"No. Yes. Well... No. I suppose. Why? You did not answer that part."
Character Information
Race: Throne (Celestial)
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 146 lbs
Hair: As her whim changes, so do the shades
Eyes: Mutable as her hair, they change constantly
Physique: Perfectly proportionate with an hourglass shape
Age: Timeless (Physically: mid-twenties)
Classes: Rogue/SD/Fighter
Weapon(s): A pair of enhanced short swords
Item(s): A battered and whimpering tambourine; a gift from her friend Karenon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faith: Polytheistic/Narcissistic
Affiliation: Full House Inn
Faction: Anamchara
Title: "Luminous Throne of Eight Stars" -it is no longer applicable
Relationship(s): Karenon {Unrequited}; Annar {playmate}
Owner: Karenon- sold by the Slave Master of Tens
Origins: The Celestial Plane
Languages: Abyssal, Animal, Celestial, Common

Played by A Principality

Theme Song: "The Kill" -30 Seconds to Mars"

Before StyssEdit

Ask an angel to tell you about their earliest years, and more than likely, you will receive a series of confused blinks. Such a reaction is precisely what the Throne would give when asked, for Luminaria remembers nothing that could be considered a "beginning."

Existance was simply that- existing. As a Throne, the angel that bore the simple title "Luminous Throne of Eight Stars" had one purpose: carry judgements when handed down and deliver justice to those who have been deemed unworthy. Being in the First Order contained no real interest for the Throne, nor did bearing judgements. Administering punishment was simply a task that needed to be done, and as centuries passed, that was what it did.

In truth, it might have gone on that way if not for a judgement borne to the palaces of a high-ranking devil. There was no questioning as to why THIS particular devil had had a judgement leveled against it, only simple obedience. The Throne arrived at the palace of the duke Haures and found the brachina named in the judgement. Without conversation, the sword was swung, and the Throne watched the body collapse in itself.

While the Throne had dealt with others taking offense to the administration of divine judgement before, it had never encountered a baatezu that had spells powerful enough to banish it from the plane. The Luminous Throne of Eight Stars found itself knocked quite neatly out of the Abyss and... well, lost. Not simply lost, but pushed out of its' usual realm so strongly that it could no longer hear the constant Voice issuing judgements. For the first time, the Throne was entirely on its' own. Only then did it begin to truly think.

There was an unexpected advantage of being a Throne with freedoms no Throne had ever dreamt of: the one who had born such a simple title could now lead a simple existance, and what it found most entertaining was observing mortal creatures. Rather than seeking a way back, searching for a way to attend to its' duties, the Throne looked for more ways to indulge its' new obsession.

Indeed, as it wafted through a number of planes in the Outlands, the Throne found itself growing utterly fascinated with the lives these creatures led. What was so enthralling about taste? Why did flowers hold such a strong draw? What was it that the mortal creatures did that made them squench their faces in such funny ways and scream so loudly? Why, why, why, why?!

The more it observed, the less it understood, and soon the questions came very close to driving the Throne's newly awakened individual consciousness to insanity. Mortal creatures took so much of their existance for granted that they offered no explanation, and even the smallest ones that emerged squalling- the ones that learned the world through patient teaching and seemed to be so adored- would not offer a reason for why THIS was so enjoyable, but THAT made them sputter.

Frustration drove the Throne in wild circles around the Outlands until it wafted into the Isle of Styss. Here was a concentrated collection of creatures that the Throne had seen and judged many times, but now there was a chance to merely... watch. It did so, struggling with every passing mortal day to understand WHY people did certain things, WHY some sought to kill each other. The questions stacked up, and in a state of near madness, the Throne turned to a celestial who had been judged and let live. (Loopholes were forever escaping the Throne's attention; some things really weren't worth brooding over, after all.) When it turned to its' only acquaintence, the Throne was received with laughter. Then came an intriguing offer.

Assume a physical form. Experience instead of observe. Learn from actual events rather than viewed history.

The Throne puzzled over that, and then agreed to the Fallen's offer. Having observed for so long, it knew precisely what it wanted in a physical body, and the list was both explicit in detail and exhaustive in demands. As the Fallen was gaining the right to the Throne's title with this bargain, he had no difficulty fulfilling its' requests. Time was meaningless, but it did pass, and when the Fallen presented the Throne with the inert form to take on, it was delighted.

Opening physical eyes for the first time was an experience the Throne, now female, never forgot. Her first sight was the Fallen's warm, cruelly twisted smile. Her first breath drew in the exotic aroma of leather, brimstone, feathers and her own skin. The sensation of her wings against her skin, of his breath across her face as he leaned down to check her eyes... Everything was overwhelming to the new senses, and the Throne could not have been happier.

A few signed contracts later, and the Fallen graciously turned the newly named Luminaria out into the planes, opening the path onto Styss just to make it easier on the wildly enthusiastic celestial. She laughed with him as their bargain struck hold, and then faced the warm sun, vividly green grass and low murmur of voices greeted her as she took her first steps into Blackwaters Rock

The "Fallen" OneEdit


A Throne, it was her duty to bear the judgement of her deity to the angels who would carry out the punishment.

Although it's quite simple to say that an angel has "fallen" when they abandon their heavenly/celestial duties, that isn't quite accurate in this particular case. Yes, she left her position and chose to wander about for a time, observing the living creatures she found so wholly fascinating. Yes, she bargained with another angel- alright, it was actually a demon, but to her mind, who's counting?- for a physical form. And yes, she donned that physical form simply to observe and interact with those she observed so raptly. Does that make her "Fallen?" Not to her mind.

With a charmingly unbiased view of the world, she finds both good and evil to be words, nothing more. Although she recognizes the difference, without her deity to give her the bylaws of what is right and wrong, she goes purely on instinct, and that instinct is to avoid boredom at all costs. Not, of course, that it's particularly difficult to do so. Endless distractions in the form of people, places and sensations keep her alert and curious, and she takes to any new experience with a delighted smile.

Most often, she can be found in the Blackwaters Rock Full House Inn, perched on the bar as she waits for another whiskey with lemon and prattles away happily to Nanika, the patient bartender. Enthusiastic to the extreme, Luminaria is always eager to go explore, prowl, slaughter mindless undead or share a drink.

Experiencing Mortal LifeEdit

The Isle held so many things to explore, learn, experience and enjoy that Luminaria was quite at a loss as to what to try first. Visiting the Full House Inn gave her the first hint when she met the half-celestial/half-demon bouncer, Karenon. What began as a flirtation- rather experimental on Luminaria's part, as she'd never tried it before- ended as a sharing of company that was much more interesting than simply sharing a bed.

Emboldened by the fact that she was getting along with someone who laughed at her antics, Lumi's explorations took her further and further afield. An undead knight, a singing elf, a pretty blonde pegasus and various others crossed her path, were talked to, inspected and enjoyed as a new experience. The angel was utterly delighted with how much there was to see, do, feel, taste and think. She always returned to the Full House Inn, relating to Karenon what she had done and asking all the questions that she'd never been able to find answers for.

Typical, really, that she didn't realize what she had lost until it was gone. Learning of Karenon's relationship with a celestial named Idris actually hurt. It hurt a lot. Luminaria discovered love and heartbreak all in the same moment and found that it was an experience she didn't really like. Although it puzzled her that Karenon had fallen for Idris and not herself, she was grateful that Karenon still cared about her. A friend was something new and precious, and she rather liked having one.

A playmate was something else entirely, and when she met the half-nightmare Sai, the angel was delighted. Romping through the undead-filled halls of the island's many dungeons proved to be fun, and a roll in the sheets was even moreso. What she hadn't foreseen was the nightmare's odd obsession which began almost immediately. Still struggling with the new situation of heartbreak, Lumi paid no mind to the nightmare's following eyes, and instead worked on making herself into what she thought made a good friend.

Experiences are two-edged blades, and when Sai made her "eyes break"- her term for crying- the angel decided that the only way to purge that was to shatter his skull. Lumi's way of going about such was to plainly announce it to the nightmare, and within seconds, she was struck down. Unfamiliar with combat in a physical form, she was helpless. The nightmare took advantage of that, binding and gagging her before locking a slave collar onto her throat.

What followed was a night of sheer torture as Sai dragged her to the city of Tens with the intent to register her as his property. A chance encounter at the gates with Rruth gave Lumi the chance to send a message and her beloved tambourine to Karenon via the gnoll's gracious agreement. Believing the half-demon would be the only one who would care she was in danger, Lumi held to the notion that her friend would rescue her.

To her surprise, it was the Lord Protector of Anamchara, Nathaniel Mirna, who came to her rescue. Sai, unwilling to let his prize go easily, used the collar's abilities to pull her away just as the angel was clinging happily to Karenon's back. Hours of blind, terrified stumbling as the nightmare dragged her from one end of the isle to the other, and Lumi was sobbingly grateful when Nathaniel and an elven mage named Aeshen broke into the gypsy wagon, dispatched Sai and removed the collar.

Rescue, yes. Comfort? No. While Idris had no reason for jealousy, seeing the Throne clinging to Karenon while sobbing hysterically apparently spurred the celestial's anger. Lumi awoke from her faint to the cold reality of dealing with a friend's jealous lover. Comfort was not to be had that agonizing night as Karenon quietly made it clear that he couldn't risk upsetting Idris. Not even for his friend.

Worse? Naturally. Captured by the nightmare and his 'loving' assistant, Lumi endured the rape, waiting for the moment when the gag was removed. Karenon had warned her to be careful, and so she had. A binding spell taught to her by her demonic friend took her back to the Full House Inn and to her hiding spot in the fighting pit. Comfort still absent, the angel returned to her demonic friend, asking for a new body. Her wings, broken by the ropes and her own struggles, remained strangely broken when he gave her a new form. Too exhausted to question it, Luminaria returned to Styss and settled back into the corner of the fighting pit that was quickly becoming her haunt.

The longer she sat, the harder she thought, and as the angel began sorting out all of the things that were making her unhappy, she noted that there seemed to be one logical solution. Brief moments were spared from this mental turmoil- learning to dance with a flirtacious devil, exploring the snowy mountains around Anamchara with the human who had found her so interesting- but Luminaria couldn't draw her thoughts away for long. As she waited and watched, terrified that Sai would find a way to steal Idris away, the solution presented itself again.

She would go to the nightmare. If he would leave Idris strictly alone, and make no conspiracy to abduct her, then the Throne would remain with him as he had seemed to want.

It was a solution that would have worked beautifully if the world acted in the clear, black and white fashion that Lumi viewed it as. Sai did indeed accept her quietly spoken offer, but when the Slave Mistress of Tens asked if she would be registered as a private or city slave, the nightmare elected to hand the Throne to the city itself. Nathaniel Mirna, who seemed intent on being Lumi's knight in shining armour, had accompanied Boo back to Tens, and it was his whispers that began eating away at the rational explanation the angel had given.

Hero, indeed. Taking vicious blows from the celestial that Sai had previously gifted the city of Tens with, Nate stole the control wand to Luminaria's collar and fled to Anamchara. The collar's controls summoned Lumi to him, and in the safety of the city castle, the Lord Protector explained quietly and kindly to the Throne that everything spoken had been a lie. Her solution might have worked if it wasn't for the fact that the nightmare seemed bent only on collecting slaves, and not on merely obtaining one. Accepting that she had made a grievious mistake, Lumi watched the removed collar burn before curling up on the rug and sinking into an exhausted rest.

Despite the restrictions of his relationship, Karenon was still looking out for his angelic friend, and a discussion with the Slave Master of Tens led to a bargain: Luminaria was purchased for the bargain price of ten million gold. For the sake of her safety, the angel was now Karenon's property and free from pursuit by Tensians insistant on reclaiming their city's belongings. Naturally, Lumi's hopeful thought that perhaps this meant she belonged to the half-demon/half-celestial was crushed as he delicately made it clear that it was not ownership in the strictest sense of the word.

It did, however, allow Karenon to make a few arrangements as Lumi went about her days with a heavy heart. Speaking with Nathaniel Mirna one afternoon provided the angel the perfect chance to join the White City's ranks and become a proud citizen of Anamchara. Doubly protected now, she still found it necessary to duck and dodge on her hesitant walks beyond the Blackwaters Square. Even with the capture and apparent death of the nightmare Moasai, there were others who would have used her as he had intended to. Collared, no, but the claim of being owned by Karenon kept her out of a pair of scaly hands.

Through Karenon's gentle guidance, the angel found herself employed by the Full House Inn and looking at a series of repayments over five months. How that will work, she isn't sure, but so far she has made hesitant friends with a lovely elf, learned to balance a heavy tray bearing drinks and no longer cries herself to sleep on the rug of the room Karenon rented for her. Point in fact, the work has created a side benefit that she hadn't expected. The human Annar who had found her so interesting before now knew precisely where the angel could be reached, and has been a frequent visitor.

Whether this man will ease her heartache over her misplaced love is yet to be seen, but he has diverted her from her own misery, kept her from foolishly wandering about for possible recapture and has managed to overcome the trauma inflicted by the nightmare. Only Annar can approach the angel's back.

Once More, With FeelingEdit

It was a persistent problem, the angel's broken wings. Her demonic friend, resident of Sigil, the City of Doors, and an exceptional craftsman and arcane scholar, grew increasingly frustrated with the fact that he would spend hours labouring over yet another body for the Throne, only to watch the wings fall limp and lifeless the moment she took possession. As he struggled discover what the issue was, he began teaching her how to use the mutable nature of her physical forms, letting her change her own colouration and sprout fingers and toes after they were severed. Despite all of that, the wings, reattached painlessly again and again, refused to work. Siaxios, formerly known to the Throne as "Shining Blade of One Sun," decided that he'd had enough.

Upon Luminaria's next visit, he explained that the fault had to lie with her and not the bodies he was crafting. Clearly, he had to keep her out of a physical form long enough to discover what the hell was continually breaking the wings of the bodies. While Lumi was uncomfortable with the concept of being mere spirit in a bottle- it was a pretty bottle, at least- she had to agree with his statement that as he crafted each body she wore, she techically belonged to him.

The angel couldn't think of any way to argue with that- he did create every body she occupied- and so she reluctantly agreed, eyeing the blue bottle with anxiety. Returning to Styss, she told Karenon what was going to happen and that it was possible she would be gone for quite some time. The way Siaxios was speaking, the angel thought it would be a mortal lifetime before she returned. If she returned.

Although she couldn't have the kiss she'd so wished for, Lumi was happy at least to see him once more before leaving. An odd impulse that she had no time to examine closely led her to running about the isle in search of her "playmate," Annar and she was distraught when she couldn't find him anywhere before Siaxios summoned her back to Sigil.

She hadn't meant it to be such an argument, but Lumi had discovered that she was more than a little reluctant to be stripped of her physical form and stuffed into a bottle for an indeterminate amount of time. The angel became even more reluctant when Siaxios couldn't guarantee that she'd be back to Styss within a reasonable amount of time. He spoke in years, she wanted days. As the argument mounted, Lumi began threatening to revoke her ignored judgement, to visit upon him the fate that had been his originally. At that last, Siaxios's temper snapped.

Ripping the angel's wings off bodily caused her no small amount of pain, but it was his rage that frightened her. He'd had more than enough, and as Siaxios stomped out of the room to mix a potion that he said she'd drink or else, Luminaria began to wonder if something worse than mere imprisonment wasn't about to happen. Scrabbling about, she found only parchment and ink available. Faced with the possibility of a very real demise, she scribbled a note to the two men who meant more than just a conversation to her. The "I love you" penned was, in truth, to both- one a fading first love, the second a blooming feeling that had grown stronger day by day- and she hid the letter in her clothing when Siaxios returned.

The potion left her nearly mindless, and the abrupt impact after being thrown from the window of his laboratory left her winded. When the angel arose, she recalled nothing save the name of the isle and that there was a building on it in which she was safe. Habit, stronger than conscious thought, drew her to the portal she had always used, and through Blackwaters Rock to the inn where she settled in to wait for... Well, she didn't know what, but she felt that there was someone or something she had to encounter.

The PhysicalEdit


One of the qualities she requested was that her form be somewhat mutable.

The whole concept of a physical body was fascinating to her, and so Luminiaria designed hers with careful attention to detail and considerable thought.

Having observed the Isle of Styss and the usual occupants for quite some time, she noted what was considered normal, what drew attention and what seemed to be utterly, ridiculously cumbersome. With a very specific list, she gave her "friend" her precise instructions for what she wanted in a body.

He delivered.

At a comfortable height of five feet, eight inches, Luminaria's physical form is one of synchronized balance. Symmetry in all things is pleasing to the eye, and there is a fluid grace in her movements to enhance this. Without the willowy limbs or overly muscular form of so many she had observed, Luminaria chose a well-toned and softly fleshed body, curved into the charming hourglass shape she saw exaggerated so often.

Hers is not an exaggeration, but a tribute to the beauty of the female form. From the smooth line of her neck, over her finely hewn collarbone, over the slope of her full breast, along the curving waist and following the swell of her hip, there is only one clean, sweet line of form. Resplendent in a full figure accented by firmly muscled planes, she found this idea of proportionate form enchanting. With that in mind, Luminaria's requests were taken further. The crafter of her body took the interest in equality a step beyond- all of her neatly crafted fingers and toes are of precise and equal length.

Peerless curves, unmarred limbs and classical features are all sheathed by superlative skin. Tactile was a consideration in her list of requests, and her unvarying skin is sleek and feathery to the touch. Holding an opalescent undertone in the ivory coating, her skin variates to compliment whatever scintillating colours she chooses for her eyes and hair. As there are no life lessons to be recalled from the scars they leave, her skin holds no scar and will not. Ink and damage slough off of her with the passing of each night, and she "awakens" renewed each day.

Desiring to have nothing obscure her enjoyment of having a physical form, Luminaria elected to have hair just past her curving shoulders. The incandescent strands shift with each fluttering motion, parting to give her eyes a flirtacious screen to look through before floating back into place behind her charmingly tiny ears. With a clever eye to how women groomed themselves and the fuss involved, she elected to have hair only where she wished it, and therefore avoided any of that annoying fuss about shaving.

Framed by her multi-hued locks is the face that she chose with utmost care. A Throne has little in the way of "looks" to consider, and it was inspiration drawn from the faces she observed garnering the most interesting reactions. A sweetly narrow face, fleshed with softly curving cheeks was her pick. A high forehead softened by wispy bangs smooths down into her finely arched brows, beneath which glow the huge, luminous eyes that she took such care in choosing. Nearly at the brink of "too large" for comfort, her eyes are long and tip-tilted, wide and provide plenty of room for whatever expression she chooses. The irises match her eyes in being nearly "too large," and they fill her gaze with whatever colour she's chosen for the day. A frame of fernlike lashes provide a haze for her to peer through if she wishes to peek about somewhat unobserved, or a fringe for her to attempt that charming pasttime of "flirting." A delicate nose, with a slight downward tilt, creates the refined profile. Her cheekbones give her entire face an upward lift, creating an illusion of happiness even when she finds herself angered, and her mouth tends to remove what little seriousness she can muster. A sublime rosebud of ideal lips flickers and twitches as she smiles and laughs, showing the fascinating dance of a teasing dimple in her creamy cheek. The pertness of her smooth chin adds to the overall bewitching charm of the face she carefully picked.


Although she could not technically be considered an angel, she has not yet become what one would call a demon.

For all of her attention to detail in choosing qualities for her physical form-even the shading of her skin from breast to tip and the length of her nails was discussed- her wings were almost an afterthought. While she could have selected a form without wings- in truth, as a Throne, her wings were more of a functional decoration than of any real use- it was far more enchanting to add wings to a bipedal form and enjoy how they could frame the body in a pleasing backdrop of glimmering feathers. Unable to choose a shade, she asked that they be as mutable as her hair and eyes, and so far, she has been thrilled with what she has as a body.

Luminaria is still learning and experimenting with the idea of clothes. Much like everything else, it utterly enchants her that one can change their outward colouration with a simple change of clothing. The variety of style, fabric and shade has kept her from making many choices, and whatever she does wear- usually in jewel tones of violet, ruby and sapphire to highlight her beloved black- has been carefully considered and picked. Always looking for something new to examine, it's quite common for her to pick and choose aspects of clothing she admires on others and incorporate them into an outfit that may take her weeks to select.

Jewelry isn't much of a concern at this point in time, and while she finds the assortment worn by the inhabitants of the isle to be utterly fascinating, she's not interested enough to choose her own adornments. There is one on her body, and it is the only thing that she didn't personally choose. The agreement made to give her the form culminated in the piercing adorning her hood, concealed by soft folds. A bar of blackish metal tipped with gleaming gems that flicker like dark opals from violet to garnet to sapphire to jet juts from the silky skin. Small enough to remain unobtrusive, she's hardly aware of it save for certain moments, such as when straddling a log.