Character Information
Race: Sun Elf/Tainted human
Hair: Satin Black
Eyes: Grey and blue
Classes: Sorceress
Weapon(s): Lightning
Faction: Tens
Relationship(s): Lover to Krass
Origins: Complicated
Languages: Common, Elven, Drow, Draconic.

Played by: Sannive


Elinara came from nowhere, said to be the long close friend to the incubus Krass and brought to visit him during his wedding. The sweet and innocent woman soon came to get a different turn of life as dark claws were digged into her spirit and into her flesh.


Her hands are always wearing gloves and she seems to be very perticulare about her hands and her appearance. Her hair is black as the night and carefully combed back from her face and kept in a heavy bun at her neck. Her skin is pale with healthy roses on her cheeks, and it is quite easy to make her blush. Her dark, blue and grey eyes has a kindness within them that tells of a generous and sympathic personality. She is almost always smiling, her charm natural. She is quite short and very delicate in her features, slender neck and narrow waist, her bossom seem a little bit larger than perhaps expected from such a petite built woman.

Unknown originEdit


Elinara did more or less drop from the Sky, her history and memories all written by Kaylin and forged by Krass to fit a life that her creators hoped to be a happy one. Thinking she was a from an isolated outskirt, happily brought up by her loving parents, close to nature with the animals of the forest as her closest friend except for Krass who she believed to be her fathers old friend. The taint that came with her borrowed body was to her surpressed knowledge and therefor the hunger was kept dorment.

Elinara comes to StyssEdit


As she came to Styss for Krass wedding she soon met the drow Elvin, who perhaps recognized someone else in her and he started to persue her. He managed to wake her passion and with it he lured her into a relationship where he promised her the world if she were to stand by his side and she accepted his offer. He was having a post within the city of Tens at the moment so Elinara joined with the city despite its darkness, a darkness that she felt was suffocating her and polluting her. Gone were her beloved trees and flowers but she still managed to keep happy and the couple took in a few slaves that they trained together but a shadow started to wrap around her heart and mind as he slowly begun to plant little seeds within her, guiding her towards her own submissiv nature. It was so subtle at first, she didn't even notice but when the games became more advanced and more humiliating she began to feel afraid but very effectivly he made her believe that if she questioned that she also question the love they shared and thus she was snared. When he desided to leave the Island to a hidden kingdom she followed together with their slave Gemma.

The Hidden KingdomEdit


When they arrived to their new estate all seemed to be fairly normal, she felt a bit isolated from her friends on Styss but she now had close to nature and flowers once more. Perhaps all had been well if she hadn't gone out to pick apples one late evening and while doing that she was captured and imprisoned by a vampire who had all but good intentions. Bit by bit the man broke her down, breaking her spirit and her will with raped and tortures and when she eventually was freed by Elvin very little was left of the woman she had been. (See Captivity) While captured she found to her terror that the bite of a vampire was something that triggered her passion against her will and it was a discovery that her tormentor used with pleasure. This discovery it easy for Elvin to continue his own work to create the Perfect Wife and after their wedding, during the wedding night he kept a second wedding where he put his collar around her neck. She now found herself thrown into a nightmare where her husband let a vampire woman abuse her while he himself watched. She could feel herself slip and when she thought she was going to lose the grip of herself she suddenly heard a soft, gentle but quite stern voice in her head that called out to her, who promised it could help her. She let her own mind go to sleep and who ever was there in her mind with her took over and the next thing she new, she had managed to teleport herself and the slave Gemma out from the Hidden Kingdom and back to Styss.

Tens, once more time with feelingEdit


When she returned to Styss it took many months for Krass to put her back together but eventually the now quite shy and timid woman came more out of her shell and she could tell him about her time in captivity and about the voice in her mind. The voice that was now a constant companion. Krass finally told her about her true past, and the voice in her mind got a name. The name was Kaylin. Little by little memories of Kaylins past begin to seep into Elinaras mind, blending the two closer together until they didn't know where one mind begun and the other stopped. When all of this was finally brought to Mirilinnes attention, who had believed her daughter Kaylin to be dead, things took a rapid change and the two spirits were ripped apart. Elinara's mind still kept where it was while Kaylins were forced to take place into a new body with the aid of black magic and a few sacrifices that still no one is aware of but Mirilinne herself. Even if Elinara was not technically born into the world, Mirilinne has with time accepted her fully as her daughter and as a twin to Kaylin. This connection has placed Elinara in connection to the House of Dahaki.

Today Elinara is a shy and very drawn back person, for a while she was the lover of Krass and together they recieved a daughter named Lyria. Even if she no longer have nightmare about what happens and she has mostly healed from her past one thing remains with her and that is her nature of submission.