Played by Brocard

Brocard of Drakkar
"He was your best, yet I, the one who you scorn, have bested him. I, Brocard of Drakkar, am once more victorious"
Character Information
Race: Human (black dragon disciple)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Weight: 275 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Physique: Heavily muscled
Weapon(s): Bastard Sword
Faction: Tens
Title: Sergeant, Captain, Commander, General, Lord Marshal,War leader, Knight of Drakkar, Fist of Tiamat, Dreadwing, King.
Relationship(s): None
Slave(s): None
Origins: Drakkar
Languages: Common

Physical Description Edit

Often mistaken for a brute by the newer denizens of the isle, Brocard is well known for his immense physical strength. He has fell an Avatar of the Overlord with a single punch to the jaw, and is rumored to be one of the few warriors of draconic blood that can wield the legendary sword Overbane. Brocard is powerfully built and extremely well muscled by human standards. When not in his armor, Brocard usually wears only simple grey battle fatigues naked from the waist up. His dark tanned skin is crisscrossed with light colored blade scars on his torso, creating a patchwork history of pain and battle.

History Edit

Anger spent and fury exhausted, the plated winged hulks stood around silent and hunched, mongrel figures in the blackened ruins of Drakkar, washed by the relentless downpour of blood-dark rain.

They seemed lost, as if they did not know what to do next. Their armor, once a noble silver, had been singed a charcoal colour by smoke, fire and soot. At their feet lay the bodies of a hundred or more knights, men they had known well before the curse. It had been a hard fight. The hardest. The most bitter in the history of Drakkar. The original knights had fought well, down to the last man, but those they called the cursed ones had ultimately proved too strong, with their newly acquired draconic strength and seemingly endless rage they had won the day, though their victory now seemed hollow.

Of the two armies that had fought, cursed and not, little more than a handful now remained. Stricken and repulsed by the vile deeds they had committed, they fled the ruins of Drakkar and the beast that had forsaken them.