Maureen's Past:Edit

Maureen has no real racial distinction. She calls herself a mutt, and rightly so.

She is in a constant state of physical pain, as a result of this strange combination of races.

She -never- speaks of her past. She views it with distaste, refusing to acknowledge any thing beyond her father, an incubus by the name of Foebane, and her mother, a nymph by the name of Lhyrique Athaego Tyaeristi. Other than that, she detests speaking of the past, chosing to look instead to the future.

She has been through a lot in the several years she has been an occupant within the isles of Styss. Nominally, she has been a citizen of Tens, though there was a very brief moment where she retreated to Elzigard for personal reasons. She is presently openly married to Aladan Fairchild, AKA Aladan the Amused, and happily so. When asked why, she simply states: '"Love ain't got no distinctions, darlin'. Y'find it where y'find it, an' mah baby-doll has earned tha' love from me."

She is easily excitable, and quick to anger. However, other emotions are often supressed, and usually leads to self destruction. Which in turn leads to more anger.

Maureen's Appearance:Edit

She is short, coming in at five foot six. Her hair is long and reaches past her tailbone. It is crimson red, much like the color of freshly spilled blood. Her eyes are bright, emerald green, and has a penchant for glowing a firey green when she is slightly angry, and firey red when she is very angry. These emerald eyes are framed with thick lashes the same color of her hair. She has a set of horns protruding from her forehead, that are small and delicate, and almost always decorated with a smearing of diamond dust. Coming from her tail bone is a four foot, slender and prehensile length of pale and freckled tail, that ends with a spaded tip.

Her skin is very pale, and decorated with full body freckles. She has a multitude of piercings, the most visual of them being upon her face, where her left eyebrow is pierced with one bone hoop, and one black steel hoop. Her lower lip bears a black steel hoop off to the left hand corner of her lips, and a vertical labret barbell set in the middle, just under the center of her lips. There is a small silver stud just under that, that has a line of three, whispy thin strings of multicolored metal, that dangles from the stud and drapes down her chin slightly. Her tongue is pierced with a black steel industrial barbell. At the back of her neck is a barbell industrial piercing, with glowing sapphire runes etched within the metal, that she very rarely removes. From sternum to navel, when this is bared, three hoops rest in her skin. Made from black steel, and stops just above her belly button, which is also decorated with a black steel hoop that has a dangling emerald hanging from it. At the base of her tail, resides two barbell industrial piercings, beset horizontally and vertically, across from each other, so that it looks like there are four metal studs at the north, south, east, and west points of her tail's base. The spade end of her tail, has two black steel hoops, in the lower points of the 'triangle' spade.

She also has two tattoos. One, is a multi-colored peacock's feather, and begins four inches below her belly button, wrapping around her body once, so that the 'eye' of the feather rests between her shoulder blades. It is colored in blues, reds, greens, yellows and purples. The second tattoo is a pair of black and blue tinted wings, that is over her shoulder blades and down the backs of her arms, so that when she spreads her arms it looks as if the wings are spreading.

On her 'wedding' ring finger, is a ring that seems to change color every time it is viewed. This is her wedding ring to signify her open marriage to Aladan Fairchild.

She speaks in a southern belle like accent, that is mingled slightly with a cruder, almost 'ghetto' sort of dialect that is near indistinguishable.

She carries the distinct smell of warm, sweet vanilla sugar, that often is left in her wake.

Maureen's Family:Edit

Parents: Foebane, Lhyrique Athaego Tyaeristi

Daughters: Shyleigh Lilith Sotomayor, Tia'dela Sotomayor-Nasharii. (Twin to Nethvim.)

Sons: Nethvim Sotomayor-Nasharii (Twin to Tia'dela.), Visc'Saun Tyrael Sotomayor, Lysander Patrick Sotomayor(Adopted.), Averill Cynric Swift.

Grandchildren: Kraven Sotomayor and Kristian Sotomayor (Twins.)

Siblings: Caeryne Sotomayor (Sister.), Faraday Sotomayor (Sister.)