Played by Lazaeroth

Character Information
Race: Lycan-blooded
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Eyes: Amber
Physique: Muscular
Classes:  ?
Weapon(s):  ?
Item(s):  ?

Physical Description Edit

Height• 6.1
Eyes• Amber
Flesh• Dark
Build• Muscular
Accent• Lower Mordentish
Tone• Rough
Breath• Fresh
Visage• Primal
Scent• Spiced

Some may recognise the primal look of a Weretouched. Known to be called 'Shifters'. Not because they can morph into anything they desire, but because they can summon upon latent abilities passed down to them from Lycanthropic ancestors. Anywhere from jarring speed to the ability to scale vertical surfaces with ease. Lazaeroth's abilities aren't flaunted greatly, though some may live to tell.

It is clear he has some say over his external characteristics. Perhaps he magically augments them, or it is something innate to him. He has been known to possess more lupine like ears instead of earlobes, and other traits such as a tail.
Lazaeroth is known for wearing a collection of Longcoats, and very concealing outfits however at other times.. He has been known to wear very little, indeed. - It would seem he flits between styles depending on his overall mood. If one were to witness him without clothing they'd note his form is heavily scar'd all over and that he possesses a long grey mane that travels down his back.

While his skintone has always remained dark, it has lately become unhealthily palid lately, and his overall appearance much greyer, it seems he has aged quite considerably in a short space of time.

History Edit

He did something?

Personality DescriptionEdit

He doesn't waggle his tail a lot.