Gender: Female

Height: Six foot tall exactly

Race: Half Celestial

Age: Physcally appears to be of late teenage years , entering early adult hood.

Eyes: Her eyes are amber liquid in colour, though they can darken or lighten depending on her mood. They are wide and large but though they hint at innocence they also show wisdom, understanding and age beyond what she physically appears. Though at times and mostly only briefly if her anger starts to rise or she is in battle a different look can be seen in them, a wild, barbaric streak seems to be within her nature.

Hair: Her hair is extremely long, thick and well cared for. If some one gets close enough and she is not wearing a hood or helmet they may be able to pick up the scent of sunflowers. Her hair is always worn loose and free if not out of side from her attire. Her hair like her eyes is golden of colour and she finds small frustrations when she is referred to as "blindie." the strands vary from light to darker shades of golden hues.

Mouth: Her lips are just a shade or two darker than her skin. Her lower lip is slightly fuller than her upper , giving a impression of a pout or a seductive nature though it disappears when she smiles giving a warm natured, caring expression. unless of course she becomes angry.

Skin: Her skin is tanned yet gives a creamy hint. Her skin is soft to the touch but almost always covered up when out and about.

Build: A some what broad build to go along with her tall body though her legs and arms are well toned and muscled showing she has no fear of physical labour.

Voice: Once she had a secudtive tone of voice in younger years, now it has become quieter yet firmer, her voice at times can be hypnotic especially when she tries to draw people out of their shells.

Her Nature

Quiet, observant, mature but out spoken by nature Rhiannon more often than not tells it as she see's it, no matter what or to who.

When she was younger she followed the rules by the book but now she has become a more chaotic but none the less good of heart and deed though perhaps now the rules have become less important as long as it is the right thing being done.

She tends to have a at times strange humour that she only shows to those that becomes friends she is also very loyal and will give any one she meets a chance to prove them selves, no matter the race, gender or even rumours she may of heard of them.

Since her return to Styss and after taking on the roles of Inquisitor, Senior Inquistor and currently holding the role of Judge Rhiannon has learned to temper her out spoken nature. She now keeps most of her thoughts, opinions and feelings to herself. She observes and listens to much, sometimes finding out far more than she would wish to.

Though open and warm to all she is seemingly quite distant, sometimes even cold or emotionless having learned to hide any tell tale signs of the strong feelings within.

Any that would truly get to know the woman beyond her ranking would certainly now find a very different person within though this is generally only shown to those that have gained her trust, loyalty and affections.

Rhiannon's see's Anamchara as her home from home of Mount Celestia even perhaps finding it more of a home than Mount Celestia ever was.

Her loyalty to the city extends to all of it's people trying to keep them from harm or should they be in danger tries to prevent harm coming to them even at risk of her own life.

Abilities Beyond the abilities she has been training in, since she can remember she only has one and that she tries to keep to herself and that is the ability of telepathy.

Roles within Anamchara

During Rhiannons first time within Styss she had become albeit it briefly before her unforseen departure Justice of the Peace.

Within a short time of her return to Styss Rhiannon was rather quickly promoted to Inquisitor, then after a time to Senior Inquisitor and eventually and until now as Judge of Anamchara.

Within each of these roles she has found both blessings and cursings that can heighten or lessen the privilage of being given such ranks.

At times the ranks have brought her physical , emotional and spiritual challenges needing overcoming to remain sane and able to do her job without stepping away from her path.


Rhiannon travelled the lands of Styss once before approximatly eight years before her return. Rhiannon speaks extremely little to most of the reasons behind why she had to leave or what happened during her time away. Though any that may remember Rhiannon of before is rather different to the one now. Obviously something happening to have changed her forever. Only a few have gained her trust to know of that section of her darker natured past.

~All actions have consequences~