Aurora Ayanah
"You should have known better by now..."
Character Information
Race: Tanar'ri, Succubus
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Very long, soft and straight black hair
Eyes: Intense Ruby-red, glittering in light
Physique: Hourglass. Fit, well trained and strong.
Age: Approximately 350 years
Classes: Sorceress
Weapon(s): Whip: "The Affectionate Succubus", an adamantine tailcoated, manyheaded leatherwhip. Aurora's favorite tool.

Shortsword: "Demons Tooth". Stabbing device.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Faith: N/A
Faction: Tens
Relationship(s): Daughter: Adelaide Zu'Qalii

Mate: Faine

Origins: Unchartered regions of the Abyss
Languages: Abyssal, Common, Drow

Player-account: TheLitheSinner

Current dayEdit

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Physical appearanceEdit

A vision of beauty and grace, this redskinned demoness stands a full six feet, two inches tall. She looks proud and elegant with a brimming confidence in herself. Fair to the eye, a majestic and elegant vision, like a Lady of high social class. She carries herself with a perpetual grace and exquisite refinement, and together with the stunning beauty that she is blessed with, she could almost appear to be a magnificent goddess for some. The tall beauty moves with ease, each and every movement being a measured and sensual sight to behold. There is a presence of an innate sensuality, naturally enhanced by her very nature. Even without conscious thought and awareness, she will be moving to appease the eyes of those watching her.

Aurora is a demoness who wields strong characteristics, of which all she proudly shows off. Most notable of which are her stunningly beautiful dual-colored wings; her feathers black and in shades of red, every feather moving in the breeze with free and wild beauty. Her wings are fairly long, the entire wingspan making a lengthy 14 feet in diameter. Furthermore, from the sides of her temples there are thick, demonic horns sprouting out and back. Their curved shape faintly resembles a crown which adds to the majestic appearance, but also the only thing on her beautiful and demonicly deceptive body which does not stand forth with dominance and urgency, but instead appear mysteriously passive in their shape. Onwards, out from the bottom of her spine - over her firm, bubbly and alluring sexy ass – there would be a pleasant demonic tail wagging around. As with most beasts, her tail could be percieved to be mirroring the owners emotions. In Auroras case, the tail would at all times be slow moving and relaxed, showing her calm and comfortable mood.

The body of the alluring succubus has the appealing and sexy shape of a time-glass, her slim waistline shaping down to her motherly wide hips, which surrounds a perfectly heartshaped and firm ass, it being a spankable delight to behold. Her slender waist keeps a natural sensual sway, arching backwards, empathizing her gorgeous tush even more. Every step with her swaying hips comes forth as sexy and sassy, even with the challenge of moving upon black, thinly blackhaired hooves. Her breasts are of a delightful, form-fitting DD-cup size.

Her hair is long and beautiful, a dark raven-black shade, soft and elegant where it rests over her shoulders and cascades beautifully down her back. Her mane makes for a beautiful frame to her equally stunningly beautiful face. A pair of glistening lush lips and a chinbone of elven resemblance, her strong and intense ruby red eyes radiate with wisdom and reflects a keen and sharp mind within. The colour of her eyes makes a big contrast to the blackness of her always dangerously v-shape curved and smooth eyebrows. Her stare is intense, yet still mature and calm. All in all, Auroras face could to more than a few remind them of another demoness by the name of Trisha, implying on some degree of relation.

Her skin is a delicate, delicious red, almost like a lighter shade of fresh blood. The demoness' skin is soft to the touch, her body very warm and radiating a pleasant heat, hailing from a strong inner energy. It all grants her a mysterious and secretive presence – all in addition to the sexy, highly appealing appearance of her bodys curves. Her scent is intoxicating, but not in an overly provocative manner. The demoness' scent is very unique and rare, the sort of smell which lingers in your nostrils, making the impression of her allure linger in your mind.

When she speaks, her voice sound fascinating and very alluring. Her voice has a certain dangerous seductive appeal to it, due to the slightly darkened pitch of her voice. She often talks in slow, calm and measured sentences, wielding her words like a weapon of her own, twisting and corrupting intentions and purposes. Occasionally her forked tongue will flicker out of her mouth. Like most demonic tongues, it is very long and agile. Her lush lips reflect the calmth of her demeanour, and even in stressed situations she is likely to be see smiling in a attractive, kind manner. Without a doubt, Aurora presents herself as a much, much more wiser woman than the one she so closely resembles.

Character historyEdit

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