Once formerly the greatest port city of the Isle overall this place now stands as but a broken ruin full of Twisted Rats and large beetles at its city center. Lore says the fire gems exploded and this place was hurled into ruins by the event. Any and all shards of the fire gems have long since been dug up during the attempted restoration and rising up of the city once more under the now retired Queen Ta'hyen Nyarr (whom some still dispute as ever having been a legitamate Queen). First ruled over by Nasher (who later proved to be Mephistopheles) this part of the city was known for its fountains, and the freedoms one could have as a mercenary living there. Since the explosion the refugees had mostly taken up residence in Blackwaters Rock, and the other cities. Argannon is a city know for both its rises and falls, and continues to be a focus of interest. It is currently known nobody owns nor rules over the city or its areas, but some may try to claim otherwise.

Argannon was once the bastion of civilization in early times, before the three kingdoms had formed into respected cities of their own. Lorded over in the early days by Mephistopheles, it was a place where all creatures could come together to trade, converse or "mix" with each other.

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