"Love and Luck are many faceted things. Praise Tymora, for may she keep the odds in our favor."

Ta'hyen Nyarr is a silver dragonkin born in Icewall. Her name in Draconic is Di Apzen Xarzith'dos, which may be used at times instead of the Elven. Ta or Di is fine to her as a nickname.

Her mother is the full blood dragon Mynii yw Wunhumydr Whumydr Stchyontymy, and her father Nim'thon Nyarr (favored pet and mate to Mynii) was a mixed blood of wood elf, snow elf, and ice drow. Nim'thon was lost to Mynii and the family when Ta'hyen was about 50 when he was killed defending the home cave from a rival white dragon, and the white dragon's orc horde upon a repeat invasion from the white dragon. She had what was left of her sister for a companion for the longest time (only known as Shadow) that her father had rescued best he could from the first invasion led by the rival white dragon when both were eggs, but only Ta'hyen was left as alive to hatch, and her sister left as just a souled shadow bound to Ta'hyen with their father's magics. Ta'hyen lost what she didnt know until the very end of Shadow's "life" was her sister when she had her first brood. Shadow gave up her own "life" (which had been stressing Ta'hyen throughout the pregnancy) to ensure Ta'hyen would live on with her children.

Ta'hyen's family has relative links far spread on many planes, and other demi-planes now via her children through many well-known families and clans.

The House of Nyarr is to be found (or rather not found to most due to wards on the portals) in a demi-plane which has multiple portals to it. Ta'hyen's first brood was identical twins by the mostly celestial Therin (slave, then freed, then married, and now an ex-husband) consisting of a daughter Alasse'kiir Nyarr, and a son Alata'mir Nyarr.

She adopted in Martiver, a half red and half copper male dragon, as her own son upon a promise to the boy's mother Ixen Sstith to always keep him safe. Martiver Lilliputtin Sstith does reguarly visit with and see his father Lilliputtin, and is slightly older than Ta'hyen's twins.

The second adopted child is a daughter Serrah O'Hannigan from the union of Ulhar "Jack" Thurgix, a blue dragon (now Ka'ava Mygoan) and Fadra his elven woman mate. Both those parents reguarly saw Serrah, and in fact by the adoption Ta'hyen's family is expanded into their own so all the descendants often visit back and forth with all the adults helping out. Serrah has moved back more to the cave of her own birth parents, but visits are still frequent to the House of Nyarr.

The second brood Ta'hyen had was both by her long devoted slave and mate Drevan Nightsbreath D'Nyarr (a black catfolk), and her other mate at the time Norfin Luelittle Junior (half elf mix and half red dragon). From this double-mating came Morgon Nightsbreath Nyarr the eldest son of the triplet brood, Terra A'mael Nightsbreath Nyarr a daughter, and the youngest son Norfin Heren Luelittle Nyarr. Norfin Junior (son of Norfin Senior and Angelique Dawnstorm ) did help with the children but is no longer with Ta'hyen. Drevan was faded oddly into a temporal rift of chronomancy having affected his existance for awhile, but recovered from it. The chronomancers responsible have since been delt with, and their skulls turned into house decorations.

Other notable members of her household are the long-devoted nanny, a very brown elven monk messenger named Thon, and a charcoal-colored demon messenger named Dusk (or Bilnol) all devoted servants of her house. There has been a male wolf named Laanem as a family pet, and a very "special" steel kobold named Neihuty Mydrii who was also a family pet and a cleric. Neihuty and Laanem have sadly passed on since age had gotten the steel kobold and wolf finally. Oddest is Hac, a Home Appliance Construct made by Johnni Fyfe as a wedding present for Ta'hyen and Kastian, which the children decided would be good if the construct talked, so they cast upon it and made it so with what simple magics they know. A mastiff female by the name of Lhach was also a House pet, but passed due to age. Ta'hyen had gotten her as a puppy the one day it very oddly rained cats and dogs literally in Blackwaters Rock Camp. Magnetron Version B is a female appearance mixed metal and gem golem built by Ta'hyen herself as part of her own golem research with multiple defence and protection capabilities. She stays with the House with loyalty to the Nyarr name. Next to join the House were the sylph Alu'phor, and the dryad Mith Tathar whom are both tasked with guarding the portals to the home pocket dimension of the House of Nyarr. Finally, a nymph cleric was given a second chance as a Golem, and Thirty Two serves in the House dimension itself, or in other parts of Neverwinter.

Ta'hyen was married to Kastian L. Jarrino, an eight foot tall yuan-ti whom she has since divorced, and refuses to speak much on if asked about him. Her step-son from that marriage was Thrar Jarrino, and a step-daughter Lily Jarrino whom she also will not talk of if she can avoid it due to painful memories. The additions to her family by Kastian are the one brood of twins Kaane'en'shigure Jarinno Nyarr their son, and Kyerma'alassé Jarinno Nyarr their daughter.

She had adopted in Sasha Moonbeam and her daughter Lillian (who's father is Thrar) to her House as adopted daughter and grandaughter to provide a place to stay for both whilst on the Isle of Styss. Currently though it is but Lillian (or Lily for short) who lives in the House with Ta'hyen due to unfortunate circumstances that have happened with Sasha. Sasha is well remebered after her passing.

Her next brood consists of triplets from three fathers. Raaka Di'ren Nyarr is the son fathered by the tabaxi Amelo Di'ren, formerly one of Ta'hyen's mates. Luin'lotte Helmsdale Nyarr is the son fathered by Korlick Helmsdale, a half elf, but who is no longer with Ta'hyen as a mate. The last to be born of these triplets is the daughter Melatril Silanaros Nyarr who's father is Aar'duil Melatril Silanaros, a sun elf, and Ta'hyen's former pet who also is no longer with Ta'hyen as a mate.

Her youngest triplet brood is by two fathers. Ary Poldora Eageleyes Nyarr, and Faer Luth Eagleeyes Nyarr are her two sons by Terel. Earsira Lawden Nyarr is the third son by Phillip.

A long while after that came Ithil and Elen Lawden Nyarr, twin girls, fathered by Phillip Lawden.

Currently Ta'hyen is still with Drevan, and will stay with him as long as Luck allows. She been divorced, and widowed. She lost Phillip Lawden due to age, and divine circumstance. She lost Amelo, a tabaxi, as a mate to suspected being eaten in the jungles by another creature. Terel Eagleeyes ( fang dragon) is also gone by all indications, and information supplied from (cheering natives in) Chult. She tends to keep exact information on her most private matters confidential.

Known as a mother, freind, mate, caretaker, mistress, adviser, enemy, monster, ditz, insane, and many other things by many other people. Many either love her for whom she is, or hate her for the same things. She has a fondness for her ponytail, golems, and pie.

It is often disputed on her former title as the Queen of Argannon as some believe it was taken illegally whilst others embraced her as leader of the tinest "city" on the Isle whilst it lasted in it's attempted ressurection from the ruins. She has since retired from the title and Argannon disbanded. She spent many years as a citzen of Anamchara having served that city in multiple governmental positions. Either way a conversation with her can show her knowledge of the Isle and it's lore. She is also a published authoress having many books written under her own name.

It is said it is just best to meet her to make up your mind on the woman yourself.

T.N. Portrait

The House now lives in their own demi-plane, and maintains real estate investments elsewhere such as in Waterdeep, Sigil, and Chult

Stats -

Height : 4 feet 5 inches tall

Weight: 85-90 pounds or so

Other Physcial Features: Silvery-white hair, bright silver wings, and shimmery pale cool microscaled skin that can be seen on a lean-muscled yet curvy body of balanced proportions that's highly flexible.

Deity: Tymora

Languages: common, Elven, Draconic, and Celestial (knows random phrases in Drow, but is NOT fluent in it)

Bust : Full 34C

Eyes : Deepest blue like a winter's night, and can glow shades of blue, white, violet, or shadow over depending upon mood

Tattoes : Various elven & draconian, some are warding runes

Scars: A few light ones scattered about, some bite marks around neck & shoulders, and a thin jagged one on her lower right ribs. On both palms of her hands now is some crest as if burned there to scar. (You'd have to be conversant with Isle lore to recognise it as the Crest of Argannon.)

Smells : Like a crisp winter morning & cold metal

Other : A wide silver ring wrapping with blue scales on it is on her left thumb. A silver control wand bracelet is worn on her right wrist with a black catfolk carved in obsidian as the gem (which went to her beloved slave and mate Drevan Nightsbreath, a black tailess catfolk male). On her left wrist is a dull silver control wand bracelet engraved with a sun encircling a note of song (which went to Aar'duil, but now deactivated). She wears one small ring on her right pointer finger with a clear crystal orb, and on the middle finger of her right hand resides a silver dragon ring winding around it with diamond eyes. On her left middle finger would be a gold ring, but in the shape of a winding silver dragon set with multiple faceted gems. On the left pinky is a silver dolphin ring with its nose touching its tail. No jewelry can be pried from her body without her own conscent due to wards on them.

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