"I have many names"
Character Information
Race: Tanar'ri/Abat-dolor
Gender: Female
Height: 6'
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Emerald green
Physique: Shapely, graceful
Age: 334
Classes: Wizard/Ranger/SD
Weapon(s): Umbrella/Frostkiss
Item(s): Silver necklace
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Faith: Graz'zt
Affiliation: Disciples of Graz'zt, Assassins of Azzagrat, Primal Colors, Blue Death guild, Chameleon
Faction: Tens
Title: Blue Death, Mistress, High Disciple, Betrayer of the Light
Relationship(s): Leto
Slave(s): Yzrii
Origins: Azzagrat, Abyss

Played by Vestal

Tarvisha is a demonic succubus that raises cunning, guile and seduction to an art form. While undeniabley evil, her masterful manipulation of emotions and skillful exploitation of mortal psychology often puts her in the position of the 'good guy', even if she still has the bloody dagger hidden behind her back.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Like all succubus, Tarvisha is a picture of mortal perfection - but with that sense of unnatural beauty that marks her as something far more than human. Her body is shapely, designed to disarm and entice even the most suspicious onlooker; curves perfectly moulded to be appealing while still giving her a graceful appearance overall. Her dark blue hair and emerald eyes only add to her enigmatic beauty, giving her an exotic complexion and a tantalizing mystery to her form. Despite the nature of her work, she does not often try to hide her demonic appearance with two small horns curling backwards out of her hair, a set of blue feathered wings sprouting from beneath her shoulders, a set of horse-like legs ending in cloven hooves and a long, spade-tipped tail.

She dresses smartly, always carrying a look of refined nobility in everything she wears; from formal business suits to exotic robes from the far east to more revealing, more enticing evening wear. Her clothing is always light, and she carries only what she needs to with her, marking her as someone used to dissappearing swiftly.


The history of this peculiar breed of Abyss isn't well known. It is often hard to say what is the truth and what is a well conceived lie. What is known and confirmed is that the demoness appeared several years ago and was nicknammed Blue. Strangely, the name sticked as she never publicly revealed her own real name. She was known to hold at least two other names over the years: Cylaanoycc and Morphea. Her physical appearance also was altered from time to time as well as her personnalities, as if she would be someone different each and everytime she changed names.

It is rumoured that she was the heir to two powerful fiends whose origins are publicly unknown, but if the rumour exists, it is because knows it somewhere. Tarvisha (as her real name) had a few spawns over the years, not all of them survived the harsh reality of being "bastards" that were not from Leto.

The last time she was seen was more than a year ago, she burned in a cathedral filled with followers of Lathanders. Though, only two days after, a new entity emerged from the ashes; Nephthys, a lilitu.

The Abat-Dolor bloodlineEdit

The abat-dolor are a race of powerful demonic nobility, originating from a Plane deep within the Abyss. Displaced in their wars with deities and other demons, and in the violent clan strife which continually besets them, the dolor have wandered far from their native region, establishing realms and strongholds across a hundred Abyssal layers. Some are itinerant, and act as elite mercenaries or advisors to powerful Tanar'ri. They demonstrate great martial prowess, and their preference for armor – unusual amongst demons – combined with their formidable arsenal of spell-like abilities makes them amongst the most dangerous of demonic foes. Abat-dolor have exceptional resistance to spells.

The story of the abat-dolor is long, glorious and bloody; filled with passion, rebellion, betrayal and murder. Historically, the dolor were a race of aesthetes and sophisticates who disdained association with most other tanar'ri, who guarded the purity of their lineage (seldom breeding with mortals), and who were jealous of their ancient customs and traditions. Circumstances have forced many of them to adopt a more open and pragmatic view, although the arrogance of the abat-dolor always causes friction with other Abyssal races. With the exception of certain notable members of their species, the dolor generally show little regard for mortal affairs, and prefer to concentrate their efforts in the arena of demonic politics: most of their realms and enclaves are established below the three hundredth layer of the Abyss.

An abat-dolor is statuesque, typically standing eight feet tall and weighing four hundred pounds. Their digits – six per hand and foot – are long and elegant, and their skin ebon black. A dolor's eyes are green slits without iris or pupil. Their preference is for ornate armour made of an abyssal bronze – functionally identical with mithral, and they wield cold iron weapons in contempt of lesser demons: typically longswords and spears. Some coat their weapons with poison such as vilestar.

The dolor are master strategists, exploring every possible avenue in pursuit of their goals, and employing diverse agents to further their agendas: much of this energy is focused on internecine squabbles and ancient rivalries. If the path of a dolor crosses that of a mortal, it will pursue any wrongs with equal venom.

The abat-dolor don't appear in any official TSR or Wizards of the Coast products; they're from novels written by Gary Gygax in a company he started after he left TSR. It is rumoured that Graz'zt and his sister Igwilii are both Abat-Dolors.


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