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Slave in Tens

A Tensien slave and her Master

Slavery of TensEdit

Tens has a long lived history of slavery that is vastly known all over Styss. They keep their slaves with pride and sees them as one of the main resources to their city. Buying, trading and selling slaves, or to use them as bribes or payment, at times as an exclusive reward is what all Tensiens sees as perfectly normal. The Laws around the Slaves and Slavery has changed back and forth over years from being very stern to a more lose hand. For a long while the slaves were divided into categories (See: Old Categories) due to different use but has during last Keepers reverted back to City Slave and Private Slave.

A Slave in their eyes is a possession, a belonging that has no rights of any kind - not even the right to a name. However, this doesn't mean that the Tensiens notoriously mistreat their slaves. Instead, they take pride in training them and keeping them fit and in perfect condition. To question a Slaver of Tens and their slaves is a deep insult to them. They simply don't understand that some think slavery is wrong.

A Slave is not to be confused with a submissive, pet or a prostitute. Many Slaves have been born into the collar and find slavery a natural way of living. They could never consider shedding their collars, and instead wear them with pride. With this said, not all slaves are completely happy with the way things are. However, to their owners, it usually matters little whether they enjoy themselves or not.

Tensians have been known to force collars on free people, but it is deeply frowned upon to collar a fellow Tensian without approval.

A broken slave typically has a unhappy life. They usually become either a working slave, cleaning the gutters and sewers, or wind up as a test subject or sacrifice.

The Slave KeeperEdit

Mistress of Tens

The Slavekeeper is appointed by the Leader of Tens and is ranked high in the eyes of the city due to the value of the slaves.

  • The Keeper is to keep track of all Tensien slaves
  • The Keeper is to find private owners for abandonded Tens Slaves
  • The Keeper may reclaim slaves that are mistreated or neglected
  • The Keeper is to make sure Slaves to be sold are in good condition
  • The Keeper is to make sure the Slave Laws are followed
  • The Keeper reserves all right to discipline and punish any Tensien slave that misbehaves.
  • The Keeper has the right to free a Slave


Tens Slaver

To assure that the value of a Slave is maintained, the Owner of a privately owned slave must agree to following terms:

  • The owner is completely responsible for actions and behavior of his/her slave
  • The owner may freely sell the slave as long as it stays within Tens
  • The owner may approach the Keeper if there is a will to sell a slave over the boarders of Tens.
  • The owner may free their own slaves at the discretion of King or Keeper
  • The owner is responsible for the slaves wellfare
  • The owner is obligated to keep track of the slave and not leave it abandoned for too long (3 weeks) or he/she may risk loosing the slave back to the City.
  • The owner has to register their property for their own safety as well as that of the Slave.
  • The owner is aware that a slave that is out of control may be retrieved back to the Keeper.

Note: Citizens of Tens may forcably capture and enslave people of other cities, however, the citizen of Tens who engages in such must abide by the above terms and is solely responsible for any consequences that occur from their actions.


Serving Slave

Due to the Tensians' view of Slaves, the citizens are very particular with the laws that concern their property. The laws below were written to protect Tensian Slaves, as well as to preserve their value for their owners.

  • A citizen has the right to force a collar upon anyone who isn't a Tensian.
  • A citizen has to respect the papers a Tensian Slave carries as well as the wishes of the Slave's Owner regarding the Slave.
  • A citizen who causes damage to a slave will have to pay a fine to cover for the loss of the Slave's value.
  • A citizen using a private owned Tens slave will pay a fine to the owner.
  • A citizen who wishes to use a City Slave that lacks the right papers for usage is to approach the Keeper with the request.
  • A Citizen may not punish a privately owned Slave of Tens unless given the Owner's blessing to do so.
  • A Citizen who kills a Slave of Tens without permission may be forced into a collar to fill the loss of said slave.
  • A Citizen may approach the Keeper if they have an issue with a City Slave or has concerns about a privately owned slave
  • Citizens are liable to have their ownership rights revoked by the Tyrant or Slavekeeper if in violation of Tensian law or have proven incapable of control.


Tens Slaves

Slaves are subject to all Tensian laws, regardless of not being free citizens. Papers of permission must be carried at all times.

  • A slave is nothing more than property to its owner.
  • A slave must at all times follow the commands and wishes of its owner
  • A slave can be punished by others ONLY at the owners or the Keepers discretion.
  • A slave who commits a capital crime will be executed
  • A slave who commits lesser crimes, the owner will be held responsible
  • A slave may harm a free citizen if it to defend their owner
  • A slave found wandering around without proper papers will be brought to the Keeper for safe keeping
  • A slave left neglected for more than three weeks by its owner will be retrieved back to the City Slave Pit and resold.
  • A slave may never hold a title
  • A slave may not vote in public elections
  • A slave may never own property
  • A slave may never hold their own leash
  • A slave may never wear more than one collar

By law of the city of Tens, all slaves require written permission from their owner to:

  • be used by anyone other than their owner/s.
  • buy or sell goods.
  • fight in the Warzone.
  • travel unattended outside of the city.


Chained Tensien Slave

By law of the city of Tens, no slave may be legally freed without approval of the Slavekeeper or Tyrant.

  • Attempting to release a privately owned slave will be treated as theft of property.
  • Attempting to release a city slave will be treated as theft from the city and possibly treason.

Tens Slave RegistryEdit

Slave registration can be found here.