Kaylin Harovak Gildanon
Through Time and Over Years, I will call your name
Character Information
Race: Sunelf/Tainted human
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Grey
Classes: Sorceress
Weapon(s): Lightning
Former Title: Slavekeeper of Tens and Elzigard
Relationship(s): Divorced from Dorian
Languages: Elven, draconic and common

Played by: Sannive

Kaylin Harovak GildanonEdit

Born to Tens and with tainted blood the pale diamond with the raven hair, magic sizzling from her fingertips she graces the island of Styss. The path she has walked hard and sorrowful yet she somehow still manages to smile.


She moves like a soft summer wind in the grass, with elegance and with grace, and when she speaks her voice is melodic and soft with a silvery tone to it. She is shy and brief like the sigh of a maiden who recieves her first kiss, and though most of the time pleasant and polite she always seem to be aware of her surrounding. Her skin is very pale and the lips red as blood. Her hair is raven black and curly and it reaches down to her lower back, carefully brushed untill it shines like obsidian metal and when angered her long black and curly hair tend to flow around her as if in an electric storm. Her eyes sea stormy grey framed with black thick eyelashes and her eyebrows are slim and wingshaped.



Kaylins first years was strange and mystic but she was deeply loved by her mother Mirilinne and the only father she knew, Cassius Cervantes. Even from her first very early months it was clear that the girl was gifted, her power with magic strong and as soon as she could sit up on her own, the child started to teleport around the house. She found this an amusing game as her parents had to dash around trying to find her and she continued her game but the teleportation became more advanced and more dangerous but to this she was completly oblivious. It was Cassius who managed to make the girl show her "tricks" when she was about four years old and it had a chatastrophic resault as she took her father with her and they got stuck in another dimension that she to this day calls "The Screaming Hells". Where this is has never been discovered but what came clear was that time went faster there and as the two managed to find their way home, for them almost 20 years has past while on Styss they had only been gone a few weeks. Her mother had tried her best to imprint Kaylin with the same obsession towards Tens but as the mothers grip grew weak while the two were trapped Kaylin was instead brought up by Cassius to be an independant woman with her loyalty connected to her family rather than to a city. When they returned, she and her mother had difficulties finding eachother despite Cassius efforts trying to build a bridge between them but when Mirilinne betrayed her him and Cassius vanished, the rift between mother and daughter was completed and beyond repair. Bespite her power and her taint, Kaylin is a very subtle and gentle person. Her manners well behaved and refined and she hardly ever loses her temper.

Tens, the first yearsEdit


Kaylin adjusted quite well to the darkness of Tens after she had returned and she soon found herself to have the skill to train slaves and not long after that she was appointed SlaveKeeper of Tens and was the first one to chatagorize the slave in more ways than just private owned and city slaves. She loved her job and had a gift for keeping track on papers and making sure that people followed what was agreed upon.

She soon became friend and later lover to the vampire Dorian their relationship loving and romantic and her love for him was very dedicated. She knew that there was others, a drow male named Elvin in specific, that was trying to reach her heart and to her own confusion she soon learned that her heart was able to love more than one however with this knowledge she became ashamed and she only shut herself up trying to keep true to her lover. When Dorian asked her to follow him to Elzigard, she did. The transition was at first fairly undramatic, she handed over the titel of SlaveKeeper to her mother and left quietly.



In Elzigard she soon found herself quite at home, the king Tanniss Traveller welcomed her and her husband with open arms and just a few days after their arrival she was appointed Slavemistress of Elzigard. She kept a fairly low profile, she didn't add to the laws or change what was written but during her time as Slavemistress she started to take liking of one in perticular. A slave named Cynn. She took this slave in under her wing, it was her dark butterfly and this gave Kaylin the chance to let herself go and she allowed herself to openly love the woman in question. Everything seem to be just perfect but it is always at that time bad things begin to happen.

The Dark YearsEdit


Dorian in his strive to keep him beloved Kaylin happy wished to shred the curse of the vampire and become a normal elf so that they could eventually grow a family of their own. Kaylin and her magic ability searched high and wide, through teleports to many realms before she found a way to clence him from the curse. It was a hard and dangerous path she took and the price she paid for returning Dorian to the living cost her her magic and due to this her hair turned silver white. She didn't miss her magic but when Dorian became alive their marriage started to fail instead. Caught up in his work she felt more and more neglected and as the attention from Elvin increased she couldn't resist him any longer. During this time was the first time that the Overlord was defeated in combat, a huge shift of balance took place and for a while magic run wild across the lands of Styss, the magic that was lost to Kaylin suddenly rushed back and slowly but surely her hair turned back to its former black. Feeling like she had become like her trecherous mother betraying her husband as well as her own best friend Cinda that was currently together with the drow she started to spin down a mud hole that she couldn't been saved from. Helplesly her lover Cynn watched as Kaylin became more and more depressed and not long after Kaylin returned to Tens just as quietly as she had when she left. When Dorian returned from one of his trips he found Kaylin on heavy aphrodisiacs in bed with her adopted uncle Thoril, Dorian left her in rage something broke within the tormented Kaylin. She desided to end her suffering and spare her loved ones to see what she had become. A few letters were sent with goodbyes along with instructions that her beloved slave Cynn should be handed over to her younger sister Dawn, but that was about all that was known about Kaylins disappearance.

Not until years later it was found out that she had asked her friend Krass to aid in her suicide. Krass had refused and offered an alternative; "Become someone else". She agreed to this and created a new person with history, feelings and memories. She named the person Elinara and Krass with his powers as a sorcerer and incubus managed to rip Kaylins memories from her and put them away into a crystal for safe keeping. The new memories were implanted into her body and Elinara was born.

Kaylin TodayEdit


When the truth about what happened truly had happened to Kaylin finally got out, Mirilinne was the one to take charge to bring her daughter back and after much trouble she managed only to find that she now had twin daughters, Kaylin and Elinara. Kaylin was very reluctant to return, not at all pleased by what has taken place but she was made to promise never to do it again and true to her word she desided to stick around.

Kaylin has left her husband Dorian but they have been seen talking to eachother, mostly arguing. She keeps close to her sisters and finally her and her mother seem to have been able to build a bridge over the abyss between them.

She is unspoken for and doesn't seem to have any perticular loveintrest. If there is someone in her life she has effectivly kept it too herself. Her relations to Dawn has made her connected to the House of Dahaki.