Galymane de'Sancta María
Lich by jdillon82
"I shall not be a prisoner of fate."
Character Information
Race: Undead
Gender: Unknown (Masculine)
Height: 7'0"
Weight: Light
Eyes: Sapphire
Physique: Gaunt
Age: Very old
Classes: Sorcerer/Fatespinner/Fighter
Weapon(s): Scythe
Item(s): A ring named 'Memory of María'
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Faith: Vecna
Affiliation: Silver Circle, Imaskari survivors
Faction: Tens
Title: Lich-lord
Origins: Imaskar
Languages: Imaskari, Necromantic, Draconic, Common

Played by Elder Evil

Galymane is an undead sorcerer in the service of the Tensian crown, and a diabolical villain who's evil influence and malign magics taint the very nature of the island. As one of the few direct survivors of Imaskar, the Lich-lord of the Red City commands ancient and terrible powers which he calls against the enemies of the crown and all who stand in his way.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Galymane's appearance changes often depending on which corpse he is inhabiting, but he always looks out of place; wearing clothing and armour from times long past. Through it all he carries the look of a damaged skeleton missing its right eye. He is usually exceptionally tall, though this too changes depending on which corpse he is possessing, and of course exceptionally thin; lacking even the hint of flesh or skin to his aging bones. Regardless of his appearance he always wears the jewels and fineries associated with royalty and nobility; whether he has a claim to either is not immediately apparent.


Galymane was born a human in Imaskar, this much is known. What his real name was or if he was even male is unknown and the lich doesnt' seem very forthcoming with information. From what he has said, though, he was a noble and sorcerer during the reign of the Imaskar and was middle aged when the fall happened. When the only world he had ever known crumbled around him, the man now known as Galymane desperately tried to save his friends and family, but to no avail. The avatars of the slave's gods sweeped away the grand cities and slaughtered everyone he held dear. He survived, though only barely, one of the god's avatars casting him into the desert without a second thought. There he was driven mad with grief and regret and a lust for revenge. On that day he vowed that he would undo the the destruction fate had decreed for his homeland and people, and that he would take vengeance on the gods that had taken everything from him.

Unwilling to let time stop his quest to find the power to ressurect the fallen empire and defy fate, Galymane underwent a ritual to make himself immortal, planning to carry on his work as an undead lich. But the ritual changed him, warped his already broken mind to evil. When he awoke, he awoke as an unliving monster; a scourge upon the world who's plans for restoring his lost homeland now turned to thoughts of planar destruction. Now reasoning that the only way to defy fate was to destroy the universe and make another free of the predestination of fate, the lich set out on a quest to gain ultimate power.

His history from this point is sketchy at best, but he claims to have visited many lands, learning their cultures and gaining their knowledge of power for himself. And while a lot of his fanciful tales may not be true, the sheer amount of arcane power the lich can call upon suggests that he is indeed very old, and very well traveled. His various quests for power have so far failed, each failure costing the lich dearly. He once attempted to steal the power of an elder evil known as Atropus, but even the mere avatar of this ancient creature was too much for him to handle and he had to begrudgenly ally himself with a band of heroes to return the beast to its eternal slumber. When Atropus was imprisoned once again, the heroes turned on the man who had awoken him and Galymane had to flee their lands. This was how he came to the island.

Since his arrival on Styss, the lich has stalwartly allied himself with Tens supporting each regime as it is elected and aiding the city in whatever way he can; to what purpose he offers this apparently altruistic help is yet to be revealed. More recently the lich was caught in a mishap with his latest plan to gain power. In an attempt to erase his true name, he nearly erased himself from the universe and only through sheer force of personality and will afforded by his exceptional skill in sorcery was he able to survive. Now greatly weakend and slowly recovering, the lich rarely leaves the safety of Tens and seems to take the security of the city far more seriously.


Galymane's gender has never been revealed, but is always assumed he is a male due to the deepness of his voice. However, his fondness for males, flamboyant choice in clothing and often outrageous behaviour has called to question his actual sex or indeed his sexuality; though both seem rather meaningless in his undead state. He is friendly enough to his allies, courteous to friends and at least polite to his enemies. But he can be cruel, deeply so, and sees nothing wrong with torturing or killing another sentient creature; though he does neither on a whim or without reason. His voice is heavily accented, and his tones echoing, as if spoken by magic. Though his body is unfeeling, he still moves and acts like an old man, finding his bones stiff where they can't possibley be; likely the last few remanents of his humanity lingering to his tattered, tainted form.


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