Mirilinne Gildanon
Into forever and beyond
Character Information
Race: Sunelf (Mothers side, her father Star elf but Mirilinne most resembles the Sunelf inheritage)
Height: 140 cm or 4.6 feet
Hair: Chestnut red.
Eyes: Mixed green, brown and gold.
Classes: Archer
Weapon(s): The Rose
Faction: Tens
Former Title: Slave Keeper, Vizier, Chief of City Security and Fort Defense.
Origins: Born in Candlekeep
Languages: Elven, Common and Draconic.

Played by: Sannive

Mirilinne GildanonEdit

A fiery redhaired elven woman with a colourful history, hated and loved. Darkness follows this elven woman just like her own shadow always have.


She looks tiny and fagile even for an elf, her slender figure and the small fingers, all seems far to easy to break. Her lips softly pink and in proportion to her delicate features of her face. Her waist narrow and can easily be fitted into the grip of a mans hands. Her chest in harmony with the rest of her small frame.Her neck is fairly long and graceful and her skin is porslinpale but her cheeks is often painted with a rosey blush that bring more colour to her eyes. Her eyes are the most significant of her features, very large with a striking mix of green and brown, swirling together and covered with golden spots that seem to reflect fire and sunlight. Her hair falls down over her shoulders in long silky waves that ends with small curls just above her waist, the color deep chestnut red and if it rains small locks curls up around her face.



Mirilinne was brought up in a golden cage by her parents, taught to be a refined lady. Her father was the High Judge of the town, known for his high morals and that he was impossible to corrupt or bribe, he taught his daughter to be proud and stand for her ideals and never to give in to bribes or blackmail. Her mother a Lady from the high society who lived by the rule that perfection isn't something you can have, you have to strive to achieve it always and she taught her daughter to always keep trying to be more perfect. The young Mirilinne was forced to entertain her parents dinner parties and she learned how to dance and sing, playing the harp and writing poems from a very early age. She was known by the society as the Golden Bird. The romantic minded Mirilinne lived her life and let dreams of adventure and thrill stay as dreams only to inspire her poems and songs. At one point she did take down the family heirloom, a bow named The Rose and in secret she practised shooting down apples while sitting in her window high above the ground. At the time she didn't mind her life until she found out that her parents intended to marry her off in order for the house to gain more power. She fled and learned soon that perhaps the golden cage wasn't so bad after all.

The CurseEdit


Upon finding out her parents plans for her, the young maiden panicked. She couldn't possibly see herself caged to a marriage to a man she didn't love and the very same night, she took the bow and a few pieces of jewelry with her and ran. Having lived the sheltered life she had no idea what she was heading in for and soon she found herself in worse troubles than a possible marriage to the man her parents had picked for her. One evening at a road inn a man made his approach but was fiercly denied by the young elven woman. The man, a wizard by the name Tantaris, didn't take no for an answer and during the night he took what he wanted by force and when done he put upon her a curse that from now on, any man who touched her with the longing of desire she would crave with a fire matching the colour of her hair. As the morning came, Mirilinne took one of her arrows and killed the man with one stab through the eye and thus, her journey begun.

The Island of Styss


Her life became hard and followed sadness and tragedy, she fled from any touch and hated what she had become. She tried many times to have her curse lifted only to learn that it was too powerful and the mage still had his grip around her even after his death. Mirilinne kept running until she came to Argannon, there she met the elf Vindel and for the first time she fell in love and desided to stay however due to the curse, Vindel left her side and she found herself drifting again. Ending up in the arms of Kyle Harovak she hoped that perhaps now she could settle but when she became pregnant with his child she learned that he was already engaged to another woman and soon after, he left the island.

(See Shortstory; Destruction of a Heart)



Her love for Kyle took her to Tens, and there she had her daughter Kaylin. The birth was hard and she wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for the Duke Ambrosi and his slave, who with their cleric powers could save both the mother and childs life. After this she married Cassius Cervantes and he took the child as his own. Even if Mirilinne truly loved her daughter and her husband it was Tens became her obsession and passion. Striving to find something to fill the hole in her life that the Curse still provided she struggled to come to the top and ended up as the mistress to the Duke Ambrosi of Tens and with that she became a military officer and placed in charge of Fort Defense. The price to achieve what she thought she wanted became high as Cassius demanded her to chose him or Tens she chose the later. On the shores of Argannon she cold heartedly stabbed the man with his own blade and he bled to death in her arms. She burried him off on an island out in the archipelagio and to anyone who asked, including her own daughter, she fiercly kept to a lie that he has simly just left the island. This caused a huge rift between her and Kaylin that was never fully mended, not even after Kaylin managed to retrieve her father. Mirilinnes love was dead and her daughter hated her but at this point she was too far gone to care.
When the Duke was driven from the island he first brought her with him however, she came to return to Styss together with Thoril Lazaroth who she had taken up as her brother. Once more she found herself lost and after a few years in the shadow but still keeping the office of the SlaveKeeper she remarried the dreaded linnorm Cenoteph and by him she had two children. Dawn and Dwier Dahaki. This marriage has led to her connection to the House of Dahaki. The linnorms powers were enough to finally break the Curse that kept ruining her life and at last life was good. The odd marriage stayed stable and strong for a few more years then without an explanation she left her husband, but she continued her work as the Slavekeeper of Tens. Her post kept her close to the leaders of Tens and soon she was appointed Vizier to the appointed king Zahle Undt and soon after that, she married him.

Anamchara and cursed againEdit


She started to fade more, letting Zahle be the one to take the center of attention and when he fell into disfavor of the leaders of Tens she did something highly unlikely for anyone who knows her, she left Tens with him.
After a time in Anamchara the couple and their mutual slave Tara came to the conclusion that the city was driving them both insane and they started to work on returning to the beloved Tens however, in order to do that they were requiered to bring a trophy from Anamchara. Unaware of what would happen, they saw too that a special sword was stolen and they brought it to Tens but the effect of that was devastating both to Tens and to themselves. Madness spread like wildfire from the sword and even if the Tensiens finally managed to return the sword to Anamchara and the curse was lifted, Mirilinne never truly recovered. Her daughter Kaylin who turned out to be strong in her magic has a theory that the curse from the blade took the permanent damage to Mirilinne because of the scars left from the previous curse and most likely, Mirilinne will never recover.
Partially lost into her madness she has in many ways returned to the Mirilinne her parents brought her up to be. Lost is the warrior and instead of bowstrings she now favours the strings of the harp instead.
Despite this, she seems quite happy and her husband who are still at her side, doesn't seem to mind his wife and her change.

As time goes by the fractured Mirilinne keeps living on but as her husband and Tara one day simply doesn't return from a trip she begins to move on. She makes the desition to return to Candlekeep and her parents, to live the life of the noble as her parents ment for her but on the way the carriage is attacked and Mirilinne abducted. No one has seen her since. The rumours say that it was Cenoteph doing the attack and it hasn't been denied by Dawn but it becomes curious when Cenoteph awakes from his slumber and lets the Dahaki know that Mirilinne is long gone.

A little sidenote and perhaps a bit of an odd thing is that Mirilinne seem to have fully accepted the woman Elinara as her daughter even know that all who knows the family is quite aware that Mirilinne never gave birth to her.