Thalia Kayakova
"Rule one of self preservation: Don't talk to a serial rapist for more than five minutes."
Character Information
Race: Human (Quarter Sylph)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Rusty red
Eyes: Dark, faintly gleaming silver
Physique: Somewhat lithe, not muscular, thin and wiry
Age: 24
Classes: Wizard/Red Wizard of Thay/Ranger/Shadowdancer
Weapon(s): A staff and a magically altered Holy Avenger
Item(s): A magical notebook and equally magical quill; a pair of glasses
Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Netural
Faith: Loosely follows Waukeen
Affiliation: Red Wizards of Thay
Faction: Elzigard
Title: Archmage of Elzigard
Relationship(s): None (Formerly Trent Benthensen)
Slave(s): One slave back in Thay, known as Jarmir; none currently
Origins: Thay
Languages: Abyssal, Animal, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven, Goblin, Infernal, Necromantic, Sylvan, Drow, Shou, High Shou, Rakshasa

Played by Silverbronze

A rather nervous young woman, Thalia constantly endeavors to collect as much information as possible, whenever possible and whatever the consequences. Neither particularly friendly nor particularly mean, her twitchy mannerisms can be unbearable for the fun-loving and extroverted types. When she takes a keen interest in someone, her shifty exterior sometimes fades away. Usually, however, her mannerisms are politely distant and cordially indifferent.

Physical DescriptionEdit


Considering she lacks wings, a tail, horns, or anything remotely demonic or angelic, it’s safe to assume Thalia is human. Her form is quite petite, standing at approximately 5’7, and her weight quite slim for that size. With a pale complexion, one could guess she spends a good deal of time indoors. The pair of glasses she wears does nothing to diminish this bookish image.


Glancing at her face reveals small, slightly angled and somewhat fairy-like features. A soft jumble of red hair lies about her hair, cropped to an almost boyish length. Her large, hawkish grey eyes are magnified by the lenses on her glasses, each eye girdled with long and almost secretive lashes. Both her bronze lips seem to have been often chewed on, and are rather chapped because of it. One could swear her ears have the faintest point or tilt to them, but perhaps it’s a trick of the light. A pair of thin, arched eyebrows tilt expressively above her eyes, a bit darker than the rusty hue of her hair.

Thalia 3

"Can you?"


Her form isn’t impressively buxom or curvy, but she has some womanly contours that make her suitably attractive to the eye. Her arms and legs have little to no muscle to speak of, though she moves with a subtle agility. The woman seems rather used to running, for her brisk walk makes her look capable to jolt into a sprint at the slightest hint of danger.


Thalia’s attire is always quite modest. While usually clad in a pair of loose pants and a swashbuckling shirt (“Adventuring attire,” she calls it fondly), she always carries a large belt. Many pouches, pockets, bags, and various buttons are strewn across her clothing, and it would seem she has a practical tool for every situation. A longsword is sometimes sheathed in her belt, its hilt beautifully gemmed and inscribed with some strange runes. Her staff can also be seen strapped to her back on occasion, its tip a swirling vortex.


When someone draws near to her, they can usually detect an odd scent, like a warm hearth or a freshly baked pastry. This is slightly tinged with a chemical scent, as though she might have splashed some potion on herself while concocting something. The sweet smell can be explained by the cookies she occasionally nibbles on, and even more rarely, doles out to others.

Personality Edit


With the cool manner of a laid-back librarian, Thalia isn’t exactly bubbly or overly friendly. Her mannerisms are always quite polite and she seems loathe to offend anyone, but she doesn’t often exude a relaxed warmth. It’s not often she laughs, grins, or even smiles, though it’s unlikely one sees her sad or depressed.

A Particularly Frightened DeerEdit

She’s one of those twitchy people who flinch at sudden noises, even more so if she happens to be focused with something. Large creatures and people with aggressive personalities accentuate her jumpy ways, making her seem like a particularly frightened deer. At the same time, she has a rather stoic confidence, and it becomes clear that her twitchiness is out of instinct rather than self consciousness.

Whenever she’s seen near someone else, she's almost always scribbling in her little notebook. Her frenzied writing is only punctuated now and then with a glance upwards, as she examines the subject of her relentless questioning. It is when writing such things that she's most alert, eyes jumping around and her body shuffling around a bit.

Among the lascivious or the immodestly dressed, she often becomes rather cold, retaining only enough politeness to sound somewhat cordial. Questioning her about sexual topics reveals not an innocence nor prudishness, but simply a tiredness, as though she figures there are many more important things in life. Humor of a sexual nature is more acceptable to her, but even then, she rarely appears fully comfortable.

Social SituationsEdit

Becoming her friend would reveal her slower-paced, more contemplative and tender side. Though not immensely loyal due to her dislike of being clingy, she will often greet those she knows well with a smile and a willing ear. When it comes to an enemy or someone she dislikes, she simply treats the person as though they were another face in a sea of faces, unable to be bothered with holding a grudge.

Since Thalia has never found herself in love before, she naturally has little experience in the matter and is usually unsympathetic to those who are lovesick. Though she is not particularly naieve, flirting typically makes her irritable rather than producing a favorable result. If one manages to actually get through to her, it soon become clear that she isn't as submissive as one might expect.

There is a logical explanation for this, because Red Wizards dabble in slavery as well as various rituals and experimentaions. Thalia has a good deal of knowledge about slavery and has dabbled as a slavemistress here and there, contributing to her comfortable position on the subject. It can be hard for many to imagine this little woman being the dominant owner of a slave, but it sheds light on her firm personality.



Born to a handsome sorcerer and a plain wizard in the Thayan region of Pyarados, Thalia was exposed to magic very early in her life. Pledged to house Ashmeddai at birth, she was gifted with great skill at the school of Enchantment.


Thalia's father, a noble sorcerer by the name of Dimitriy, had a rather unusual heritage. He was half-fey, as his mother was a flighty Sylph who chanced upon a wandering Rashemi adventurer. He had married Thalia’s mother at around twenty, drawn to her keen intellect and wit like a magnet. The most unusual part about their union was the fact that Dimitriy was from a traditional Rashemi background, and thus brought up among opponents of Thay (and its Red Wizards).

Thalia's mother, Isztea Kayakova, was born of noble Mulani descent. Unlike Dimitriy, who had various women pining for his love, Isztea didn’t have many devoted suitors dying for her hand. What she lacked in looks, however, she more than made up for in intelligence. Fluent in twenty languages and specializing in many schools of magic, her intellect was superior to many males of the time. Because of her status as Red Wizard, she was a very strict mother, and ensured her daughter would follow in the footsteps of her career. Isztea wore the pants in that family, since Dimitriy was too absent-minded to care about money and various important matters.

While Thalia's family wasn't particularly religious, they paid services to the gods for self-protection (like most Thayans). Both Thalia's mother and father, however, greatly respected the goddess Waukeen, and paid services to her on the appropriate days of the year with an unusual reverence.

Thalia also has a sister, though she rarely seems inclined to mention her. Born five years after Thalia, Neyadis Kayakova had little arcane skill to speak of. Instead, Neya chose to worship Beshaba as a cleric, something that caused the two to fight and become detached from each other. The younger sister left home at only fifteen, resting a small note by Thalia's bedroom door that held a bitter apology.

Teenage Years/AdulthoodEdit

Thalia was sent off to study with a Red Wizard mentor, Faxxon, when she reached the age of ten. For numerous years, she was allowed to -- well, forced to -- experiment on a variety of creatures. Human slaves, elven slaves, orcs, lesser demons, wolves, lycanthropes, all were her eventual subjects. At sixteen, she took a liking for one particular human slave, who she was allowed to keep as a sort of pet.

Due to her Fey blood, Thalia was always fond of fairies, sprites, and other fey, and was far kinder to them than she was to other creatures.

Among her peers, Thalia was usually respected. A few xenophobic parents of her fellow apprentices forbade their children to talk to "that girl with the Rashmeni father." This made the bespectacled, slender girl a sort of popular pariah, and newer apprentices even boasted of her friendship as if it were a forbidden fruit. Mostly, though, Thalia remained low-key during her teenage years. She dedicated herself to brewing complicated potions that were replicas of the spells and innate abilites of unique creatures. To this day, she remains proud of her "Attraction" and "Repulsion" potions, concoctions that are identical to the Elan's natural psionic cantrips.

After Thalia turned 23, Faxxon decided to take a sabbatical. Her parents encouraged her to travel with him, even to spend time in various places after Faxxon returned to Thay. Thus, for eleven months, the young Red Wizard and her mentor travelled across all parts of Faerun.

It was around this time that the girl thought up the idea of a huge, public Codex, adding onto all the people and places that the history books described. This is how her ubiquitous notebook and quill were born, two items bought from the Chessentan city Mordulkin. They both happen to be magical, with the quill never running out of ink, and the notebook automatically erasing its contents whenever they are written in her Codex.

Finally, they took a trip to Sigil, planning to stay for a month or so before returning home. Thalia was absolutely in awe at the city, and spent some eight hours a day documenting all passerby through the City of Doors (with a regular quill and notebook, since her magic was naturally unusable around the spire). Near the end of the month, she had a chance meeting with a young vampire, where a mutual fascination sprang up between them. The vampire offered to tour her around the Outlands for a sum of five thousand gold and time to study with her, and the wizard readily accepted.

They set off as the new month began, Thalia’s charming undead guide taking her through various gate-towns and past godly realms. As they chanced upon Styss, the Red Wizard became immediately enthralled. The sheer diversity of the place made her feel a bit faint, as she realized that documenting all its citizens was an impossible feat. Still, the woman could not bear to leave such a unique place so soon, and told the vampire just that. While slightly miffed, the man accepted her choice and left her to her own devices. His whereabouts are unknown, though it's likely he returned to the Spire.


Currently, Thalia continues to document various citizens. Eventually, she plans to return home briefly, before setting out for some new land to explore. The passing of time does not seem to worry her, though now and again she will tut about needing to set off home.


Even Thalia's formal wear is usually quite modest. She hates to wear it regardless, though.

Nearly every day, she chances upon some new exotic creature or someone with an interesting background. The small woman wastes little time in jotting down every little detail about her subject, approximating and estimating when the precise information lacks. After her investigation is complete, Thalia usually returns to her inn room or the library to edit the notes and enter them in her Codex.

After joining Elzigard, she makes the occasional soujourn into the warzone, where her usually dormant mind spells are put to work. As a fragile being, Thalia keeps a safe distance from enemies and rarely strays too close, prefering to Confuse and Daze weaker-minded fighters from a comfortable perch. The Wizard seems to have a particular distaste for healers, and picks them off whenever possible.

Thalia's quick wits and detached logic have helped her stay away from trouble. In order to quietly observe Blackwaters, she usually perches somewhere near the mercenary Adrak, close to the town square. Feeling relatively secure with a longbow a few feet away, the maiden scribbles constantly in her little notebook, pausing now and then to place quill to lips and ponder thoughtfully on the diversity of hermaphrodites.

Her favorite places to relax are the Styssian Library and the Elzigardian temple. At the library, she curls up with one of her own books and spends hours mulling over the various words. When she visits the temple, Thalia heads straight for the study room after paying her hasty respects to Waukeen's statue. There, the wizard seats herself by the small desk and begins experiments on various unlucky mice.

Recently, the woman has gained the title Archmage of Elzigard, and seems to be taking her job quite seriously. Now, she can usually be found at Noctis Quod Dies (Elzigard's mage tower), pacing the halls or studying with an intense expression in the library.