(Note to the reader. This was originally written in a different context but still it suits fairly well to describe Elinara and what happened to her. Enjoy)



Elinara's Apple

She had been picking apples when he approached her, knowing her name, knowing who she was. He had been charming and she had let down her guard, just for a moment, and that is when he made his move. Quick like a serpent he lashed out, the world became dark around her. The apples she had been picking in the twilight were left spread around on the ground with the moon silently watching them. She wasn't missed until dawn was breaking.

The TowerEdit


Elinara in the Tower

It was cold... Cold stone floor against her feet, cold winds that swept across the room from the tiny, barred windows. She stirred, her body protested wildly to her effort to move and she remained still for a moment to gather some willpower to make something of her situation. She opened her eyes to find that she was alone, that brought her some comfort, at least he wasn't here to see her agony and she carefully pushed herself up to sit. With nimble fingers she felt her face, her cheek was swollen as was her lips and she tasted her own dried blood. She looked around and saw what once had been her beautiful satin dress was now shred to pieces, one of her soft velvet boots was under the bed, the other one near the door. She tried to get up to see if her knife by any chance was still in the right boot, but her legs wouldn't obey her. With a wince she sank back to the floor, shivering in the cold and with a strong feeling of panic coming over her like the water flows in springtime. The room didn't have much to offer, it was small, had one wooden bed filled with straw and a blanket that seemed to been used more than enough. It was filthy, no heating and no light and the only light that existed, came through the small windows, telling her that it was daylight outside. She managed to reach for the blanket and wrapped it around her body, trying not to cry.
"Come on, you can do this! You'll find a way out of here.. you'll see!" The Voice in her mind said in a demanding tone of voice. "First, you have to get your boots.. Now, pain is nothing, just get yourself over there and have it done with!"
She took a few breaths, lightly touching the amulet that still hang around her neck, then she started to crawl across the floor to the boot that should contain her knife. Quickly she searched it, only to find it empty. Hopelessly she started to cry, the dagger had been a gift from her father on the last birthday she has celebrated at home. It was beautifully made, silver blade, very sharp, pearls on the handle and her name written on the blade. She started to move back to the bed, not caring weather the straw was dirty or if it was sticky. She curled up into a little bundle and pulled the blanket over her head, hoping that she'd never have to wake up, ever again, letting her dreams disolve her. Memories and images that belonged to someone else but still, it all felt so strangely familiar.

The DreamEdit


Elinara's Dream

In her dream she is walking in a vast and very old forest, she is looking for a special tree, an ancient tree that she knows will bare an answer very important to her. In her thick, dark hair, she feels her pixie move about, chattering and making it comfortable. She smiles and breeths in the crisp and clear autumn air as she suddenly becomes aware that she is beeing watched. Her heart misses a beat, and she tries to look casual as she continues to walk, talking to her pixie. She hears someone jump down on the ground behind her and she turns around to look at him. He is young, but yet ancient and he looks at her with a smile and an expression that tells her that he knows who she is, and why she has come. His black and blue robes flows around him, and she knows that there is no other place she would rather be, than there and at this moment.

The Winter is GrimEdit


Elinara's Winter

She had lost count of days.. she only knew it was getting colder. Snow woke her up almost every morning now as it blew right in through the small windows on to her bed. She thought it had to be close to midwinter now, the mountains outside was probably all covered by now, as would the forest. She brushed some snow of her blanket into a small wooden bowl, and she took the bowl with her under the blanket so the snow would melt from her body heat. The water was her treasure, it was never much but it gave her some comfort to at least try to wash herself once in a while. The food provided was, simple, not very tasty, but it kept her alive.. and as for drink, the lord gave her wine. He said it calmed her and made her easier to handle. She shrugged, feeling a slight sickness come over her.
"No, he is not going to get to you.." the Voice said in her mind and she drank some of the water she had managed to melt.
Most of the time she spent in the straw bed, at least that would give her some warmth since he refused to give her anything but a thin linen dress to wear. It was grey, just like the room, and she imagined that one of the days she would just melt into the surrounding like one of those strange lizards her father had told her about. It was dark most hours of the day since the Lord refused to give her any more candles as she had already tried to set the door on fire twice in desperate attempts to flee. She pushed the thought of the flames away, the memory of looking at them licking the door in their attempt to eat through the wood, the thought of how easy it would be just to take one step closer and let them embrace her.

He came to her almost everyday, claiming her for his and if she didn't obey it always got very nasty. She never knew how inventive a human mind could be, or how they could enjoy watching others tremble and shiver before them in terror.. or what pleasure they found in causing others pain. She knew what he wanted now, he wanted the name of the man in her dreams, and knowing that if she ever were to tell him, she would die, and after that would come the end of the man in her dreams.
"This won't do.. you have to get out of here!" The Vocie scowled. "You have to get out of here.. You have to.."
The door opened, light from a torch entered the room, blinding her for a couple of moments and she hid her face behind her hands.
"Evening my lady" a timid voice said.
She blinked, and as her eyes got used to the light she recognized the guard that always brought her food. He put the plate down just inside the door, he looked at her with helpless compassion in her eyes.
"The Lord will be with you in a moment, he said for you to eat before.."
She managed a nod and the light disappeared as he closed the door behind him leaving her in the dark with the sound of her own terrified breaths filling the room. She got up, her bare feet complaining about the cold floor, dashed to the door to grab what ever it was she was supposed to eat and put it in her mouth. Bread.. and butter? Her eyes widened in the dark. Yes, it was butter. Joy went through her as she eagerly made sure to eat everything there was. Her hands searching the floor in the dark, finding the wine. She poured the sour wine down, not caring that much of it trailed down her cheek and onto the dress. As she heard the heavy footsteps of the Lord, she flew up from the floor to the other side of the room, wiping her face with the sleeve.
Once again, the room filled with warm light. He put the torch in an iron holder on the wall and the door slam shut behind him.
"All done?" he said, looking at her.
"Yes, my Lord.." She answered slowly, her mind searching for a way out as she managed a smile and started to walk slowly towards him. "I did.. and I have been wondering when you would show up.."
He looked surprised, still looking at her with those hard and cold eyes. She came up to him, looking up, still smiling and lifted her hand to touch his face. There was a moment of silence as he let her touch him, and she took the opportunity to ease herself up on her toes to be able to put a light kiss on his mouth.

In the SpringEdit


Elinara's Faultering Hope

It was early spring, she could tell because it wasn't as cold as it had been, and a small robin bird came to her barred window to sing for her every morning. Her hair was now more of a tangled mess but she didn't even care about it anymore. Her pleadings hadn't stopped the abuse and he had only become more vicious and calculating as he loved to see her frightened, he loved to tease and fool her, to make her believe that she had him convinced to let her out only to leave her alone without food for days. She had given up, not even the faint glow from her neckless could bring her comfort. She no longer cared what happened to her and she kept herself locked inside her mind most of the time. The sound of heavy boots reached her through the thick door and she knew he was coming and she let herself slip deep into her mind to the secret place where she walked on the shore of a small lake where water lillies grew.

Through his EyesEdit


The Voice's Defiance

He came in, she was as always sitting on the floor with her arms around her leg. He walked around her in a circle for a moment but she didn't even seem to notice him and he felt the anger start to flood over him in hot waves. As he walked closer to grab her, she suddenly stood up, proud, looking him right into his eyes.. defiant!
She started to speak with a voice that send chills down his spine.
"The bell chants, my lord, every where and for every one. Here is nothing, from this place we all come from and it is within this place we all will end.. Here the silence sings for the darkness of the night. Here, only memories dwell, here, the darkness paints its shadow in the room of Light. Out there, the world awaits us, open and bare, the world is and has always been a child. The time moves within us, my lord.."
He stared at her, something very dangerous lured within her dark eyes. A strange shimmer swirled within, as moonlight reflecting on a lake at night. He raised his hand to strike her, but she didn't flinch, she just stood there, watching him. Fear filled him and he fled from the room slamming the door shut behind him.

The PunishmentEdit


Elinara's Punishment

She blinked a few times at the sound of the closing door, confused to see that she was alone and not in any pain. Trembling she walked to her bed and as she reached it her legs failed, letting her sink to the floor, feeling more empty and alone than ever before and she couldn't understand why. She looked out through the tiny window where the silver moon was shining brightly and in the darkness of the night she sent it one silent thought;
"Help me.. please!"
The door swung open again, two guards entered the room, blinding her with their torches. They walked up to her, grabbing her by the arms and pulling her with them out through the door. Panic filled her and she tried to break free only to find that the long captivity had made her weak. They dragged her down the endless stairs and corridors and into the grand feast hall.. she saw through her hair that it was filled with dressed up people, on more beautiful than the other, and they were all staring at her in horror. And there he was, dressed in red, smiling at her with a . sinister look in his eyes, and in his right hand she could see her dagger. The guards held her for a moment, she tried to catch someone´s eyes, but they all looked away. He motioned to the guards and they turned her back to him. She could hear his footsteps coming closer and closer.. slowly... she could feel his breath trailing down her neck as he came up to her and she heard the fabric of her tunic being cut open by her blade. He ripped the remaining pieces of her clothing, leaving her shivering for everyone to behold. The guards pulled her across the room, pinning her face down on a table, she could hear a whimper somewhere, but she wasn't sure it was her or someone else, then there was only an alarming silence. She heard his steps again, felt him softly touch the bare skin of her back, then a piercing, burning pain rushed through her as he let the dagger run across her back, causing her skin to break and bleed.. again and again until the world became dark around her. In the darkness she heard the Voice sing softly too her and she felt safe.