The following is the most up-to-date view of the power structure of Tens.

Tens Castle

General StructureEdit

Tens Structure

The city is split into several wards, each commanding an aspect of city life. The Palace oversees general administration and leadership of the city as a whole, The Temple cares for clerical and divine matters, The Arcane Hall looks after all matters of arcana. Outside of this the army is then responsible for all matters on the front lines of the war with the other cities.

It should be noted that, unless specified, non-military personnel that serve in the city carry no inferred battlefield rank. It has been decreed that their focus should be on civilian affairs and for the running of the army to be left to soldiers.

The Tensian CouncilEdit

The council is comprised of the following:

  • The King
  • The Vizier
  • The High Marshall
  • The Nexus
  • The Predicar
  • The Justicar

Anyone wishing to attend council meetings who is not on that list must receive approval from at least two council members before being allowed to participate.

The PalaceEdit


The city's monarch is the final word on all matters Tensian and is thefigurehead of the society.

Currently : Julious and Dawn Fox


Tens Palace

The Vizier is the second in command of the city and generally performs many of the same duties when the monarch is not present

Currently : Siouxsie


The Master or Mistress of slaves oversees all transactions, disputes and legal matters involving slaves and their owners.

Currently : Surrah

The TreasuryEdit

Currently: Charlotte Scott-Black

Captain of the Black ShieldsEdit

Currently: Annar Fox

The JusticiaryEdit

Tens Justice

All legal matters that do not regard slaves are dealt with by the office of the Commissar. Whether it is an internal dispute or matter with another city, it must be raised with the Commissar or his staff. The role is charged with ensuring all legal matters are attended to, warrants are documented and resolved, and the law is reviewed regularly.


Currently : Lucivar

The WardenEdit

Currently: Jubilex


Currently: Amireana

The Arcane HallEdit

Tens Mage

The Arcane Hall is responsible for all research, lore and spell development. They are also in charge of recruiting and training new apprentices. The Arcane Halls is prime led by the Arch Magues. All battlefield mages are trained, educated and put to good use by the War Mage. This confers no battlefield rank unless ordained by the War Marshall.


'Currently: 'Zahle Undt

Research and Design DirectorEdit

Currently: Syndra Dahaki Fox

Lore Mistress/MasterEdit

Currently: Penelope

The TempleEdit

Tens Warrior

The highest clerical position in Tens is charged with similar tasks to those of the Arch Magus, except attending to matters of the divine. Furthermore they are responsible for ensuring a good standard of medical care for Tensians - especially those injured on the battlefield. All battlefield cleric are trained, educated and put to good use by the War Priest. This confers no battlefield rank unless ordained by the War Marshall.

High PriestessEdit

Currently : Amireana Ceanyla

The ArmyEdit

Tens Knights and T'Ssu

The leader of the army of Tens must command the armed forces by example - a beacon of strength who the city is able to rally to on the battlefield. Beyond their ability to fight, conduct themselves and resolve military disputes well, they should also be mindful of diplomacy when negotiating with the enemy - all the while remembering what it is to be Tensian.

All military positions are expected to follow the Warlord's orders and example. The duties are identical.

High MarshallEdit

Responsible for command of the army, and head of the Tensian Knights.

Currently : Sabala


Currently : Krag'ax the Mighty


Currently: Zevron

Currently: Liam Scott-Black