the Archon's Slayers. She knows, however, that the change was done with the blessing of Torm; while the God of Duty was understandably upset at the loss of a paladin, the overall need for harsh justice on Styss made the decision a correct one.

Amy (and her son, Garvan) suddenly and without warning departed Styss on the eve of the elections, though - it was suggested that Amy would have won her fourth term easily, maybe unopposed, had she remained. But duty required her elsewhere...

Some time after her departure, Amy did return to Anamchara; she brought with her a story over capture and detainment by the Overlord's minions after she caught them discussing interfering in Anamcharan politics just prior to the election that she'd withdrawn from. But it seemed (to her, at least) that Anamchara no longer had a need for her - when she asked if the city could use her, there was no reply. So, when she'd recovered her strength, she left once more.

Several years passsed. Amy had returned to Khorvaire, and had entered the service of the Silver Flame, a faith strongly linked with both Torm and Domiel (possibly even aspects of the same faiths). She worked hard, petitioned to join the Kights Templar of the Silver Flame and was successful, and spent the next few years working to further the goals and faith of the Silver Flame. But, deep inside, the need to know what was going on in her home gnawed at her... Finally, Amy decided to return to Styss - and what she saw when she returned dismayed her.

Anamchara was at a loss. It was, for all intents and purposes, leaderless. The people were becoming apathetic. The years of war had taken their toll on the city and her people. The city was descending into famine. Corin's sword, long given to protecting the city, had disappeared.

In what turned out to be a quest of enormous undertaking, Amy embarked on a quest to reclaim Corin's sword. With the assistance of Nulinar Thunderbeard, Korak Alkatarr and Amaianna, Amy set out to find the sword. The quest took her into the darker side of Elzigard, into remote locations of Styss, and even to other planes. Eventually, after confronting denizens, rogues, planar beings, and her own self, Amy was able to return Corin's sword to Anamchara...and the people loudly proclaimed her to be the Chancellor of Anamchara once more.

She tried to bring hope to the people, but time was against her. Even as she was working to restore the city's fortunes, a new enemy was massing armies against the cities of Styss. Wartrunt, a massive orc-like Warlord, had struck at Tens before turning his eyes on Anamchara. The White City was laid to seige.

The seige lasted for weeks. The city's defenders remained positive, even though their numbers and resources dwindled to almost nothing. But it couldn't last. The attackers pushed forwards, breaking through the city's defences, ransacking parts of the city even as the defenders were pushed to the castle. There Amy met Wartrunt. In a pitched battle between Wartrunt's minions and Anamchara's defenders, the Warlord and the four-time leader of Anamchara met. With the aid of Corin's sword, Amy defeated Wartrunt when she plunged the relic weapon into the Warlord's chest...but in his death-throes, Amy was cut down by his oversized axe. Her wounds were fatal.

Amy had died as she had lived - giving her all to the White City.