Korak Alkatar
"Risk is its own reward."
Character Information
Race: Wood Elf
Gender: Male
Classes: Rogue / WM / SD
Weapon(s): Rapier, Boot Knife
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faction: Anamchara
Title: Instigator
Origins: Realmwood, Faerûn

Physical Description Edit

An Elf of a lithe and agile build his movements are often soft and discrete as he passes by. Hiding under a messy crop of long unkempt brown hair reside a pair of deep grey eyes often complete with a mischevious glint or curious gaze.

History Edit

Hailing from the prime material Korak's home among homes is a forest called Realm wood. Growing up amongst a fairly close knit and introverted Elven community Korak and being a natural explorer from a young age he was constantly finding himself in unknown territory and sticky situations which he is still prone to doing till this day.

Personality Description Edit

Korak is a thief well known for his knack of getting into more trouble than he can handle. He has a cheeky manner enjoying the causing of general havoc and chaos without meaning any intentional harm. He has no ultimate goal set in stone and prefers to live in the moment enjoying the risk and thrills of his adventures and helping out where he can.