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Daimen (Remiel)Darkcloud
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512 years




Sea blue





Former titles:

Duke of Elzgard, Head inquisitor of Tens


Infernal, Abysmial, Celestrial Common

Physical DescriptionEdit

Remiel (Awakening) Darkcloud

Currently Engaged to Rhiannon_Arna

Formerly know as Daimen Darkcloud

At 6'5" Remiel makes an impressive figure, muscular and broad shouldered, yet is softly spoken, save when angered. His voice, though soft, is clear and carries well, whether talking or calling orders in battle. His golden wings when extended reach a full eight feet.

Those that knew him before might remember the scars... the many painful looking scars that covered his body. They are all now gone. His skin as flawless as any healers might be.

His sea blue eyes peer from golden brows, his gaze hinting at the true years he has seen. His masculine face framed by well kept blonde hair with light streaks of gray now, his facial hair can vary, dependant on his whim. One day a goatee, another day clean shaven, yet another a light stubble.

Remiel is most often dressed in robes or simple clothes, and carrying a crop or two, but has been seen in leathers and fine clothing of all descriptions. Whatever he wears, his crop is never far from his reach. Sturdy boots protect his feet, and the pommel of a dagger can be seen protruding from the left one.

Remiel has had a long life, once a champion of light, a simple choice made in the heat of battle foretold his fall. He has once again climb the long journey out of darkness and defends the helpless as best he can.

He has had many careers, Husband, Father, Slaver, Master, Torturer, Spy, Head Inquisitor and Duke of a city at war.

He protects what he considers his. A long fuse now but once angered he is not one to forget.

His Mark: left-hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward.

OOC: He has an angelic Aura. I leave it up to the other players how to interact with it. He keeps it under control most if the time. I will emote if he starts to use it. I would suggest non-evil PC’s would feel safe and warm while in his aura. Evil PC’s might feel fear and or pain. Demons and devils... well I can see some fun RP there ;) He has Limited empathy and mind blending. Mostly used in private, I will discuss ooc before it comes up. Any PC may fight it to keep him out.


Father of his oldest Twins Daimen Jr and Randi Banshee, William Banshee-Darkcloud with his first wife Paige Banshee. Father of Melissa Darkcloud, with his servant Mer.

Not many creatures of the primes understand nor want to know about, the lower planes. Of course there are some scholars and hardy explorers which have studied them at length and those unfortunate few which have journeyed there and the lucky few that have returned. Those that have come and made it back might be a tad hesitant to describe what they saw and the horrors survived.

It seems the layers of Hell are much better understood, and studied, and there might be a simple reason for this, there are of course only nine major layers, not counting those demi-planes for the likes of that minor goddess Tiamate, but I digress. Whereas the Abyss has six hundred and sixty six layers.

It seems the Abyss is the least understood. And for good reasons, where the hells have a certain order to them, the Abyss is chaotic by its very nature. The very planes themselves seem to heave and throw to assault the senses. Demon lords attack each other as much as the Devils of Hell and the primes; the Abyss is truly chaos incarnate.

A number of the layers of the Abyss are known well, for the have Demon Lords which rule them with an iron fist, those of Lloth and her demonwebs layer 66, Demgorgon and his Gaping Maw at layer 88, The three levels of Azzagrat ruled by Graz'zt, levels 45-47, and Androlynne layer four hundred and seventy one, ruled by Pale Night.

And this is where I found myself at the beginning of my adulthood: Androlynne.

Many would wonder what a creature with the blood of Celestials coursing through their veins was doing in the Abyss, the answer is quiet simple. Androlynne is different than all the other lower planes in one simple but overriding fact. It is not all evil. The warriors of light have a small foot hold there and they have been sending creatures from the higher planes to protect the little garden in the lower planes as long as memory serves, and for Celestes that is a very long time.

Pale Night rules Androlynne. Long ago, by guile and trickery, she trapped a whole generation of eladrin children on her layer with the intent of hunting them down one by one at her leisure. Since then, the layer has become a battlefield between the forces of the demoness and the celestials that come to protect the children. A never ending war, between the forces of good and evil.

It was to there I journeyed with a band of warriors from Mercuria, the golden heaven, to defend the good peoples of Androlynne. I did not travel alone, and I was not some raw recruit, I had seen many battles and was not untested, but I was not the one in charge.

Now for you that do not understand how Celestia works it is not much different than other places, there is an order to things, and there are beings striving to increase their level of understanding. They wish to climb in layers hoping to reach Chronias one day. My commander Galagos was not much different, though maybe a tad more ambitious than some.

And this is how I found myself in Androlynne, not like I am now, wings of jet, but a warrior of light from Celestia doing battle with the forces of evil, wings of brilliant snow white shining in the foreign light of the Abyss.

Time passes differently on some planes in relation to others. At the time, I gave it little thought, how time would change me, being long lived time was never an issue, some have made it a point to focus on how the different races view time but for outsiders it really is a matter of perspective. And in the chaotic lands of the Abyss time really has no meaning.

To ask me how long I was there based on time, I could not tell you. I could give you a measurement by number of engagements, or friends lost, though to you it might not have the same meaning as years, to me I know just what I am talking about.

Many think the lower planes are vast wastelands; nothing could be further from the truth. Of course some are, but the majority has settlements of demons and even cities. The lower planes are not all blistering heat, nor icy death though those are represented, and everything in-between, and even some outside. Just about anything the mind can fathom can be found on the lower planes, and all manner of tortures for the bodies can be found.

The land of Androlynne is different, the good half has been influenced by the creatures and some would consider it a paradise, the evil half is a waste land marked by small settlements and one large city where a never-ending stream of Demons spews forth. In between is a no-mans-land that makes the diverge look like a garden. Constant battles pushed back and forth across this wasted land, one side never able to dislodge the other. Villages would be captured or destroyed constantly changing hands. It was a war of attrition. Had the demons not been so busy fighting each other they surely could have wiped us out. Had they been able to marshal their forces they simply would have overwhelmed us.

Fifteen major engagements and so many small ones I could not count. Friends come and lost to the war over and over again till I lost count, their faces becoming blurred as they died their bodies broken in most heinous fashions, some taken never to be seen again. This was the state of affairs when I began my slide, or as some might say my push.

My sixteenth and last battle was to be simple, attack a village just past the no-mans-land, kill everything there raze the village and leave. Simple orders.

Now before you start crying Paladins are not supposed to do things like that, killing all in a village is not right. You have to remember this was the Abyss, and anything on the other side was assumed to be evil to the core. Why else would it be there? That had been the way we had always done things and Galagos was very clear on his orders.

The attack went simple enough we struck and was in the middle of cleaning up the stench of the evil creatures in the village when to my surprise I kicked in a door and found the last thing I would have thought I would have: A human female and a small child. I knew my orders. They were simple, I should have put them to the sword, but after seeing so much death, I could not bring myself to run them through. Maybe it was all the death I had seen, maybe it was the surprise of finding them there with all the demons, or maybe I was just tired of killing, but I did not kill them like I was ordered.

To compound my disgrace, I did not just leave them; I hid them and protected them, bringing them food when I could, and finally sneaking them into the "good" side of Androlynne. I should have known better, but, my soft heart would be my down fall.

It has said the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I must admit my intentions were noble though in fact I was being played the patsy. It should be noted, that I knew not all of Pail Nights followers were demons, she has all manner of creatures following her, including humans, and I should have suspected, but my weary soul reached out for contact, and she returned my affections. We spent sometime in what I thought was bliss, I was wrong.

Some weeks after the sixteenth and last engagement I was called from the front lines to the village that was serving as Galagos' headquarters. I flew with all haste to get there expecting the worse, what I was expecting did not prepare me for what I found waiting for me. As I landed I was set upon by my own people. Arms feet and wings bound, I was brought before the being I had served loyally for so long as he lay wounded in his quarters.

It seems the woman, was not as I thought, she had been an assassin sent to find Galagos and murder him, and she had almost succeeded, pity she did not die in the attack. She was captured and she sang my name at the highest tones. I will say the name I go by now was what I was called then, for obvious reasons. And I shall not ever speak that creature, that human females name again. I cursed her enough at that time.

I was taken, as a traitor, my wings broken. Hands and feet bound to a cross and I was whipped, the lash of the iron tipped whip flaying the skin from my back, over time bone showing my wings and body damaged with no gracely healing, and the whole time my anger grew. Anger for humans, anger for Celestials, no matter what I said I was damned and condemned, they took the word of an assassin over mine. Of course my actions taken out of the kindness of my heart condemned me as much as the words of the whore which had placed me here. Finally my body broken and barely conscious I was carried and dumped over the wall into the evil side of Androlynne.

I might still be in that cave, living out time as I waited for death but I was driven by an overwhelming need for revenge. Not just against my kind, but against human females as a whole, surely they must be all demons waiting to entrap males with their lies. So I made plans to strike where I could. First was to make myself look the part.

Teeth and nails can be sharpened like razors, and as my feathers came back I noticed they were not their snowy white, but they came back black as Jet. My heart was truly changing from love to a hate that burned as bright as the sun. I killed both sides until I was re-equipped with armor and weapons of every type. I was turning into a servant of Pale Night even though my god had once been more� benevolent.

Had my captures just killed me then, in the Abyss my soul would be lost forever and this tale wound now be over. But as I lay there in the dirt, body broken fed only with my anger, my hate, and my overwhelming sense of loss, I changed. I did not die that night in the desert, maybe someone had a use for my soul, maybe I wanted my revenge, and maybe I was just too damn stubborn to die. One thing is for certain that night I changed. Near death I dragged my bound and broken body away from the war and deeper into the evil side; some might say my heart became more evil as I withdrew into Pale Nights domain.

I found shelter at some point, barely alive I slept and finally freed myself. My feathers fell out, and with time I was able to heal my wings, naked though I was fodder for both sides, so I needed to make myself useful as quickly as possible. Living as a scavenger, I found what I needed where I could, living off the land I did things I had never thought I would have to growing up in Mercuria, but that life was over, I had become something else.

I might still be in that cave, living out time as I waited for death but I was driven by an overwhelming need for revenge. Not just against my kind, but against human females as a whole, surely they must be all demons waiting to entrap males with their lies. So I made plans to strike where I could. First was to make myself look the part.

Teeth and nails can be sharpened like razors, and as my feathers came back I noticed they were not their snowy white, but they came back black as Jet. My heart was truly changing from love to a hate that burned as bright as the sun. I killed both sides until I was re-equipped with armor and weapons of every type. I was turning into a servant of Pale Night even though my god had once been more benevolent.

Only a few know the above, I am not one to share things about myself. No one knows everything about me, and no one knows this that I am about to write.

Most of my anger was directed at two people, the human woman that shall remain nameless, and Galagos. Before any of this I would have never thought about what I did, but in my state of mind after my perceived betrayal I would do anything for revenge.

As far as I know the Abysmal whore was put to death and could not be reached in this plane, her soul would be judged and I would have wait for my revenge in the next life.

Galagos was another matter. I knew I could not get to him with a frontal assault he was too closely guarded, but I knew the camp, and was sure they assumed I was dead. The Abyss is known for it's poisons, and I was learning my fair share about them. Before coming to the Abyss I would have never though of using them, they are after all dishonorable. But with my new found freedom it would be nothing to me. Revenge is a most single minded driving force. Once it reaches into your soul it is hard to think about anything else.

I knew the layout of the camp, they thought I was dead, and my strength had returned to my once tattered wings. Now I just had to wait for a night with no moon with the chaotic cycles that are widely known in the Abyss.

The night finally arrived and I did as planned. I flew around the camp, landing some distance away. Then I crept through the night until I reached Galagos' tent. I so wanted to slit his throat, or plunge my blade into his heart, but I knew his guards would always be close. I would not fail where the whore did.

I waited for him and his guard to leave his tent, to inspect the lines, and then I slipped into his tent. I could not believe I was standing where I had been accused of my treachery not so long ago. I almost changed my mind, but I didn't. It would have been easier for me to put rain back into the clouds than to go back now. I poured the poison I had chosen into his wine and slipped back out.

The poison I picked might not seem that diabolical but if you think about it maybe you would understand. It caused the veins of the body to constrict, thus pressing the moisture from the body causing great thirst, driving the victim to drink more which speeds up the constricting motion causing more fluid to be forced from the veins and into the body cavity. A vicious cycle ends with one of two things happening, the body bursting from the built up of fluids or the person dying of thirst. I hoped Galagos constitution was high enough the prior would happen. I pictured the pompous ass bursting and his innards flowing from him into a pool at his feet, his eyes looking in horror as he tired in vain to put himself back together.

I had not wanted to die, so I did not stick around long enough to see my plan come to fruition. But I did hear later that the pop of his flesh and the slosh of him spreading across the floor could be heard for some distance.

And so began my not so slow decent from the light into the deepest pits of the Abyss. Of course the story does not end here, this is more of the beginning and the span between then and now all the more interesting.

Maybe later I will tell you about my service in Pale Nights forces, my time in the Blood Wars, or maybe even my death and journey to Styss after being judged.

He opens his eyes and looks out upon a sea washed in a golden light; warm breezes blow over him, the smell of honeysuckle and jasmine assault his senses. He knows this place; this is Mercuria. He sits in his open air classroom. He knows instinctively that behind him are green rolling hills with the shrines to fallen heroes dotting the landscape. Off in the distance he can see Mount Celestia rising to the heavens out of a sea of holy water. He can see all forms of winged creatures flying above the water. He closes his eyes and breaths deep the sweet smells of home.

He is woke with a jolt as the rod slaps down across his lap. "Student; answer the question!"

He blinks for a moment "Forgive me teacher I did not hear it" He answers with a much too young voice.

The teacher growls softly about daydreaming but repeats it. "Can evil ever expect to be changed to good?"

The young boy thinks for a moment "Teacher, if true good can fall and become evil then it makes sense that evil can be turned to good." He answers is a soft voice.

The teacher shakes his head slowly. "My boy, creatures will always show their true colors, evil is evil and good is good. There is no such thing as falling. They were never truly good to begin with. All of you students beware evil, it will lie, cheat, steal do anything to tempt you from your path into the light. Only the purest of heart will survive its onslaught."

He looks at the teacher, thinking on his words and instead of keeping his mouth shut and learning his lesson he just has to ask one more question. "But teacher, have you never heard of 'To your own heart be true'?"

The teachers reply is swift. "Folly! You are not set upon this plane to follow your own heart. You are here to follow the law of the land, and your god. You have only one duty and that is to your god. All others pale and should be discarded. You are not here to choose but to do as you are told."

He lowers his head, his face red for asking such a stupid question. He knew the answer before he even asked but he had to try.

I woke in my cave. I knew where I was, I was still in the Abyss, odd I should receive that dream of home after what I had done. I knew I had two choices, stay here and die or start climbing my way up and maybe die. Odd both choices had death involved, but I was lost in the Abyss. I wiped a single tear from my eye and began my journey deeper into Pale Nights land.

I had hoped to make my way to Colmendicoria the major city on Pale Nights side via air; I quickly learned that was foolhardy at best. I was set upon by a number of Succubi.. These demons tore into my flesh. As I plummeted to the ground, fighting for my life, I managed to kill one, and place its dead body and one of the live ones between myself and the earth, with one on my back we slammed into the dusty earth. Needless to say the lights went out.

I should have died there again, but I didn't. Waking with two dead fiends under me and one unconscious on my back, I rolled my bruised body out of the heap. I looked at the two dead, and the one knocked out and quickly decided this demon might go a long way to getting me the hell out of this stench of a place. Of course I had no idea where I was going, but anywhere had to be better than here, I was wrong.

I bound the creature and bandaged her wounds as quickly as possible. I must have passed out from pain there for I opened my eyes and I was back on Mercuria.

In my child like voice. "Teacher how should we know the difference between what is right and what is wrong?"

In a gruff my aged teacher answered quickly. "Always trust in your gods teachings. Better to die an honorable death than commit a sin to save your skin. Better to let someone die and ascend than to commit a sin to save them. Better lose one to save many. Better to let your god judge others. When faced with evil, purge it and let it meet its fate with it's god."

Still I would not accept it, "Teacher what of redemption, forgiveness, contrition, atonement and penance?"

Quickly and with force he answers. "It is not a warriors place to seek such things! It will be your task to destroy evil where it is found. Leave the saving of souls to those that are equipped to deal with it. You find evil you send it on to its judgment with whatever god it worships, or to be hung on the wall of souls forever."

I woke with a start, my body aching after the fall but I was still better off than the two demons that lay at me feet. I went to doing what I could to ease my pain, but I must admit I was in a foul mood when the one finally woke up. The old me would have killed it then and there, but I was learning there were times when evil could have it's uses, and if nothing else maybe I could sell this creature into slavery and get me closer to my yet still unnamed goal.

Overlooking the demonic side of the plane is a mountain, it is said inside this mountain is the link to Pale Nights Castle on the edge of Endless Maze of Baphomet, the 600th layer of the Abyss. Pale Night's castle resembles a giant grasping hand and is guarded by ambulatory bones and appendages. She rarely leaves her castle and it is said that anyone who stumbles upon her domain become new guardians for it. From this mountain she over sees the battles, when she finds time.

Little is known about her: A strange shimmering in the air announces the arrival of a shape, little more than a billowing white diaphanous sheet. Closer inspection reveals a lithe and seductive form beneath the sheet, a voluptuous feminine figure indistinct and hazy. Now and then the edges of the sheet rise a little too highly on the netherwind, yet never rise high enough to reveal the details that writhe beyond.

Pale Night is one of the Demon Lords. She is a member of the demonic race called the obyriths. She is both enigmatic and unbelievably ancient.

I found myself looking at a demon in the shadow of that mountain.

I looked down at the Succubus and she looked up at me. Granted I had no idea what I was going to do, but this weaker demon was no physical match for me. Mentally I was sure she could have been a very real hazard to me. Our fall and subsequent injuries, had left us both weak, though I had an idea how weak she was, I was uncertain if she knew how weak I was.

I am sure my appearance must have taken her aback. Once I was the perfect image of a celestial, but now gone was the snowy white feathers covering my wings, they had been replaced by jet black feathers. Hair had turned from a golden blonde to black, and where once perfect teeth gleamed from under my smile I had filed them to sharp points.

My hand gripped her face, sharpened nails biting into her cheeks; I was very blunt in my approach. "Your life is now mine. You serve me now, you resist you die." Not the most elegant approach, but she was also the first creature I had ever tried anything like this before on. She refused to speak, I was sure she was just biding her time to rip my soul from me, but she did give a simple nod; being bound she had little choice. Of course, I still had no idea where I was going. I knew the basic layout of the land, and where large land marks were but things look so different on the ground. I gave my first order to her. "Creature, take me to Colmendicoria" I think I surprised her even knowing the name of the place, for she simply nodded again, stiffly rose to her feet and began walking with me following her. I had little idea, how long and how well she would end up severing me.

Demons, in general are very chaotic in their actions, from one moment to the next one can never be sure just what they will do. Of course I was not in the best of moods, and the ordeals over the past weeks had not made me the most loving creature in all the planes. I was expecting her to attack, I would have been surprised had she not attacked, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to begin to train this demon her place, but she needed to be a bit stronger before I could beat her again.

She stumbled along for some time with me walking behind her. My old wounds, which had never healed correctly, were in constant pain, and my new wounds were imbedded with bits and pieces of the abyss, I knew they would have some effect on me over time.

The succubus finally dropped from the strain of her wounds and the walk, I was expecting an attack, yet now came. She lay there in a heap, whimpering in pain. I approached her slowly, watching her, but she did look defeated, finally I was close enough to nudge her with my toe, she did not move. Then softly I asked her. "Girl are you alright?"

All she could muster was a shake of her head. She was in a very weaken state. What I did next might not have been the smartest thing I ever did, for either of us, but I was hungry, ao I knew she needed something as well. I knew more about this kind of demon than I cared to, I knew what she fed off of, and I knew where I could get something too feed on as well.

I bent down and softly ordered her to feed off of my soul; I gave her a taste of me, to bring her strength. Now I will not go into detail here, but let's just say that it was here, that I developed my taste, and I have had it since, some have found this out, but after she fed on me, I fed on her; we strengthened each other and become closer in the process.

Creatures from the primes sustain their lives through consuming things, food, water air; these are what keep the inhabitants of the primes living. Most denizens of the abyss, demons, don't need food or water; most gain no benefit from consuming these things. Not to say they do not have ravenous appetites for pleasure of the flesh but they are sustained by less tangible objects.

Demons survive on emotions, the base emotions, feeding on hate, lust, envy, fear loathing the entire negative or what some might consider the negative emotions. This is why so many demons live to torture others, not to cause pain per say but to create fear and pain so they can feed. Feed on the emotions of others like parasites feeding on the blood of the host. The other main food source is souls. The lost souls of those damned to wander the abyss until they are snatched up and sucked down.

Many don't know that most demons can not reproduce in what would be considered a more pleasurable way that two creatures bonding would experience, they are formed out of the nothingness that is the abyss. Not saying they can not function, and often do to provide a means of controlling others but unions between most demons and primes will not result in issue. This might explain some of the Demons more deviant sexual practices, but not all.

Creatures from the higher planes consume the love of others. Nothing can be more painful for a celestial than to not feel love, or to love others. It is this love that gives them their strength and power over evil. While they can survive off of more mundane food sources, creatures from the higher planes must have some source of love in their lives or they will crave it like any addict would crave a drug.

Here I found myself, in a world devoid of love, with a creature I thought was incapable of love, no longer a pure Celestial and not a demon in her land. I did what I had to do to survive, many things I am not proud about, and many things I have been judged on over the span of my life. But I did what I had to do to survive. I began to feed not like a Celestial but more like a demon.

What I did not understand, was our bonding, our sustaining one another was drawing us closer in a very odd way. I still often smirk when I see a demon and a devil, or either and a celestial heading to an Inn to form some unholy union but I should not. Stranger bedfellows can be found. Catlings and whatever is one, Dwarves and elves, hins and anything taller than an elf. Some pairings boggles the mind, so a Celestial and a demon should not be a large leap for anyone that has seen a bit of the worlds. But I know there are many from Mercuria that would not or could not understand anything of how things really are. I was raised in that fashion and I know the closed mindedness which it breeds.

So I found myself attached to this demon in more ways than one. Upon later reflection that might be why I was so drawn towards Evanyss and our doomed relationship, and I do miss her, but she is gone now, serving her time with her goddess or in the abyss whichever claimed her soul. Hopefully she does have peace from her father now, and she is finding that which she could not find here.

But I digress: Demons and Celestials: Even if they do not wish to admit it they are closer to one another than many would like to admit, certainly either of them. Celestials would like to think they are pure good, that nothing can turn them, and demons are pure evil and nothing can turn them to good, but I am living proof given the right set of circumstances a creature pure of heart can fall, then the converse must be true, given the right set of circumstances a demon or devil could be turn to good. My only fear is that as a sliding scale between good and evil they could be changed back. I have seen it happen before, with myself and others I have had under my control. The will to change and those around the person seem to have the greatest effect on the outcome. Little do the people of the prime understand that evil begets evil, good begets good.

This being said, the longer we traveled together, she became more like me, and I became more like her. I do not think creatures of the higher and lower planes are meant to be together so closely for so long. But through our necessity we were thrown together, two mortal enemies using each other at first to survive but later it grew into something more.

Though I had always had a powerful personality, my soft heart had held some of my more base desires in check. The demon under my control had been used to serving others and it was not a far leap for her to consider me her Master. I will not go into the gory details of the process that took some time to come to this place where we ended, being Master and submissive but it was a long and painful process for both of us.

Since these times I have always felt we all have a Dominance side and a Submissive side. The key is to find the right person to pull each side out of us. Even the most powerful creature in the multi-verse wishes at times to let go, to be told everything to do. By the same token, every submissive out there wishes at times to take control, even if it is only topping from the bottom. They want their wants and needs met.

Truly if you think about it, a submissive in a relationship has all the power. Their gift is given freely, and can be removed just as easily. True anyone can be broken given enough time and the correct tools, but a true submissive gives their gift to serve to one they feel is worthy of it. I still laugh to this day when I see someone that thinks they are Dominate trying to order some submissive around like they have a right to. Of course the Submissive might do what they are told out of fear, but true power comes from when a submissive reacts out of love. Fear can only go so far, and can lead to a blade in the middle of the back while sleeping, where the gift given out of love will serve as long as that gift is not abused.

Many do not understand, and most will not even try. But until they feel they overwhelming love and devotion between a Master and sub, they are doomed to feel empty and lost. Some hype marriage as the closest relationship two can have, to collar someone with a band of gold on their third finger of their left hand, can not compare to the total devotion of a true Submissive which has given their heart to their Master. I was told once a Master�s collar is like his loving hand around a submissive�s neck when they are apart. Very wise words.

Ignorance breeds contempt. Truer words were never spoken. Being a Dominate does not mean being bossy or a festering asshole all the time. Truly you do not have to be bossy at all. It is about control, not force or pain. Also one does not walk around being a Dom to everyone you meet. How obnoxious to assume you can Dom everyone, even if they belong to another. It would be like a man assuming they can sleep with any woman they run into just because that is what men and women do.

There must be something more between a Dom and sub. Something many will never understand. Something many with try to prove can not even exist. Like any relationship it has to be built on respect and trust. Respect and trust goes both ways, not just up.

A Dom has to take into account the strengths of the sub, the sub's weakness, and the sub's needs. What works for one sub will not work for the next, a key to unlock the heart of one is not a master key; it must be retooled for each sub. It is a poor Dom that thinks all subs are equal and can be used the same way. Some love to be punished, some don't. Some like to be humiliated, some don't. Some need to be loaned out, some don't. And each ones have different needs to be fulfilled. It is the Dom's job to learn these, and direct the training of the sub, to mold them how the Dom wants them. It might require years of work, and many tears during correction, but that is a Dom's job.

Time can be so hard to judge in the chaos that is the abyss, so we walked until we were tired, rested best we could, fed keeping one another alive, then walked some more. Always in the shadow of that mountain, always waiting for Pale Nights agents to swoop down and finish me.

Distance can be hard to judge as well in the abyss, plus the fact I was used to looking down at the land and not up at the sky, it was a humbling experience to be tethered to the surface like this. But after the last attack and with a demon in tow I did not risk another flight in this most hostile of territory.

So we walked. Until one day walking down a dusty canyon, barely awake from fatigue the ground began to shake, and the canyon walls began to rain on us, I thought the end was there, yet the ground opened under our feet and we fell.

Personality Description Edit