Lady Blade Ki'Sing
"The ace of blades"

Race & Gender:

Drow Female


Silvery white


Ruby Red





Previous title(s):

General of Elzigard , Knight of ELzigard


Common , Drow , Dragonic




A slim dark skinned elven Maiden stands before you, perfect posture with seemingly unlimited Guile. She has beautiful passionate ruby red eyes, a cute short nose, and lovely sensitive wet lips. The curves in her body from the bust to her hips reminds a hourglass. Her breasts are a soft and round C cup, small dark nipples. She has long thin smooth legs, her hips sway as she walks, making your eyes follow that sensual walking, and that makes you notice her round small tight ass. She owns a very slim and flat tummy, her skin is smooth and silky to the touch. ~Piercings~ She has her tongue pierced with a platinum stud through the center , Silver ringed loops pierced through each of her nipples , a navel piercing through her belly buttion and finaly she has a silver stud through her clitoris. ~Tatoos~ A dragon twisting around a sword is tatooed onto her left arm useing red and black inc , she also has varius artistic spirals and spikes along her back and also just above and blow her breasts. Blade has a red tatoo'ed devils tail coming out from her butt cheeks which curves up her back also useing red inc with black outlines. The same artistic spirals appear to go right down her right thigh at the front of it and around to the back , red and black wavey lines that curve around one another. Finaly she has the tatoo of two dragons twisting together to become one on her right thigh , done in completely red ink.


History written by Angelique for BladeEdit

In the darkness heat sources can be seen swarming the hill of the leading housed of the Underdark, by morning there will be a new order on the hill of ruling houses. As people peek out of the windows to see which house is under attack it seems that House Ki’Sing is fighting for their lives. Down in the city a lone female with two young children can be seen weaving in and out among the houses heading for the slums of town. She takes the girls and hide them in the lee of a house telling Xun the oldest to wait here and she will return for her in a couple of days. With that she leaves them with just a small pack of food.

Xun looks up to the Matron hill and sees the battle, in terror she shrinks back into lee of the building pulling her baby sister close, knowing that their lives have just changed and that they might not survive the outcome. In two days her best friend’s mother does not return, and Xun chances taking her sister to her friend’s house, when they arrive it is quiet, to quiet. Xun pushes open the door and finds all within dead, with tears in her eye she takes all that shows her as house Ki’Sing and burns it right there, only thing remaining is the tattoo on her shoulder. Luckily her sister had not been marked as of yet. She searches the house taking all gold and some food to survive knowing not who to turn to on the hill, and deciding that their only chance of survival is among the tainted of the Underdark.

Xun had already learned to use daggers from the family’s Weapons Master, so she could protect the two of them for as long as necessary to either reclaim her family honor or escape the Underdark. She found a nook in the edge of the cave wall, and it was small enough for only the two of them to sleep, no adults could get to them, she hid their few possessions and what little money they had in an even smaller nook. Keeping the fact that they had money quiet, she would go out in the morning setting her sister up to beg, she would dig through trash cans looking for food, if they were not lucky she would take a bit of money from her stash to buy something to fill their bellies.

One of the street gangs started watching them closely, and approached them, one made the mistake of grabbing Xun and was rewarded with a blade to his throat, and being held as a shield in front of Xun with her little sister protectively covering her back. The leader of the gang was very impressed with their actions and the way that they work together, and offered them a place within their street gang.

Xun looked at the leader, “what is in it for us.”

The leader laughed, “Protection, better food, and a family.”

Xun looked at her a moment and then nods, “We accept.”

The leader looks at Xun, “we shall call you Blade and your sister shall be Shade among us.

She returned to the niche that they had been living in, and recover what little money he had left, she then took a few items they have been set them on fire. Blade and her sister walked away from her former life and names. As Blade began fitting in with the gang, she began to plan her revenge on House Zar’era for killing her family and her friend’s family.

Blade would sit and watch the market if she saw any member of House Zar’era she would follow them, if they were alone and she found them in an area where she was safe to react, she would take them out. Slicing their neck and carving the crest of Ki’Sing into their chest. It did not matter if it was man, woman or child she would make them pay for the deaths. As time moves on they become more cautious and Blade must become even more devious. The Matron Mother starts to hunt Blade forcing her to hide for a bit, while in hiding she has a brief tryst resulting in Blade having a daughter. When things start to settle down again she starts her reign of terror on them again. The Matron Mother of House Zar’era starts to lose face as Blade continues destroying into the house. After many years the house starts to face with Lloth, as the whispers scatter Blade becomes more confident and at last makes a mistake. She is seen and they begin to hunt her. The house finds, Blade, Shade and Blade’s daughter Phaere. As they run trying to escape Blade hears a scream in the dark and turns in time to see her daughter fall. She stops to go back for her but Shade grabs her arm and pulls her along, out of the city and into the caves surrounding the city.

The grief over losing her daughter, caused Blade to turn cold and her revenge would be full. Blade wrapped her face, and headed back into the City, to start her reign of terror. Inside she found not only her daughter had been killed but also the child’s father. The house hold had taken over her old home, she moved to the secret passage in the wall, and activated it, thus entering undetected. Using the secret passages in the house she was able to watch the family for days, to learn their habits and retinues.

In the time of rest when the nurse maid slips out of the young girls room to meet with a lover, Blade slips in and kills each of the young girls, five of them ranging in age from six months to six years. In their blood she draws the Ki’sing family symbol on the wall of the nursery. She then slips into the passageway and moves to the boys nursery she slips out and slices the neck of the nurse maid, then one by one slits the necks of the males, eight in all from six months to ten years of age. And again places her family’s symbol upon the wall. She then uses the passages to slide into the Matron Mothers room and leaves the bloody dagger on the pillow next to her head, then slips out of the house completely.

The next morning the alarms went off on Matron Hill as they discovered the bloodletting. The guards of the house started searching the streets for her but she was careful to hide, she slipped through the streets and back to the house she grew up in, sliding in the secret passage. She began to watch the family again. She watched as the Matron Mother made pleas to Lloth to help her bring this reign of terror to an end.

Blade sat and watched as she heard Lloth speak into her mind. “You are my chosen bring your enemy to her knees.” Blade continued to watch through the day, as night fell they moved the remaining children together and put them under heavy guard. Blade slipped into the room of one of the older daughters whom was alone, she sliced her throat quickly and several other house hold members she found alone. This time she left the bloody dagger upon the alter of Lloth within the house’s private temple.

She then slipped out, to watch the feeding frenzy that would begin. In the morning no cry went up, the members of House Zar’era, their Matron Mother trying to keep the latest murders quiet, knowing that her end is drawing near because of her inability to catch the person killing her household members. Blade expecting this to happen spent the day in a whisper campaign against House Zar’era. As the rest hours fall and unrest hangs over Matron and Blade sits back on a perch on the cave watching the hill, with her sister Shade at her side. They see the movement from one of the lesser houses up the hill, towards House Zar’era and a smile spreads over Blade’s face, as she watches them move against her foes completely. Once she sees the dust settle and is sure her foes are destroyed she takes her sisters hand heading along the cave corridor looking for access to the surface world.