Race : Human
Gender : Female
Character type : Submissive

--- Description ---

Kyndria is a blonde, good looking human, with generous but not out of proportions body shaping ; she seems to have pretty large breasts though. At first glance, she appears seducing, and her smile, easily appearing, does make her quite inviting to talk to.

On second glance however, there are a few things unusual. She seems almost constantly worried, deep in her thoughts with persistant problems she can't seem to get rid of. She often carries a large bag with her, containing several books. One of those books (which she doesn't hide) contains spells, which clearly marks her as a wizard.

On her left arm, near the shoulder, can be seen a small tatoo, a distinctive but secret sign of a society of diviners.

--- More in depth ---

Kyndria is a seer : she has a talent for being able to see things she can't know, being past, present or future. However, it is a talent she tries to master, as it only manifests itself rarely, at unexpected moments, and generaly shows unsignificant, yet truthful, pieces of information. As a result, Kyndria studied both arcane and divine magic to better understand this power, but even though she is skilled in both magic wielding, it hasn't helped her on this particular matter.

Travelling around to gain more understanding her this power, she has learned that the world is a dangerous place, and she has learned magic to defend herself. Fending to preserve her true self, she has sworn a Vow of Truth, and will never lie.

However, she is now confronted with other attacks on her belief, as she has discovered Necromancy and Fiendish pacts, and is trying to determine if the end justify the means.