IMPORTANT TO NOTE: These rules are set down by the DM team, and this article is simply a copy of those rules. Last updated here: 03-12-2010.

If you do not think you can follow these rules to a T, please take a submissive collar, not a slave collar

Slave - 1. A person held in servitude as chattel to another person. 2. One that is completely subservient to a dominating influence.

Once a Slave Always a Slave. You will forever be branded a slave unless you gain audience with the Slave Mistress and are given a seal over the brand. This will require explicit reasoning.[Note until 2.0 the Slave Mistress for the City will need DM assistance.

Purchasing a SlaveEdit

  • Must be a legal citizen.
  • Must not be a slave or former slave themselves.
  • Must be able to keep said slave in line and train them sufficiently enough to not be a problem to the cities.
  • Must have a steady income and be able to provide basic sustenance, clothing and housing for their slave.
  • One slave per Master/Mistress unless it is proven they will be able to provide time and care for each one for the most basic of needs.

Notice - OOC rule. You MUST be willing to be online and RPing with your slave in order to purchase one. We will not tolerate an inattentive person buying slaves for the mere fact of 'having one'.

Keeping a SlaveEdit

  • One must always provide the most basic meals, clothing and housing for their slave.

-- This means they must have three meals a day, enough clothing to keep them warm in the winter time, or protective gear in case of violence (albeit it's punishment), and adequate housing against the elements.

  • Training the slave must at least consist of :

--- Proper etiquette of speaking and positions when in the presence of Free persons.

--- Training of the laws of the land and the permissions they may earn. (i.e. traveling unattended, fighting in place of their Master/Mistress in the war, etc. etc.)

--- Following the rules of the city/kingdom they will be slave citizens of.

  • Proper punishments must be taught and basic knowledge of repercussions instilled upon the slave.
  • Register slave with the Slave Mistress

- Name - Age - Height - Weight - Hair/Eye Color - Distinguishing marks. (aka tattoos/scars/piercings) - Permissions (Traveling/WZ Attendance/Purchasing/etc.) - Training (i.e Pleasure/domestic/Concubine/Gratifier etc.)

Playing a SlaveEdit

By playing a slave, you agree and consent to all things that happen to your PC, albeit redlights. You 'must' be registered up to date with the Slave Mistress if you are not currently owned. Otherwise the Master/Mistress must register you.

This means:

  • Name
  • Race
  • Profession/Training (whether pleasure slave/warrior/concubine and classes the latter is OOC)
  • Any distinguishing marks.
  • Any allergies. (Bees/snakes/etc.)
  • OOC Redlights/Greenlights/Yellowlights
  • Whether you prefer Master/Mistress or both (OOCly)

Slave Punishments [IC] - City Owned/Ownerless

  • -Failure to produce papers - Twenty Lashes [Public]
  • -Disrespect/Insubordination of Citizens - Thirty Lashes [Public] Offendee given the option of gaining use of slave for their own thrills/needs.
  • -Law Breaks within the City - Public Incarceration in a cage. If more than one offense - Stoning and possible sentencing in the mines for subsequent years. Please note the King/Leader may override this and deem it punishable by Death. [Depending on the Law]
  • -Attempt/Murder of Citizen - Trial by superiors - Possible Death.
    -- If the King is attacked/murdered please note an auto-execution warrant shall be issued for the slave.

Note : If the Master/Mistress is found to be involved/leading/forcing the slave to commit these crimes, he or she will be forced to gain the same punishments.

OOC Slave/Master LawsEdit

  • By accepting the collar OOCly for your PC in game, you agree to any and all rules regarding the sanctity of a Master/Mistress/Slave RP.
  • Please note that you may take a submission collar which is not as permanent as a Slave collar. Also.. it is easier and less of a hassle (not to mention more fun) to just RP the collar.
  • As the beginning of the rules state : Once a slave, always a slave. This remains in place even if the person is sold. It will continue to do so until/if the Slave Mistress deems the person is not slave material, or if it was a collaring that was -illegal-.
  • If the Master/Mistress/Slave is gone for more than a period of thirty [30] days OOCly, the slave is automatically in care of the Slave Mistress [if master is gone]. The Master is allowed [should the slave be gone for same period as above] to give/sell his slave to the Slave Mistress, and should they come back, have the option to buy back the slave if it is so wished.
  • Slaves may NOT carry their own control wand. This negates the fact that they are a slave if they have control over their own property.
  • With that said, Slaves ARE property. They are not allowed to own items/houses/slaves save for the ones that their Master/Mistress deems they can carry in -their- name. They may not hold positions of power within the cities. Removing a collar (or RPing it) to allow a slave that has not been deemed free of servitude is punishable both IC and OOC.
  • If any person (playing slave or Master/Mistress regardless) are found to be abusing any of these rules, proper punishment will ensue.
    ----- This can lead to : Jail Time, Loss of Slave, Loss of ability to collar slaves (RP or item), and much more.

The Desciptions of the Slave Papers Edit

Permission to be used: A slave holding such papers is allowed to offer his/her services, be them of sexual or menial nature, to others at his/her owners discretion. Those seeking to make use of the slaves services are -required- to ask for these papers in advance and not employ the service of a slave unable to show them, lest the owner may hold them accountable and demand financial retribution for the service taken from his property. Which services the slave may offer, and to whom, lies entirely at the owners discretion. Any slaves found to offer their services without such papers are to be fined 500.000 for fraud by the respective citys officials. The fine is to be payed by the owner.

Permission to represent owner in Combat: A slave holder granting his/her slave these papers allows her hereby to enter the warzone and battle against rival citys for his interests. By giving out this permission, the owner will also abdicate of any retribution for even heavy damage and injuries his property might substain during such battles. However, outside the regular battles, even if the slave has been taken prisoner, No physical or mental torture may be inflicted upon them. The slaves are to be handed out at the owners request, unless the owner is imprisoned as well. But at the victorious captors descretion, the slave can be demanded to not reenter the Warzone for up to 15 minutes if such occurs.

These papers do -not- allow a slave to attack free citicens, unless in self defence, without their owners present outside the designated Warzones and slave owners are still held acountable and pubnished for the misdeeds of their property.

Any slave found within the warzone without such papers may be taken into custody by the city attacked and serve as a city slave. The slaves owner or home city needs to be notified of such, and may buy his/her property back for a price between 250.000 and 2 Million gold at the holders discretion. Should they bear no interest in retaining the slave, the attacked city may claim him/her as city slave or sell the slave.

Permission to walk freely: These papers allow a slave to walk freely without his/her owner beeing present. The authoritys of all citys are allowed to check the papers of every slave at any time. Slaves walking unattented without permission to do such may be taken into custody and brought back to their owners. Is the owner not to be found, the slave may be used for non damaging menial labour and sexual services to pay for his/her lodging. Should the owner not be found within two weeks, the slave will become a city slave. ((Please do not vanish without giving your slaves such papers, it's not fair to them!))

Permission to Trade: Slaves, by law, are not allowed to own property, everything they carry with them belongs to the city or person they serve. As such, they are not allowed to trade any of what they have, lest to optain basic food they need to survive and basic shelter, unless they are given these papers by their owners. Every free citizen inclined to trade with a slave is held to check for these Papers prior to any form of trade, lest they can be charged a fine of 250.000 coins at the slaves owners discretion and will have to return the property obtained.