Ka'ava Mygoan

"You are now free, Erulhar. Free to live the life you should have lived. Free to be whoever it is you truly want to be. Free to be happy. I am honored to have called you friend."

Ka'ava is a young blue dragon, barely into his maturity, who was given back to Ulhar's family after Ulhar wished that everyone could simply be happy. He is infused with a small portion of the essence of Bahamut himself, and while this grants him no god-like powers, it does give him a unique form of breath weapon, and a few other minor quirks. He has come to know himself as a "Platinum Blooded" dragon because of this. Ka'ava is much like Ulhar in most ways, though younger and more innocent, less experienced.


I remember looking up to the sky crying, knowing that it could well be years before I would see my family again. Fadra... Vorel... Ta'hyen... All my beautiful wyrmlings. I sighed quietly, walking out fully into the sunlight, and behind me I could hear my daughter crying, "Why do you have to go, daddy?" I looked back to her and smiled, another smile, another time I couldn't tell her the full truth. How could I do this to my favorite daughter... "I have to go help my master with something. I have to help keep everyone save, sweety. You stay strong, alright Tarracka? You stay strong for your brothers and sisters, and for your mother." I smiled then, sincerely, thinking of my wonderful family again, tears falling from my eyes. I turned to look at the sky again, murring softly to myself, then leapt, my feathered wings catching the air. I flapped and was airborne, celestial winds filling my wings as I flew ever upwards, until I was gone through the clouds. (To be continued)

The Life of Ka'avaEdit

Rebirth - Ka'ava Mygoan came to Ulhar's old cave in an egg, and hatched within hours, fully grown.

Week 1 - Ka'ava gained realization that he is actually Ulhar's reincarnated form.

Week 2 - Ka'ava has begun to learn the ways of being a dragon from his family.

Month 3 - Ka'ava has begun to explore the world a bit, accompanied by Tarracka, and he has decided that one day he'll go see Styss for himself.