IMPORTANT TO NOTE: These rules are set down by the DM team, and this article is simply a copy of those rules. Last updated here: 03-12-2010.


General Server RulesEdit

  • Pedophilia - No go. No child-like characters. No adult characters with child like personalities. Yes, there is a difference. An age 'must' be listed or a description that signifies the characters age.
  • Incest and other things that can generally gross a person out, should be behind closed doors at all times. Vore.. gore.. heavy torture, dismembering, etc. etc. falls in this category.
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T - Learn it. Live by it. Show it. (OOC permission is required prior to any of the above happening)
  • Creatures : Anything larger then a mid-sized dragon, are not allowed in Black Waters Rock. They're impossible to click around, to see around so please refrain from bringing them in. This includes full sized Balors as well. Here's the gist of it : If it's big bad ass evil, and large.. or otherwise would NOT be in a public venue (city) do not bring it into BWR. They 'will' be shot and/or jailed. People with wings (aka half dragon/celestial) = Fine.
  • DMs - In game, they have absolute last word. Do not argue with them in game. If you feel there was an unjust decision made take your complaint to to

-- Do not play the DMs against each other. If one DM says no it means no. If you feel there was an unjust decision made take your complaint to to

  • No :

-- Pickpocketing. (Nwn Skill not consentual RP of stealing) -- Disarming. (Nwn feat ability not WZ manual disarming) -- Entering PC housing or Inn rooms (that are locked) without prior OOC consent. -- Shouts unless it's for invites or an emergency looking for DM when no one is in the DM channel - This WILL net you jail time. -- Creating rules to fit your own needs. -- God-like characters, children of gods, family of gods. -- Clone builds. This means two PC's of the same name, same build, etc. etc. unless it's for say, a dragon. You have the form of the dragon on one, the form of a human on another. They MUST have the same build. (I.E no : ::James:: - Cleric -James- - Bard etc. etc.) -- Meta/God-gaming. -- No passing is allowed in hunting areas unless express IC or OOC consent is given. When fighting you 'must' kill all your spawns and be careful not to camp an area. -- Only one PC of yours may be logged in at any given time. If found you having two or three, or more at a time, you will be booted and the characters deleted. -- No ghosting doors. (Passing through a locked door w/o opening it)

Rules on RacesEdit

Races should be the standard acceptable races you'd find in the Forgotten Realms, though we will also allow some from a similar DnD universe including Planescape. A few guidelines are:

- Celestials should be good aligned unless fallen, fiends like Demons and Devils should be evil as it is their fundamental nature to be. Evil Celestials and Good Fiends should be the exception, not rule and have a good background explaining why they are as they are. Expect if we hear of this to be asked what that background is. Expect us to be skeptical and difficult to convince.

- Half-fiends and half-celestials can stray from those alignments, as can Tieflings and Aasimars. Please remember though that those races usually only have very few traces of their ancestors, especially the watered down blood of Aasimars and Tieflings, so they shouldn't be sporting wings, horns and a tail all at once for example.

- Please have your char act according to their race. While we appreciate it's nice to have a unique look, we expect the personality to match it. Outsiders especially often think in vastly different terms than humans, the same goes for Elves, Hin and other races.

- We will look very closely at odd race mixes. While it is entirely possible for some wizard or god to fuse two races, some are just incompatible. Especially if you suddenly make them also half-undead.

- Palemasters are half-undead, accept it.

- We will not tell you what char to play but as the welcome text says: If you make a character with blue dragon wings, a wolf tail, glowing eyes and a bone arm, chances are, he will not exist for long.

- No gods, half gods, quarter gods, children of gods or otherwise godlike powerful characters -at all-.

- See that your chars not only have advantages but also disadvantages of their races. Vampires for example should be vulnerable to sunlight, or at the least holy water. I don't care if dhampires in vampire the masquerade (or insert some other gameworld/game system here) can tan on the beach. This is FR, not those universes.

Rules on Abilities and PowersEdit

Certain races grant certain abilities, that is true, however we have some rules that are to be followed on abilities or powers going beyond what is available in the NWN game engine.

- Telepathy is allowed if you are in direct proximity to the player you communicate with, usually a PM with the </c Colour Code is used. Any system is acceptable as long as the two players agree.

- Mind reading is -not- allowed unless the other player consents.

- Hypnoses and similar mind-affecting skills are allowed if your character has the race or classes for them, however, you need to get consent for their use and secondly, the player has every right to ask for a will save if he wants to let the dice decide what happens. A DC between 30 and 40 is appropriate depending on power, but that's up to the players involved. Typical mind immunity spells negate the effect. Again, if no consent is given, don't use such abilities.

- Drugs and poisons are allowed, again, if -consented- to. A fort save of 40 to 60 sounds good here, taking the generally high fortitude saves that everyone here has into account, though again you are not forced to roll. Poison immunity works against most drugs and poisons including alcohol.

- You do not have armies you can call on unless you are Duke or General of one of our main cities. Your parents are also not super-powerful demi-gods who will instantly kill everyone who rubs your character the wrong way.

- You are not immortal. This is a realm where Celestials and Devils walk freely, of course they have means to kill you permanently.

- You are not immune to pain unless you are a construct or something (and thus also unaffected by pleasure.) You can also not turn off your pain receptors at will.

- We did mention you can not play a god, right? This includes mortals with the powers of gods.

- On a final note, in regards to special role play abilities and class features that aren't supported by Neverwinter Nights, such as psionics; while we do allow them, they're only acceptable as long as all involved parties consent to them.

Rules on Classes and BuildsEdit


  • Ensure you have your initial stats, skills and feats correct before making your character. If you are making an RDD ensure you have the entire build ready to create.

-- We have re-leveling option on the customisers in OOC, you can use them on your character at any time to remove and replace single, multiple or thirty nine of your levels. USE THEM

-- RDD builds cannot use this feature as the stat increase system is bugged and can leave your stats in place after you lose levels. If you wish to rebuild an RDD you'll have to remake her and go through the leveling process again. You are allowed to transfer your equipment to your new RDD build. IF you remake an RDD you must have RDD levels in the new build.

  • Palemasters MUST be Evil aligned.

-- The Palemaster's bone arm can only be made from bone and may be covered with cloth or armor, that is removable. When completely naked anyone in range will see a proportional bone arm.

  • COTs MUST be good aligned.

You may not give your character the same name as an already existing character from any realm of fiction related or un-related to NWN and D&D. Be original. If you can't be original and make your own at least make your Drizzt exactly the same only different.

There are countless name generators out there. Use them or your imagination, not other people's.

Punishment for MetagamingEdit

First - Verbal Warning

Second - Jail Time + Publicly Said of All-Involved.

Third - Banned from WZ for no less than one day.

Fourth(+) - Longer banning, up to Permanent removal from the WZ.