Player: SanguineSins

Kiera Gareidan Solstheim
"Our memories are our existence."
Character Information
Race: Pure-blood vampire
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Black, violet highlights visible in the correct lighting.
Eyes: Crystal clear blue (Original color is hazel, with a blue ring around the iris, from the altering magic seeping into her actual color
Physique: Toned and muscular
Age: Around 45 (Looks 21-23)
Weapon(s): Scythe, Katana, Shortswords
Alignment: Lawful Evil (Though sweet and friendly)
Faith: None
Faction: Neutral (Tens)
Title: Former Queen of Tens
Relationship(s): Wife: Charlotte S'abrina S'erminutue-Solstheim
Origins: Anauroch, Faerun
Languages: Spoken: Common, Drow, Elven, Infernal

Written: Common, Drow, Elven, Draconic

Physical Description Edit

A fairly tall human female with a soft-featured face, short and cute nose and full, crimson colored, lush lips, with a tight obsidian ring set in the middle of her lower one. She has long black hair, silky when well cared for, otherwise sweaty and greasy, usually kept in a double braid, with a red or purple ribbon tied at the end to keep them together. Her eyes are captivating to look at, deep pools of crystal blue that one can easily get lost in, entranced by her slightly slanted, almond shaped eyes. Her body is pleasing to look at, despite her muscular form, the muscles only accenting her already graceful body with smooth, subtle curves. Her breasts are a large 38E, firm and bouncy, able to stay pert like so from the strong muscles that support their weight. Her waist tapers slightly until her hips flare out lusciously, a tight and firm ass resting ontop of long and strong legs. Despite her muscular stature, she´s very feminine in look, shown clearly in the way she carries herself, though her behavior can be rather tomboy-ish.

Upon her left hand, on the appropriate finger, she proudly bears a white gold ring, with an octagon-cut ruby inset in its middle, the ring engraved with the words: “-Yours- forever, -always- C.S.S.S”

Another piece of jewelry she always keeps on is her new belt buckle, that horribly clashes with the rest of her stuff. A silver-colored, pewter clasp, seeming rather old and tarnished, with scratches all over. Two scratched and now flawed gemstones inset in it, rather tiny, but noticeable, one a garnet, the other an aquamarine.

The third and final piece is a bracelet, made out of mithril with a socket and a charm hanging from it, the entire thing polished to mirror perfection. The socket often holds a gemstone of some kind, cut to resemble a females face. The charm bears the inscription "The Greatest Wife in all of the Planes."

Her voice is a rather alto-pitched one, usually soft and rarely raising her voice. She keeps a rather kind, calming tone, most of the time, but it tends to get darker and more edgy when she gets angry.

Upon her body are a couple of faintly glowing, red runes, infernal in origin. "Destruction" is at the back of her right hand, "Vision" over her left eye, only fully visible with the eye closed, as it´s on her eyelid as well, "Death" rests at the small of her back, "Guardian" is crested a bit above her left breast, and finally, "Slayer", between her shoulders, over her spine.

On her left shoulder is an incredibly vivid and detailed sakura tree, with purple flowers instead of the usual pink. The entire piece appears almost holographic, and depending upon the viewpoint, it goes through the different stages of the year, from the slowly blooming spring, to the fully blossoming summer, over into the falling flowers of the autumn, and lastly into the empty branches of winter.

A large, fin-backed serpent tattoo coils it´s way around her body, purple in color. The spaded tail starts at the front of her right ankle, coiling in circles around her leg, before moving diagonally up past her hips and over her butt, widening out into it´s full girth at her hips, moving around the curve of her hip, under her breasts and inwards between them, looking like it´s body was squashed between them, the finned ridge curling to the side and underneath the serpents body as it gave the illusion of actually being alive, it´s small hands pressing their claws into the breasts. It´s body continues upwads over the nearby shoulder, narrowing at it´s neck as it twists and coils it´s body in moving behind her neck, sagging downwards slightly before moving upwards again over the opposite shoulder, the fin appearing to extend out of her back. The head perches over her breast, that of a dragons, with gleaming, razor sharp spiked teeth, and holding a slightly darker color than the rest of the dark purple body, it´s eyes a gleaming crystal blue, seeming to follow the movement of the onlooker from the holographic effect upon it, making it´s stare rather unsettling. The entire serpent is covered in overlapping scales, which gleam a prismatic color when refracted by light, giving the entire piece the effect like it was truly a living creature, a three dimensional effect achieved through skillful art and magical means.

A large, blue and purple colored phoenix now covers the span of her back where the purple serpent coils away from it, reaching from just above her lower back, to a bit below her shoulders. It´s majestic wings arch to form a circle, the left wing swaying upwards, the right one swaying downwards, it´s tailfeathers swaying off to the side slightly in tune with the circular formation of the tattoo. The phoenix itself is a deep blue color, the edges of it´s feathers fading into a purple shade, as well as the flames it´s wreathed in ending with a purple tint. It´s eyes are a glowing rich icy blue, and seem to follow the onlooker as they move around, much like the eyes of her previous serpent tattoo. It´s given the optical illusion that as one moves the point of view, a hazy heatmist seems to shimmer over it, the flames subtly twisting, giving it the semblance that it indeed was incredibly hot to the touch.

History Edit

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