Lokasenna Do'Ghym
"I don't do what I do for you, I do what I do for Tens."




Retired Commander

Lokasenna is a male drow.

Physical DescriptionEdit

At first glance, Lokasenna seems to be a typical male drow, save for the fact that hidden beneath his red coat is a heavy suit of armor. Dispite the drow's slender form, Lokasenna is surprisingly strong, it is said he can even match orcs and dragons in terms of pure physical strength.


Lokasenna seems to have always kept his past something of a mystery. One of the few things that are known about him is that he was born in the city of Menzoberranzan to a small house Do'Ghym. Lokasenna first arrived on styss in the very early days of its creation, a loyal warrior of tens. Though he has had short stints in the other cities as well, his primary loyalty has always been to the city of tens. Despite his talent for tactics and prowess in single combat, Lokasenna never sought out nor received any sort of official rank until under the fairy recent rule of Katarina. Under the leadership of the marshal Rae, he rose from sergeant to commander in a few short months. Lokasenna has made numerous enemies during his long tenure in Tens, mostly due to his adhering to his one particular code of honor. While his particular code is something of a mystery, once he promises loyalty to someone, he keeps it, to a fault.