Capricia Mancini
"Pardone, signore!"
Character Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: a brilliant Venetian gold
Eyes: a rich Mediterranian blue
Physique: the soft, corset-enhanced curves of an idle noblewoman
Age: 20
Classes: Sorceress
Weapon(s): A dagger is really all she has the strength to wield
Item(s): Nothing of import
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faith: Roman Catholic
Affiliation: N/A
Faction: N/A
Title: N/A
Relationship(s): Aaron Avarton- "il mio cavaliere"
Slave(s): N/A
Owner: N/A
Origins: Florence, Italy
Languages: Abyssal, Common, Italian

Played by A Principality

Raised Amongst the EliteEdit

Born in 1629 to the Mancini family, Capricia grew amidst the glorious splendor of ancestral wealth in the Spanish controlled city of Florence, Italy. The youngest daughter of an old family, she had little to fear from even civil unrest, and the delicate little blonde grew under the careful tutelage of her mother. Shaped to be a credit to the Mancini family, Capricia was betrothed to a young Medici, Piero by the age of thirteeen.

Several years in a nunnery were required to round out her education, and at the age of seventeen, Capricia returned to her family's palazzo in Florence to prepare for her wedding. A generations' old feud with the Sforza family came to a brutal head the night that the young blonde noblewoman was abducted from the canals of Venice after her mother had sent her away to safety.

Expecting rape and murder, Capricia was confused and terrified when the raucous, drunken Sforza noblemen delivered her to a vile little man who gave her no name, but insisted she call him "Sagacious One." This direction was given seconds before his hand struck her face, and as a noblewoman was wont to do, she fainted. Awakening only brought her more anxiety, as the Sagacious One was a sorcerer- the blackest sort of blasphemy, controlling God's world through pacts with the Devil.

The time that passed while the haughty noblewoman was forced to serve the sorcerer seemed endless. Unaware of what was happening in the outside world- indeed, where was she? The grounds looked to be Tuscany, but...- Capricia kept the sorcerer's house somewhat tidy and was forced into his experiments. It seemed the Sagacious One was often impatient with her- what does a spoiled noblewoman know of house cleaning or cooking beyond that of directing servants, anyway?- and as his impatience grew, so did the cruelty of his experimentation.

The final month was one of agony as he infused Capricia's body with what he called "essences" of various creatures she had thought only legend. Strange spirits capered when they passed through his elaborate ritual chamber, leaving behind the fluids that the sorcerer forced into her veins. Not all of them took, according to his furious rantings, but some left her feeling quite strange.

Determined to create what he would consider the ultimate accomplishment, the Sagacious One attempted to summon what he considered the perfect beast: a dragon. Hazy from the last round of agonizing infusions, Capricia saw only a toothy maw that seemed to fill the room, and heard only the snap of breaking bone intermingling with the sorcerer's shrill squealing.

The young noblewoman awoke in a dusty alley, garbed in rags and clutching filthy cobblestones. Horrified at her state of undress, Capricia found more reason to live in terror when she saw a minotaur stomp past the alley, strolling casually down the smoothly swept street of the Clerk's Ward. The Italian girl had arrived in Sigil.

The few months that passed in the City of Doors were stressful. Raised to money, spoiled as a beloved daughter, trained in the proper arts for a noblewoman to acquire, Capricia found herself considered ridiculously haughty and wholly useless. No one cared for embroidery, wine tasting or reading poetry. There was no household for her to lazily manage with a few words to a properly trained butler. Indeed, the longer she was there, the more she began to fear that she would have to earn a living on her back.

Compounding this was the effect of the sorcerer's experimentations. Capricia's sweetly waving golden hair had deepened to an impossible shade of garnet red, and a spaded tail plagued her with its' twitching, flicking and grasping. Horrified by this strange appendage, she found it impossible to hide as her tail seemed to have a mind of its' own.

In desperation, she sought the help of a goblin wizard who cackled as he offered her a chance to escape Sigil. Listening to her request for something with cities, a pleasant landscape and friendly people, he considered a number of planes. It was, in fact, his sick sense of humour as he scented the succubus blood in her veins and observed her bashful, maidenly manner that made him name the Isle of Styss. Capricia paid her last gold bracelet to him and all but fled through the portal he opened.


Arriving in Blackwaters Rock was remarkably untraumatic, and Capricia had time to wander in the warm daylight, examining a few of the prettier sights- the flowering pink tree, the sparkling stream- before she found the Inn & Casino. A glass of wine lead to a meeting with Arndohryl, a man with a unique understanding of her accent and a sense of humour that took her wandering, mischevious tail in good stride.

It was unintentional, becoming his lover, but more of a shock to the noblewoman was the painful transformation that it led to. Her first experience with sensuality triggered the rise of the succubus "essence" she had been infused with, and the devout Roman Catholic girl found herself hooved, winged and with an insatiable appetite for men. Arndohryl was her preferred target, but an arrangement with the half-demon/half-celestial Karenon kept her in training to learn how to handle her surge of magical ability.

Torn between the demands of her blood and the growing terror that she would be condemned to Hell for her indulgence in carnal sins, Capricia became deeply depressed, avoiding even her lovers as she sought a way to escape damnation. Suicide wasn't an option- it was, after all, also a mortal sin. A priest to take confession, to grant absolution and a merciful death seemed impossible to find.

Discovering Aaron Avarton, a paladin with a uniquely understanding nature, at prayer was indeed proof that God was gracious. Although he was not Catholic, his blessing felt genuine to her, and Capricia begged the kind man to hear her confession, grant her forgiveness and then mercifully end her tormented life. The blind paladin chose a route of redemption, sensing how her lustful nature was one forced upon her rather than desired, and with the aid of his god, purged the tainted infernal blood from her system.

Gratitude was the least of Capricia's emotions upon finding herself holding golden locks of hair, seeing her own dainty toes and noting that her skirts swayed only with her steps, not with the flicker of some devilish tail. The wings which had torn themselves from her weak muscles had remained, but... changed. Instead of the dark leather flapping loudly from her shoulders, a pair of slender, white-feathered wings arched gracefully. Truly, a sign of God's loving nature.

At the MomentEdit

Avoiding her previous associations, save for the occasional brief greeting to Karenon when entering the Casino & Inn, Capricia sought solitude to avoid plunging herself back into the sinful life that would have, to her mind, ended in damnation. Feelings of gratitude led her to seek out Aaron once more, and the friendship that was struck between the two has deepened into something one could name romantic.

Despite the cautiousness she must exercise, as more than once she has had to use her still-shaky magical abilities to escape what she consideres "improper situations," Capricia believes that she has found happiness in the arms of her beloved 'il mio cavaliere.'