Played by Sankarul.

Norfin Luelitte is most likely the thinnest little elf on the island, of the males at least, and probably the most weak-looking creature there too.

The NorfinEdit

Thinking of himself as the most awesome creature ever seen, he might just be that! Because, he's just awesome, that lil' elf with his two golden teeth and the two lacking fingers on his right hand. He's a normal elf, no devil stuff or anything on this guy, and he's quite old, at least he says he is, even though he looks like he's just around a hundred and fifty years old.

During his stay on Styss, Norfin has been quite a lot, at least some would say that. He first stayed with Elzigard, became a lieutenant and then their 'king', or well, just their leader for a round. After that, he left the place for reasons unknown (to some!) just to join Anamchara and become the Archmage there. Of course, that's not all he has done, but that'd be the more notable things.

His pastEdit

Most people don't know anything about what Norfin had done before he came to Styss, and the few that do don't know much about it at all. The few things he tends to say about his past, according to him four hundred years, would be that he grew up without his real parents and that he learned how to become a sorcerer mostly on his own and with a little bit of help from some kind of a group that he never mentions much about. Also at times one might hear him mention him chasing goblins through caves for villagers during his travelling, and some ranger who took care of him while he was young. Other than that, there's not much he has mentioned and only few actually know this much, and even fewer know more.