Mephistopheles was supposedly killed by a large Elzigard force rumored to of been led by Skellos Somersail, but later re-appeared in disguise as the distinguished noble "Nasher". Nasher was by default, the supreme Tyrant of the Isle again, his immense army of elite foreign soldiers dictating nearly everything done in the three kingdoms; Anamchara, Elzigard and Tens. Kings were stripped of their titles to the minor role of Duke, and resources were docked if cities didn't pay proper respect.

After a scuffle between a group of Tensians and Argonnan guards which resulted in the killing of the guards in broad day light, King Nasher was furious, launching an investigation and vowing to hunt down those responsible. It was at that time that Brocard, newly appointed Duke by the people of Tens, defied Nasher's Tyrannical rule and restored the title of king upon himself, declaring war on Nasher and Argannon. A secretive council was called between Queen Paige Banshee of Elzigard and Corin Fellswick of Anamchara at the Argonnan inn, to discuss whether they would assist Tens or side with Nasher in the war. Disguised as Argannon guards, the King of Tens and a small force of Tensian infiltrated the meeting and attempted to implore the other cities to join them in the fight against Nasher. After much heated arguement, Corin Fellswick and Paige decided to side with Nasher, and the meeting was ended with a furious Brocard storming out.

Trade and resources was soon cut off to Tens from Nasher, for he intended to starve the Tensians into submission. Golems and soldiers were placed on the roads leading to Argannon to stop any Tensian from entering the city. But with the Tensian army at full strength, and a swift alliance with the foreign lord Evarius and his gigantic dragon, Tens was ready for war. Argannon was sieged on practically all sides, the dragon and Evarius's navy attacked from the sea, while Brocard and his army cut a path straight through the city gates and its unexpecting guards, sacking the city and setting buildings on fire, while Nasher, Corin Fellswick and Paige Banshees armies converged at the crossroads to battle more of Elvarius's troops.

While the battle raged in the crossroads, Tens planned to catch them unaware, however Elvarius was quick to turn on Tens as well. A three way battle ensued, where only Anamchara, Elzigard and Tens remained.


Coming together after much fighting, Brocard again attempted to implore Corin and Paige to join his side against Nasher. Queen Paige opted to back away with her troops, wanting nothing more to do with the battle. However the Paladin Corin remained true to the belief that he was on the side of good. He and his few soldiers stood alone and bravely against the Tensian army as it overwhelmed them. Impressed by such bravery, Brocard ordered Corin's body be carried underground to the warrens with the rest of the survivors while the realm was split in two by the explosion of the fire gem shards.

Nasher revealed himself as the demon lord Mephistopheles before his death with Elvarius, and Corin and Brocard were said to have a great respect for each other after the war.