Slave Master by Venlian

Slaves in the PastEdit

There used to be different catagories that the slaves of Tens were devided in after examination and training of the Slavekeeper. Depending on skill a slave could be given one or more classifications to make it easy for buyers to find what they were looking for, or if a citizen wished to use a specific kind of city slave their requests would easily be met. Today these classifications has been disposted of however, the information is still to be found among the old scrolls and papers

City SlaveEdit

Tens City Slave

The Tensien slave pits are full of City Slaves that are for various use and purpose. Some are pure workers, some warriors and others are used by the public in various ways. A City Slave can fit into any of the other categories the only difference is that they're not owned by a master or mistress, instead they are under the influence and mercy of the Slave Keeper. However they can be sold at any moment if they would fit into the need of a potential buyer.

Warrior SlaveEdit

Tens Warrior Slave

A slave highly capable of being the Warzone to fight for Tens. Usually they belong to warrior families and naturally they are given permission to go on the fields, sometimes alone, to represent the House in battle. However if alone in the warzone, the slave must abide the orders given by present officer. It is the owners responsibility to provide the slave with equipment. This type of slave is usually bought by an owner that wishes a shadow to make their own success in the Warzone better and more glorious, a completly loyal and dependable asset that is just as effective as a second weapon.

Concubine SlaveEdit

Tens Concubine Slave

A slave devoted and trained in pleasure but this doesn't neccesseraly mean that they're only used for sex, only that they know how to please and serve giving baths, preparing good food, giving massages. The owner of this type of slave enjoys the leasures of life and wants someone to pamper and please them at all times. The owner might use the slave for physical pleasure but enjoys the feel of the slave enjoying it and wants it to respond with pleasure.

Gratifier SlaveEdit

Tens Gratifier Slave

A slave that is harder trained in submission than the Concubine and is well knowledged in how o satisfy the hunger and desires of the owner, specially when it comes to sex. The owner of this type of slave is usually one that enjoys being a Dominant and knows the ways of a Slavemaster/Mistress. It is quite common that bondage and sadistic methods are used but never to the extent that lowers the value of the slave or leaves permanent damage.

Bloodior SlaveEdit

Tensien Bloodier Slave

A titel only given to a slave after the consent of the Keeper. This type of slave is used for pure torture and humiliation. It is almost exclusivly used by true sadists, inquisitors in training and those that take great pleasure inflicting True Pain upon others. The owners to these slaves are into the darkest and most destructive of desires and they don't hesitate to bring permanent damage to the slave and the more the slave screams, the more excited the owner gets. The Bloodiors are specially trained for this kind of tasks and are very rare to find as the value of them tend to decrease with the marks and scarring but on the other side of hte coin, the value increases the more pain the slave can handle before passing out.