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The Armed Hordes of Tens

City Of TensEdit

The city of Tens is situated on the southern part of the isle of Styss, and is home to some of the more sinister creatures the Isle has to offer.

Savage warriors, dark knights, demons, undead, and dark hybrids of all sorts tend to walk the city's streets. Engaged in constant rivalry with the city of Anamchara, Tens regularly attempts to gain domination over all of Styss.


Denizens: Various monsters, devils, demons and mostly evil humanoids.

Government: Democracy. (see Rank List and Tens Regent History)

Social Hierarchy: Tens Knights, Nobles and Noble Houses. (see Social Hierarchy)

Slavery: Slavery is a vital part of Tensian trade and culture, and it is encouraged in all forms. (see Slave Laws and Slave Registry)

Religions: Any practice is tolerated, but evil deities are more often worshipped here.

Tens City PlanEdit

The City is devided into three, major districts

Bastion DistrictEdit

Tens Bastion District

The huge gates of Tens and welcomes the visitor with its tall statues and the sight for public punishments and executions. This is also where one can find the Military Barracks and Training Facility, The Slave Hall and the prominent inn The Golden Otter. While a bit away from the actual dock, this is where one come over the tailors and the merchants, selling their goods that has been imported by ship. There are also a few known citizens living in the area in their private residence.

Citadel DistrictEdit

Tens Citadel District

Here is where the Tens Castle towers with its view over the entire city. The Temple and Arcane hall has been placed near the Castle for convinience as well as the home of the General and Tens Dungeon. The Tunnel of War has its entrence inside the high stretched walls surrounding the castle.

Docks DistrictEdit

Tens Dock District

A busy place where the ships lands with merchandies such as grain, wines, slaves, spices and fabric. This is also can find Tens Arena, The Public Steam Bath, the odd dark place known as Dirty Dicks. There are also a few known citizens living in the area in their private residence.

The GraveyardEdit

Tens Graveyard

Placed in the shadows of the Bastion District, Tens graveyard is found. Many great warriors, heros and citizens has been buried here. Within the graveyard also lays the Secret Shrine where Tensiens make offerings, or at times, steals the offerings already put there.

Tens City Plan



In the primordial dark ages of Styss, savages roamed a war torn land where only the strongest and most powerful creatures could survive. While the demon lord Mephistopheles lorded over the city of Argonnan, a territorial war raged for years between the "Natives" until the lands were split into three rival gangs. The Northern snow lands were called Anamchara, the west Elzigard, and the south Tens.

A man known as Quizten arose in the ranks of early Tens to become its second King. Quizten was a ruthless and cruel man who happened to have a knack for winning battles, and a sinister nature that saw him feared by all in the early red city. Quizten was the first Tensian ruler to lead an invasion against his hated enemy Anamchara, and the first to fail. After the defeat, Quizten was never the same, and later stepped down to relinquish the crown to a female fiend, Sabrial Shadowflame.


The Main Square

Unable to cope with the burden, a council was called in the Tens castle and the Lord Marshall at that time, the young warrior known as Brocard of Drakkar was recommended by Sabrial to take over. After much controversy and uproar, the hin Magi Bloodrose was chosen instead by the council to lead Tens, much to the ire of Brocard. With Magi leading the city and Brocard the army, it was only a matter of time before the two came to blows. Conflict eventually esculated into a civil war, the two sides coming together in the middle of the Tensian streets, a horrific and bloody battle that concluded when the last remaining soldier standing was Brocard himself.

With the crown taken from Magi, King Brocard formed the Dreadwings, a group of elite dragon disciple warriors made up exclusively of knights. Borglyn Malfet, Emilia the "Scourge" , Zodd the "Behemoth of Gehenna", Jag'Rax, Vuthara, Varent and Leon Krasphen; still to this day some of the greatest warriors Tens had ever seen. At this time the Tensian army was arguably at its strongest, defeating numerous legions from foreign lands that threatened to stamp their dominance on the Isle. This included the Twisted Lich army, banites, vampire lords, Knight Zealots, dragon-hunters, Mes Muerte, and orcs. With the temporary absence and rumored death of Mephistopheles by the hand of Elzigard, Tens thrived in what many would later call the golden era, becoming the most dominant kingdom on and off the battlefield. - (To be continued at some point)

Heroes of the Past and Prominent FiguresEdit

Borglyn MalfetEdit

Described often as the “Prince of warriors”, Borglyn Malfet rose to glory in the darker times of Tens, in the firegem war. He started off a mercenary sell-sword under Tensian employ, and like most men of that day, was little more than a barbaric savage. King at that time, Brocard of Drakkar was quick to see potential in the mighty red dragon desciple warrior and took him in to teach him the ways of war-fare and strategy. Borglyn soon rose in the ranks of Tens, and was nearly always seen at Brocard’s side on the battlefield. He would go on to gain great respect among all of Tens and earn a place among the finest ever to grace the kingdom.

In the time of Queen Magi’s reign, Borglyn and a good portion of the Tens army aided Brocard in taking the crown, a battle that brought two conflicting sides together in the streets of Tens for an all out civil war. Under Brocard’s rule, Borglyn went on to become a fabled Dreadwing in the army, and later on a Fist of Tiamat, remaining a loyal prominent figure and hero among Tens in what was described as the golden era.

Borglyn was a fierce warrior who opted to change from axe to bastard sword, and from barbarian to disciplined fighter when joining the ranks of Tens. His skill with the blade was unparalleled, fighting Brocard to a stale mate in a duel that was said to last two days straight, and later defeating the black dragon knight in a dispute over a woman.

In years to come before the Nasher war, the two friends would grow distant, and Borglyn would later disappear from the Isles of Styss with his mate Vash’Kara, the two never seen again.

Brocard of DrakkarEdit

Often mistaken for a brute by the newer denizens of the isle, Brocard is well known for his immense physical strength. He has fell an Avatar of the Overlord with a single punch to the jaw, and is rumored to be one of the few warriors of draconic blood that can wield the legendary sword Overbane- the blade he used to slay the Overlord. Brocard is powerfully built and extremely well muscled by human standards. When not in his armor, Brocard usually wears only simple grey battle fatigues naked from the waist up. His dark tanned skin is crisscrossed with light colored blade scars on his torso, creating a patchwork history of pain and battle. Brocard is the Knight Commander of The Order of Drakkar.


A white dragon-kin of savage nature, Jag'Rax erupted into Tens infamy when he and only a handful of the early dragon blooded warriors stormed the battlefield and drove the white city's army back behind their walls. Like Borglyn, Jag'Rax was highly feared and respected in the millitary, and often seen as a ruthless enforcer in the ranks.

Jag'Rax was one of the first Dreadwings, but would ultimately come to blows with Brocard after a heated feud in the castle, a feud that saw the savage white storm out of Tens and form his own mercenary band of warriors, vowing to bring the King and Tens to ruin. In the weeks to follow Jag'Rax went on a personal crusade, rallying strong support from drow warriors of the Udossta, and mercenary sellswords from Argonnan and Elzigard- even a few ex-tensians.

After relentless battles between Tens and Jag'Rax's rebel forces, it eventually came clear that the white didn't have the numbers to compete with the might of Tens. A fateful battle at the Tensian fort saw Jag'Rax and his rebels defeated. The lone survivor, Jag'Rax marched dejectedly through the Tensian ranks, surrendering himself before the king and pleading that he be beheaded for his crimes.

Jag'rax and his rebels had killed many Tensian soldiers, so with his hands tied, Brocard had no choice but to oblige, slaying his long time friend with an anguished roar.

Under the relentless downpour of blood dark Tensian rain, the Dreadwings and Jag'Rax's long time mate Marlixxia carried the slain warrior out onto the battlefield outside the fort, giving him a proper burial. Stricken and heartbroken, Marlixxia tore out the dead warrior's heart and incased herself in ice eternally, unable to bear the death of her mate.

A bizaar ritual saw Jag'rax returned from the grave a year later as part undead. Despite fighting for Tens, Jag'Rax seemed not the same as his old self to many. He met his end again when openly challenging the Tyrant Azazel, and falling to the devil's magics.

The Order of DrakkarEdit

The Order of Drakkar is a noble collection of the strongest warriors in Tens, governed by secret Codes and Honour. However as time has passed the Order of the Drakkar proved their true colours and turned their backs on Tens and left to join Rhuvon in Anamchara. The order no longer holds any respect amongst the Tensiens.

The House of FoxEdit

The House of Fox is fusion between Fox and the now disintegrated house Dahakis one of the oldest houses within Tens. Many from the House have held various titles over the years, and have risen to become very prominent in Tensian society.