Played by lilflower

Quote: "Someone this gorgeous can't possibly be anything more than a vapid slut."


Brachina (devil)






Rich Chestnut with reddish highlights


Clear, bright blue (usually)




Warden of Elzigard, Advisor to the Crown

Former titles: Jailer; Slavemistress; Commander; all of Elzigard


Drow, Infernal, Common, Thieves Cant, Elven

Physical Description Edit

This slight woman moves with an easy confidence, her cerulean blue eyes focused and wont to drift openly from person to person in direct curiousity. She seems friendly in most cases, usually open to a conversation and given to touching those she interacts with. Her fearless personality doesn't seem to take into account her stature, the female standing at a dimunitive 4'6", though her height is usually enhanced with a healthy set of high heels when she chooses to wear shoes.

Her curves are healthy and womanly, though proportionate for her height, perhaps an oddity for her surroundings. Her face is finely featured, beyond the standard of beauty in most eyes, with warm, flawless golden skin that sets off the bright blue that normally characterizes her large eyes. Dark lashes frame her eyes, further setting off the almost startling contrast of their color, her wide mouth enhanced with a red stain that looks more natural than cosmetic and almost always curled into a mischievous grin. Her hair is a rich chestnut, falling in luxuriant silky straight shine to the middle of her back, soft red highlights occassionally flaring through the deep brown in the light.

Her once soft body is now toned with exercise, though the inviting curves are never marred by too much definition for whatever reason, her form always seeming more suited to idle pleasures than hard work. Her left thigh is adorned with a tattoo in soft greens and blues, covering from knee to hip with the stylized depiction of a tree, it's roots entwined with it's branches. If seen disrobed, two piercings would be evident, a delicate golden hoop fixed closed with an emerald at her left nipple and another hoop fixed at the top of her sex. Her slight form is generally shown off with finely made clothing, though she's given to showing more skin than cloth, the clothing cut to the bare minimum as if made more to draw attention to the bare skin than the outfit itself.

History Edit

What is known about the diminutive woman, if information is sought, might seem to be contradictory and confusing. From her own mouth she is heard to say that she is a vapid and pretty slut, as often disputing claims that she is demon or tiefling as she simply laughs at them. Not many, if anyone, on Styss actually knows this females real history and background, perhaps not even she herself.

What could come up as common knowledge is the fact that most of her formative years were spent in a home outside of Elzigard, with her mother, grandmother and two siblings. One of a set of triplets, her sister Mimi was a fixture in Styss for many years as well, a brother Ice, a bard, also known to be traveling in his work though it's rumored that he spends his time in Faerun. Also fairly easy to find out, though laced also with reports of a tiefling background, are the nature of her heritage. The more detailed rumor might be heard to say that Pipsy is a brachina, descended from a family of brachina active on Styss. Further rumor would speak of possible estrangement from this family due to a difference in methodology or unwillingness to follow the strict code set down by her mother and grandmother..though again, these rumors are also balanced by other tales and could only be confirmed by certain sources.

If further information about the diminutive woman were sought, some people might speak of her at times sweet and friendly nature, her tendency toward strong flares of temper, her fierce loyalty to certain people within the isle. It might be heard of her brush with death at one point, though the details of this are sketchy at best, only known as a period of great lethargy and laziness. A tempestous relationship with another of Styss's regular residents, Sebastian Chevalier, is fairly well known, as well as the scandolous circumstances of their break-up. Also well known is her loyalty to Sytss's resident scoundrel, Nevar, as well as her best friend his sister Sylatria and her paladin husband Crisavek. Also unswerving and well known is her affection and fierce protection of a feline rogue known to her as Shadow, and a tiefling known as Nyx, as well as friendships with many other common styssian residents. Her affiliation and loyalty to Elzigard is without question, having held several positions within her time active within the city, currently as the Warden and an advisor to the crown.