Pariah Cathedral

The Pariah Cathedral has its entrence located through great doors found in Nasher's Park and is a place filled with secrets and portals that can take the unexpecting explorer to different places within the cathedral as well as to different plains such as The Blood Plains. The Cathedral in itself was founded by Vincent Ardross and his tomb was located in The Catacombs beneath the cathedral. These very catacombs were the location wherethe citizens of Styss first awoke the Overlord however with the destruction of the Overlord and the big shift in the earth that followed the catacombs were destroyed. This place has been known for vampires, assorted undeads, used as a residence, and as Ta'hyen Nyarr describes it some other "not so nice things". The Cathedral used to be linked to Argannon through a passageway however the entrence and corridor leading between the two was destroyed when the Overlord fell. Within the old Catherdal there are a magic transport to Bloodplains.