IMPORTANT TO NOTE: These rules are set down by the DM team, and this article is simply a copy of those rules. Last updated here: 06-26-2011.


Wait Timer - Styss has a minimum wait period before entering the Warzone of 15 Minutes from the moment you log into the game. The server will notify you when these 15 minutes has passed. If you have crashed and immediately log back in, you may re-enter the warzone.

Faction Parties - When within the Warzone, you cannot be in the party of a city that you lack the faction stone for. This is to say that an Anamcharan participating in the Warzone, cannot be in the Elzigardian or Tensian parties. You must be in YOUR faction party within the WZ to prevent confusion.

Creature Size - No creatures smaller than a Halfling, or larger than a Balor, are to enter the Warzone, this is due to being unable to be clicked, or to click around, respectively.

Leaving the Warzone - If you leave the Warzone during combat you MUST wait 15 minutes before re-entering again. Leaving the Warzone includes entering the War Tunnels, Respawing, and Porting out. If you do such during combat, it is expected that you will not renter for a minimum of 15 minutes. If you exit the Warzone during inactive times with no combat, you are free to renter without waiting on a timer.


Initiating Combat - Your choice of words can be seen as hostile actions, so can buffing in preparation for combat. Be careful on the ‘choice of words’ front – make sure the choice of words is really a hostile threat before engaging in PvP. Hostile threats do not include comments such as; “you smell funny”, and the like.

Whirlwind Attack - Avoid using this attack in the Warzone. It has the potential to bug your character and prevent attacks or further actions. This bug is directly linked to Linux based servers, as Styss is, so the bug was not resolved with the patch fix.

Traps - Limitation of 5 traps per area, and are not to be placed on transitions or gates. Same applies for AoE spells.

Timestop - Under the effect of Timestop, no physical attacks are to occur including melee and ranged attacks, as well as touch-attack spells or spell like abilities. Physical contact would also include Timestopping to open/close gates to reset them.

Transitions - Give people time to load in from a transition before attacking them - not everyone has fast computers.

No Shift-Locking - The practice of shifting into a form with True Seeing, spotting them, and then de-shifting again to attack them is prohibited.

No Taunt-Chasing - The practice of targeting taunt on a hidden or sanctuaried opponent to chase them is prohibited.

No Spirit Form Ranged Combat - Until further notice, Spirit Forms are not permitted to utilize ranged weapons such as bows and throwing weapons.

No Transition Hopping - When entering an area, you must spend enough time within that area to perform one complete lap before returning to the zone you just left. This rule also applies to Rune Stones.

No WASD Abuse - Utilizing the Movement Keys to break enemy attacks (such as backstepping) is forbidden. This also includes using the WASD keys to fire a ranged weapon without stopping or providing opportunity for counter attack.

No Counterspell Exploiting - Abusing the Counterspell mechanics to break spell cycles, or to mass-cast spells is prohibited, as are any other spell-related exploits of NWN mechanics.

No Unhostiling - You are not to unhostile any player at any point while within the Warzone. If you need to rest, get beyond the 'hostiles nearby' range to rest


Carrying - Fire Gems must be held for no longer than is necessary to return them to your own vault safely. Withholding gems to protect them or to deny them from the enemy is prohibited. You are limited to 15 mins of holding the gems. Holding them longer than this is considered excessive.

No Picking Up Already-Held Gems - Do not pick up gems from your own Gem Vault to protect them. Do no relocate gems already owned to keep them from attacking factions. By no means should Gems ever be removed from the Warzone. If a player crashes and relogs, allow the char to have the gem back.

Gate Bashing - The Gates are only to be attacked by physical attacks, or instantaneous effects - no duration effects such as Combust, Blade Barrier, or Melf's Acid Arrow are to be performed on the gates. Likewise, death effects such as Arcane Archer Death Arrow, and Finger of Death, are not to be used as it may break the gates permanently. Also included is Black Blade of Disaster.

No Gate Cycling - Opening & Closing the gate repeatedly once it has been bashed is prohibited. Wait until it can be locked.

No Gate Tapping - Any attack upon the gates is to be considered an effort to breach them unless enemy forces actively drive you off. Tapping the gates (only hitting them once or twice) for the purposes of breaking alarms is prohibited.


No Corpse Camping - Do not 'camp' over corpses in effort to keep them from being raised or to jump them straight after being raised.

No Corpse Hiding - Casting Invisibility or Improved Invisibility on corpses to make them difficult to resurrect is prohibited.

No Resurrection-Killing - Opponents must be given one action or three full seconds of running once being raised, before attacking them. 'Spawn Killing' upon their resurrection is prohibited.

Binding Your Enemy - To bind an enemy, you must first empty both your main-hand and your offhand weapon slots (including bows, staves, swords, shields, books, and anything else that may occupy these slots). Your emote must be, at minimum, one small paragraph (3 lines). This is to include the notation that you are kneeling/leaning down to bind, that you are taking their weapons, if you are searching for spares, how you are binding them, and a description or the name of the one being disarmed. You must remain visible, stationary, and within reasonable distance throughout the entire post and for a few moments after the post for it to be considered valid. IF YOU FEEL A BIND IS INVAILID, DO NOT IGNORE. SS and send in the report so it can be reviewed by the DM Team.

Conditions Affecting Binding & Interruptions - If you are attacked while binding, you may continue as long as you do not die, or suffer a status effect that either impairs your mobility (Such as Knockdown, Bigby's Grasping Hand) or cognitive ability (Such as Daze, Stun, Confusion, Domination). Suffice - if you cannot act in absolute freedom mechanically in the game engine (including the ability to attack and move), you cannot bind. Performing any action, including equipping an item or casting a spell, will interrupt a bind and require you to start over. Timestop also interrupts bindings.

Non-Humanoid Creatures & Binding - To bind an opponent you must be in a form that is physically capable of doing so, such as possessing opposable thumbs (paws do not count). Lacking these, you may bind if you can present an entertaining and logical means of doing so - such as a spider utilizing webbing. Spirit Forms are prohibited from binding.

No Pre-typing or Macro'ing - All binding emotes must be typed at the time of the binding, and must be written in their entirety while the character is visible. Typing your emote, appearing from stealth, and hitting enter is a violation of this rule - as is having your emotes pre-typed to copy/paste from an external source.

When Disarmed - A Disarmed character is not to utilize the weapons they have been stripped of. If the binding or disarming emote did not note that the character was searched, you may utilize a spare weapon if you possess one - expect to be asked to prove the existence of multiple weapons if you do this. All characters can be disarmed - there are no weapons or equipment on Styss that cannot be taken from you forcefully.

When Bound - A bound character is unable to utilize potions, wands, scrolls, weapons, or other hand-manipulated tools. If the character possesses Still Spell and has not been gagged, they may still cast spells utilizing the Still Spell feat. Even with Silent Spell as well, a Gagged & Bound character cannot cast spells. If ankles have been bound, ask your captor if you are able to move. All characters can be bound - there are no races or creatures on Styss that cannot be physically restrained.

Escaping your Binds - With permission from the person whom bound you, you may attempt to slip from your binds with a Strength or Dexterity roll. The default DC for this is 25. Allies can freely attempt to remove your binds from you if they are capable of doing so. Otherwise, you must return to your fort - and assuming you are unaided, you must utilize a DC 25 Strength or Dexterity check to escape your binds. This, alongside rearming, takes a total of 5 minutes within your own fortification.

Raising your Opponents - Once bound, raise your opponents when you can, to permit them to return to playing the game. It is the killers' responsibility to ensure that all killed opponents are resurrected.

Abandoned Corpses / Captives - If captured or bound and disarmed and left somewhere without any roleplay or interaction for fifteen minutes, you are allowed to teleport or respawn out of the warzone. You do not have to wait an additional fifteen minutes before returning to the warzone.

Prisoners of War - You cannot redlight being captured in the warzone (however you may still redlight sexual or graphic content occurring while captured). You are not permitted to take Prisoners of War from the warzone, or force them to portal out from the warzone, without explicit Out of Character Consent.

No Talking Corpses - The Dead Tell No Tales. You may emote your character's condition in death or emote signs when you can be raised but corpses do not talk. Also try to limit OOC usage when dead as to not clutter the chat. If you need to contact your party of a specific person, use tells or party. No using emotes while dead to OOC'ly bash those that defeated you.

Timestop to Disarm or Bind - This falls under the ruling of no physical actions while casting timestop. You cannot timestop in order to bind/disarm/or otherwise incapacitate another PC.


Tempers - Keep your temper in check. If you find yourself getting angry or frustrated over a PvP situation, then leave the warzone and give yourself time to cool off. This is for Fun & Roleplay - The PvP experience on Styss is supposed to be a catalyst for roleplay, and is about having fun. We are not an arena server. This is not a ‘win at all cost’ OOC grudge match. Players that insist on perpetuating this type of behaviour will be asked to play elsewhere.

Griefing - There will be no griefing of other players. The warzone is meant to add to your enjoyment and causing others grief will not be tolerated. This includes and extends to bragging about a victory or complaining about a loss to excessive amounts.

Karmic Ruling - Understand that we utilize Karmic Ruling for the Warzone - which is to say that if you rape an enemy character, you cannot redlight the consequences.

Glitching & Exploiting - Utilizing unlisted glitches and exploits within the warzone, irrespective of being directly noted here, is prohibited. Do not use cheats or mechanically broken systems to get ahead.

Rule Breaking - If you feel a rule was broken, please send screenshots to – we will not be able to act upon it unless we witnessed it or we have screenshots.

Tempers - Keep your temper in check. If you find yourself getting angry or frustrated over a PvP situation, then leave the warzone and give yourself time to cool off.