(Work in progress)


Gemma Glaze appears to be a normal elven female except that her facial features resemble more of a human then an elf. This may lead to the belief that her parents weren't full blooded elves.

She has silky blonde hair that she keeps tied up in two short ponytails. She has bright sky blue eyes that glimmer with more then a hint of kink. Her soft pouty lips are always painted red.

She is very slim with a near-athletic build with her smooth flawwless skin nearly drinking up the sunshine. She hardly ever covers herself up appropriately, chosing to wear skimpy clothing that does well to show off her perky little tits and firm round ass.

Prefering to get to know people before having any fun with them she likes to chat and listen to idle gossip.

Gemma is a nice girl who can be polite and well mannered though there are times her mean streak will make an appearance.