The Full House Inn and the open square of Blackwaters Rock.

Blackwaters Rock is known as the "mercenary camp" where many refugees from the Ruins of Argannon took up residence. The Camp functions as a meeting place and neutral ground for citizens of all cities, or those unaligned. Trade, hook ups, idle conversation, politics, offical business, and the occasional skirmish happen here. Matters are kept in check by the guards of the camp, who occasionally travel from their posts to scold rule breakers.

Many people new to the Isle make this their first stop and hangout. The prominent Full House Inn serves food and drinks, features a casino, and has numerous rooms for rent. Scattered around the square is the general store, the magic store, faction recruiters, and a few other merchants and guides. North of the Camp along the pathway lies The Serpentine Club (a common meeting spot as well), then further on the Library of Styss and Grumstone Path.

The Welcome WagonEdit


Blackwaters Rock is the first stop for most new citizens of the Isle. Here, the parade of inhabitants can be best observed. With comfortable benches, hidden alcoves and shady trees to stand beneath, the square in Blackwaters Rock is perfect for casual conversation, flirtation and learning the "lay of the land."

With the Full House Inn readily available, the square is often a site of assignation as couples meet, interact, flirt and then head to the lavish rooms in the inn. Emotions often run high in the square, but the numerous Blackwaters Rock mercenaries keep a watchful eye on things. However, just north or west of the city, arguements can be settled on the Serpent's Way or the Main Hunter's Road.

As neutral territory in the violent war between the cities, the square is one of the safe places for an Anamcharian to meet a Tensian lover, an Elzigardian to make arrangements to defect to a different city, or for peaceful negotiations to take place. This neutral territory also provides a level of protection for individuals on the run from enemies, slave owners or wrathful ex-romantic partners.

Conversations can be overheard, posters can be tacked up, escorts can be met and enemies made in the Blackwaters Rock square, all observed by the detached mercenary guards who keep a ready hand on their weapons at all times.