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"Would you like to buy a helm?"
Character Information
Race: Drow
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black, with flecks of gold
Age: Unknown
Classes: Ranger/Monk/Assassin
Weapon(s): Knives
Item(s): Neck Chain w Trinkets
Alignment: LE <> CN
Faith: Lolthite
Faction: Underdark
Title: Trader
Relationship(s): House Sorfiriel
Owner: None
Languages: Drow, Drow Sign Language, Undercommon, Thieves Cant, Common, Elven, Abyssal

Physical DescriptionEdit

A Drow who makes little effort to hide his heritage unless in disguise, he can typically be found in comfortable, yet loose clothing, favoring the dark blues and blacks of his original ancestry. Preferring an open shirt to easily access stored items and tightly belted breeches; he is almost never seen without a hood that never seems to hide his sly smile. He is just over average height for a male Drow, with the motions and tone of an accomplished warrior. Along the right leg, he clearly keeps several daggers strapped, though one would be most unwise to believe this is all the weaponry he carries.

If one were to look into his hood and was just lucky enough to catch the light in his eyes, they would be surprised to see black iris's with just a few flecks of deep gold. His hair, which falls just to his shoulders frequently peeks out against his neck, black as midnight. The only other notable thing about his person is the assortment of small pouches he keeps along his belt and a silver chain around his neck carrying what one might consider tiny knickknacks.


Not much is known about Kal'ain. Only that he occasionally hints at a very long past mostly filled with hardships and death. And of course, quite a few coins.

The young drow steps softly down the old and crumbling steps of the Arena. Clothed in light armor, his low-cut boots and dark leggings, chest bearing nothing more than two carefully tended strips of leather, forming an X across his chest, the onyx stone inset in the center hiding one of its many clasps. Upon his shoulder is a guard, bearing the crest of his own design, an intricate coin marked with a knife that will later become known. The outfit leaving his heavily toned chest and arms visible to the dim light cast by his ally's staff. Many hilts of common weapons may be seen worked into the armor, most in the form of daggers, his darker tools kept hidden in side pockets and panels. Turning his now darkened eyes to his companion, it is revealed to be a far younger Kal'ain.

Beside him walks a mage, also seeming of a younger age, though indeed far older than Kal'ain at the time. He also steps silently along with him, only the sound of his staff clicking as they make their way down to the floor. The mage wears ordinary clothes so as to not interfere with casting, though made into a formidable armor of its own with his magic. He is also outfitted for battle, many wands arranged in the small belt he wears, though always one to value the weakness of spell slingers in close combat wears a long sword at his side.

As they make their way finally to the solid stone floor of the Arena, they methodically check their gear, such arranged events common in the times. As Kal'ain wanders the ring, measuring its depths and obstacles, he understands something is different of this match.. the seats still have yet to be filled. A female voice echo's: Behold the challenge.

As the two combatants make their way to the center, a small gate creaks open. From it hurries an extremely scared goblin, its hands cupped before it. Tripping in its flight, it looses the thing. Bouncings along the ground, it comes to rest at the mages feet, who looks down at it curiously, running it through with the Staffs end. Raising it to inspect the remains of the small scorpian like creature he states. "This was out opponent?... how sad."

A rumbling can be heard from inside the deep cave. Beady eyes are seen from the opening, as it exits. It appears to be a scorpian, holding itself partway from the opening.

"Ah.. now thats more like it. Doesn't look too bad a creature." Replies the mage, scrapeing the remains of the thing along the ground. "Now we can finish this contest and return home.."

Shuffling forward, it suddenly stops. Moving backwards into the cave, it bolts forward, crushing through the stone that trapped it. Making its way into the arena it is discovered that the beast was several sizes too large for the already formidable gap. Its front section was only a small piece of the thing, a heavily armored and powerful monster, bearing many deadly claws and tails.

Kal'ain simply shakes his head at the uneeded display, the mage glacing to the other drow. "So... flip a coin to see who attacks first?" Kal shakes his head, bursting into laughter as he draws two daggers, giving them both a sharp flick to extend them into swords and glides to attack. The mage shaking his head. "Didn't think so." He begins to weave several spells to further shield his frail form.

Personality DescriptionEdit

He seems very nonchalant and open. One would immediately note he seems very clever, always seems to be looking for something to interest him or that may be fun. He is always ready to make a deal, and they always seem to wind up in his favor. When pressed, he quickly changes his demeanor to something far colder and deadly, reminding you he is very much still a Drow.

Related InformationEdit

Full Name: Kal'ain (last name all but forgotten, even to him)
Nicknames: Trader, (former) Shadow, Panther
Date of Birth: Honestly Unknown
Age: Vauge references on occasion, thought to be nearly ancient
Race: Drow
Gender: Male (Jaluk)

Hair: Black
Skin: Black/Ebony/Onyx
Eyes: Black, with the rare fleck of Gold/White based on lighting
Height: Around 5'3
Weight: Near 130

Place of Residence: Blackwaters/Un'dossta Klar
Place of Birth: The Underdark
Known Relatives: Direct Relatives- those known, deceased. Assumed Relatives- Andril Kross, Ju'ense, House Sorfiriel
Religion/Philosophy: Loose Lothite, generally follows his own whims.
Occupation: Merchant/Trader, Assassin, Black Market Dealer, General
Group/Guild affiliation: De'arthe, (Blatantly stolen name for a Merchant/Mercenary band, disbanded)
Guild Rank: Owner
Enemies: Allways

Likes: Gold, Intelligent Conversations, Wit, Daggers, Subtlety
Favorite Foods: Fresh Bread
Favorite Drinks: Ale, Underdark Wines
Favorite Colors: Blue, Black, Silver, "Gold"
Weapons of Choice: Daggers, Throwing Daggers, Kamas/Kukri, Needles, His Body
Dislikes: Big Brutes, Losing, Foiled Schemes, Threats
Hobbies: Training, Establishing Agents and Plots, Harvesting the "sheep", Making gold.

Professions: Assassination, Mercantile

Physical Features: Lean Atheletic build, with sleightly more muscle then common for an elf. Allways seems to be in perfect fighting condition.
Special Abilities: The Sealed Gate
Positive Personality Traits: Strong, Confident, Manipulative, Cunning, Charming, Highly Relaxed Nature, (usually) knows his place.
Negative Personality Traits: Occasionally Lazy,at times uncaring, Manipulative
Misc. Quirks:

Weapon ProficienciesEdit

Bastard Swords: C
Battle Axe: D
Club: D
Daggers: S
Double Axe: F
Double Mace: D
Dwarven War Axe: C
Great Axe: F
GreatSword: B
Halbred: C
HandAxe: B
Heavy Crossbow: C
Heavy Flail: C
Kama: S
Katana: A
Kukri: A
Light Crowssbow: A
Light Flail: A
Light Hammer: B
Longbow: A
Lonsword: A
Maces: B
Fists: S
Morning Stars: B
Rapiers: S
QuarterStaff: A
Scimitar: B
Scyth: D
ShortBow: B
ShortSword: A
Sickle: B
Sling: B
Spear: C
Trident: F
Two-Bladed Sword: B
Warhammer: D
Whips: S