Played by JohnniFyfeHimself

Physical Description Edit

In his true-form (which, for philosophical reasons he seems to prefer) the changeling male is a typical example of his species; he is vaugely elven in build, being leaner than a human but built with a sleek, modest musculature suited for quick,sharp and graceful movement rather than fierce,powerful combat, (about 148lbs). Long limbed, long fingered and standing at a height slightly less than average for the isle (about 5'9), the changeling could pass as either a taller elf , or a very thin human. However, his natural skintone is a pale,waxy white, tinged almost grey/blue in places. His face is often nearly devoid of any feature, a blank field of flesh stretched over his skull, resembling an abstract conceptual humanoid head, with a vauge ridge for the "nose", two blank and featureless eyes, and general cheekbone structure. Johnni often chooses to hide his mouth, leaving a blank space where lips should be, but can easily allow it to "emerge", without effort. His hair, fine and ivory white with a similar waxen sheen, tends to be left short. Close examination reveals each strand to be vaugely tendril-like. Being a changeling (or "Doppleganger-Kin" as the man himself sometimes explains to those unfamiliar with the breed), Johnni can modify and reshape his physical appearance at will. However, he is still exploring the limits of his "talent", and has not often completely changed his form.

For clothing, Johnni appears to favor crimson and gold, in combination (Which has led to one of several nicknames, "Red Mage"). He favors outlandish or gaudy displays of cloth,leather,and metal intertwined, with experimentation in wardrobe occuring "every now and then". His fashion sense is questionable at best.

Though hardly the first to wear one as a fashion, Johnni has some minor celebrity affixed to his hat, which he has been forced to protect from thieves, pranksters, and the bored on numerous occasions. The hapless chapeu has been enchanted, cursed, armed,bound (by a chin strap), enscrolled, and even clung to (via Johnni's rather adaptable hair), to thwart theft. It is a very minor, but persistent mystery, why the red hat with a purple feather is such a valued target.

History Edit

Johnni Fyfe was born amongst the many actors and actresses in a traveling performance troupe. His name, in fact, bears no true relation to either of his parents: it is a name he adopted at a young age, a "stage name" for the time. His true name has been lost to time, and it's possible the man himself has forgotten it. He was part of a band of wanderers, who had attached themselves to the Performing troupe and offered themselves as extra talent and workers in exchange for food and shelter. The band formed a traveling show, entertaining in a vareity of walks of life, from peasants during festivals to the courts of empires ,kingdoms and magocracies. Johnni himself lived the bulk of his life as an elf (see later for explanation), albeit a rather "culturally human" elf. He stayed with the caravan for all of his youth , training to become an actor, a bard, and a sleight-of-hand conjurer, when he manifested arcane power, sponatenously. Uncertain what to do with the boy, the leader of the Troupe simply encouraged him to put practical use to his sorcererous powers. Johnni began using the spells he developed as part of various acts, earning gold and making a minor name for himself.

However, like most mages, Johnni's talents bred ambition and wanderlust. He wished to understand and master his talents, leaving the only family he knew to persue his curiosity and control his gifts. He served various functions during this time, helping to run shops specializing in arcane items, a mercanary "battle mage" support troop, an explorer, and even fell back to his bardic roots at time, specializing in a particular illusionist display he dubbed "The Horror Show", a grand guignol of sleight of hand,illusion, and story telling that , despite it's name, was well recieved.

Johnni's life had led to numerous adventures, mishaps,tradgedies and plots,but came to a head when the elven mageling ended up on the Isle of Mianyr. Planar travel being what it was, Johnni emerged on the surreal landscape of the pleasure isle agog and curious. In time, he adapted as best as he could to the strange blend of extraplanar beings, sex, violence, and clashing cultures and idealogies. He lived,fell in loved, waged wars, helped and hindered various schemes and plots, and generally existed as an aimless wanderer, honing his skills and marveling at the nature of reality. His fiancee, Perabo Gwill, eventually moved off the Isle of Sin, taking residence in a small but prospering town on the mainland, with Fyfe becoming (through generous contributions and his own guile and charm) the mayor. Life was good, until tragedy struck.

Johnni does not speak about what happened, in detail. He will only say that he lost his home, the town,the love of his life and nearly all his possessions to some force he was unable to halt. Given the grim finality of his vauge,cryptic comments, it's been suggested something or someone caused the death of the town,and Johnni had claimed revenge with a damning finality.

Left with little and with no purpose , Johnni once more began to wander. Though he had experienced much in his time, the optimistic cynic emerged in the warring cities of Styss with wonder and curiosity. Perhaps in pennance for what he had done before in life, or for the memory of Perabo, Johnni joined the White City, Anamchara. Idealistic and driven, Johnni was elected Archmage on numerous occasions, even helping to form and run the Arcanist Guild and Tower, when it was first funded and erected. Eventually growing concerned with the White City after the departure of a particularlly respected and effective Chancellor, Johnni began to believe the only way to rise back from what he viewed as a decline of the city was to personally see to it that changes were made within official law and it's execution. Johnni did not win the election he ran in; However, he was chosen as personal advisor to the Chancellor, and eventually became de-facto Chancellor of the city when the elected ruler betrayed the city to join Tens, to defend the woman he loved. Johnni attempted to impose stricter justice, war crime tribunals, and more effective means of accusation and capture of criminals. The experience of frustration and inefficiency convinced Johnni not to attempt to run a second term, deciding bitterly that "one cannot change those who refuse to be saved".

Made bitter by his experience, Johnni went into numerous bouts of seclusion and self exile, eventually abandoning citizenship (but not his archaic City Stone, oddly enough) when his faith in the Law dwindled. Recently, Johnni has gone through numerous changes in philosophy and idealism. No less drastic, was the discovery of his true species; Johnni was not elven at all, but a Changeling; a child borne of a union between a Doppleganger and a humanoid. Given the adaptability of his skin , Johnni's current world view is a blending of old ideals of right and wrong, and flexible definitions of ends justifying means,etc. For now, Johnni serves Anamchara as an outsider/ally, choosing to help the city he feels most likely to work with him on concepts of justice and individuals rights and responsibilities, though he also believes all three of the cities are parodies of philosophies no longer valid, in an endless war with no true purpose but to answer for threats against pride and revenge.

Personality Description Edit

Changelings on a whole are slippery beings: born tricksters, they enjoy the finer things in life, are adaptable and maleable, and have shades of morality with flexibility to their ethics. Johnni is a prime example. Though basically "good", Johnni has numerous vices and foibles that could color him a rather dark shade of grey, in many eyes. Johnni is a contradiction; flippant and serious, absurdist and focused, a mage and a bard, arrogant and unassuming, judgemental and openminded, forgiving and stubborn, clever and foolish. Johnni tends to behave in the manner he has been accustomed to: Sly,idle,glib and quick witted. He can be charming, alluring,frightening, or laughable with little effort. He makes friends and enemies with equal ease, generally provoking strong feelings in any he comes in contact to. He is a shameless flirt,letch,and horn dog as well as an intuned and thoughtful philosopher. If there is a potential opinion on a subject, Johnni can and probably will define his in convincing terms. He has been a practical joker, a commrade at arms, a professional arcanist, a spiritual advisor, and any number of otherwise incopatible roles. His mannerisms can change, but the man himself is almost always vauge, amused, ever-adaptive and frustratingly difficult to pin down.