Create and keep track of your article and image by using the main menu.

Creating the article

Look to the menu on the left of the Wiki main page and choose "Create a new article". Type the name of the article, e.g. "Mary Johnson" or "Dogville". Try to think of something that is simple to search for later, when people want to find information about the subject or the character. Choose the standard version if you want to have a simple picture in it, or the blank version if you want to add an infobox about your character. If you're writing an article that doesn't really need a picture, you just use the blank version.

If you forget to categorize your article and it doesn't show up in the Activity Feed , simply search for the title of the article in the search field. Typing "Vier'idil" will take you directly to that article.

Uploading an image

Look to the menu line on the bottom of the IoS Wiki Main Page and choose "Upload new image". Rename the file to something plain and simple before you upload, so that it is easy to remember when you are editing the article you want it to be displayed in.

If you forget the name of the image you uploaded, go to the "Special Pages" and click "New pictures" to find it there.


An example of how a PCbox looks.

Using the Template:PCbox

The template is an easy way to display vital information about a Player Character. You can insert this into your article in two ways:


  • Search for the template "PCbox " in regular view, to get a more user friendly way of writing the information. Remember that in the image field, you have to type "Image:<name of pic>.jpg" to see your already uploaded image (e.g: Image: Vier.jpg). You can upload the image while you are doing this (in another tab or window).


  • Copy/paste the template code into your article in Source view. You don't have to use all the lines, so you can for example leave weight out if that is a touchy subject >.<

Use the first option if you're very new to wiki.

Editing your article


The most important tools for editing an article.

Explanations to the screenshot of the editing page:

1. Format of text/type of heading. I usually just use "Heading 2" or "Normal", as in this article I am writing right now.

2. The template. Go to the Insert Template tool to find the Template:PCbox. Hovering your mouse pointer over the little puzzle icon will give you the option of editing it, if you need to make changes.

3. Link to other pages. If you want to link to a page, you simply write the name of the page, e.g. Vier'idil. In source view, type: [[name of page]], and it will link to it.

4. Switch between Source view and Regular View.

5. Insert the appropriate category here. Simply type the name of the category exactly how it says on the IoS Wiki main page. For an article about a toon/character, you type "Player Characters" and this will make your character show up on the Player Character category page .

6. Preview or save the article.

Handy tip

Browse the Wiki and find an article that you like the look of. Click "Edit this page" at the top or the bottom of the page to view the layout in either Regular or Source view. This gives you an idea about how to edit your own article.

You can always copy/paste the entire article into your own article, and simply replace all the information with your own. Be careful so that you don't accidentally erase or edit something in someone else's article!