While no member of the Leonseph Family has an island renowned history of "Best Kisser" or "Most Kills in a Single Battle," some have some mark on Styss, though it may have been washed away due to time or effor

. The family consists majorly of Richo, Jezine, and Jinsun. Other notable members are their Red Dragon father, Teyrn'rah, their Human mother, Jezabele, and Richo's four illegitimate children, who's names are not yet publicly known.

The TripletsEdit

At birth, Jinsun, Richo, and Jezine came out moments after eachother.� Teyrn'rah, in a very unexpected fashion, abducted Jinsun and Jezine, but was unable to find the last one.

Richo was raised as a human, his draconic half suppressed by unknown means, in a village that had known very little of war. As he grew, he took a fondness of the local militia, but was also entranced with a bard that had passed through the hamlet twice a year. A sense of confusion and strange desire to learn more of himself inspired him to leave his home with a heavy heart, and find his way to a strange city, where he learned a variety of craftsmanships and discovered he had a musical talent by ringing blades of various varieties. It was also in that city that he became acquanted with Theckla Uriahdat and Falcon Darkstar, becoming a lifelong friend of the two, eventually winding up with Falcon being a romantic interest. It was also there that his draconic heritage slowly manifested itself, ending his metamorphosis with a strange hunger for metal. With Falcon's disappearance from the city, he left also in search of her, finding her on Styss.

Richo wound up joining Elzigard as a footsoldier at first, fighting mostly on the defensive, until he was one day thrown into a rage by a Tensian soldier whom he now no longer remembers, and paid for a single no-magic duel with this soldier with his service to the city. After Richo's defeat, he kept his word though felt disgraced by his actions. Shortly after, his allies and love attacked a Tensian outpost and he was forced to defend himself. Roughly two days of his (arguably weak) defense against his former allies drove him berserk. He claims to have blacked out the next few hours, though those who remember would tell of him attacking friend and foe with his blade, being disarmed, then attacking with his clawed hands. After being brought down from his rage, he fled the more civilized lands and headed into the Odoshis Mountains, near Anamchara, and carved out a cavernous hole for a place of rest and recovery. His personality, however, was fractured into several aspects: The playful Richo, the emotionless Guardian, and the fiery Dragon Aspect. During this time, he also found his long-lost sister, Jezine, and a twisted mockery of his brother, Jinsun. He had also found his father, chained up in the Bloodplains of Charwood. During an act of mercy or vengeance, it is debateable either way, Richo tore the head off of the weakened wyrm.

Eventually, Richo returned to Elzigard, fighting once more, though a devastating event drove him from the warfront. He sought to serve the city in less combative ways, and was eventually given the title of Judge. His term was long, though he accomplished very little, mostly settling minor disputes, hearing stories of major crimes, and temporarily re-writing the laws to allow the accused of crimes a chance to defend themselves in a court of law. With his lack of accomplishments, he was removed as Judge and made Ambassador for his willingness to talk with the other cities...

Jezine, along with Jinsun, was raised by their draconic father. While Jezine was adept at arcane magics from an early age and seemed to proudly display her 'gift' of wings and a tail, Jinsun lacked the focus for arcane study, and, to make matters worse for him, lacked most of the Draconic features of the other two. While Jezine was coddled and urged to grow stronger, Jinsun was abused heavily physically and mentally, being punished for his mistakes, and his sister's. He grew envious of her care-free life, and hatched a haphazard scheme of escape, taking her with him from the lair. Before he could get far, the ancient wyrm caught them and placed a curse on Jinsun, causing him to slowly rot while still alive. Since he was not undead, this was, of course, rather painful. Satisfied that the torture would wind up killing him for his transgression, Teyrn'rah left them both to die in the wilds. Angry at his sister for his fate, Jinsun left her to seek a cure, while Jezine tried to mend what she could with what she knew.

Seperated and alone, Jezine practiced her art while slowly descending into insanity from isolation. The wildlands had plenty of resources, food, clean water, and even a cave for her to sleep in after claiming it from a small pack of boars. She was eventually discovered after ten years of isolation by Richo, who took her to Styss.

Jinsun's curse ravaged his body day by day, until he was approached by a strange man with an offer: "I can stop your pain," he began, "but it will cost you a heavy price." Not caring for whatever fee he had to pay, Jinsun agreed, and was handed a blade known as "Frost." The blight that had ravaged his body seemed to be repelled by it, but only to a short distance, concentrating itself on his left arm, devouring it to nearly nothing. He also felt an emptiness in his heart the longer he held the blade before the man spoke once more. "The price is you. I needed a warrior, and you shall be turned into one." For nine years, Jinsun was conditioned into a soulless fighter, Frost being the more dominant presense of the two. During the last of the Ten years, he was compelled to finish his 'training' by murdering Jezine in cold blood. In the fallout, Frost dragged him to Tens and joined the city when their recruitment policy was lax for a brief time. He then started to hone his skills on Styss, developing a chilling aura and unholy strength.

After Jezine's brutal murder, she clawed out of her grave as a revenant and took up the mantle of the Necromancer. She began amassing a small army from the various bodies at the Ancient Battlefield, stowing them in a pocket dimension for later use against her now monstrous brother. Richo, too, was brought to anger by this betrayal and began seeking help from the Darkstars and other members of Styss. After some time, Frost had the puppet Jinsun break into the Elzigard Castle by stealth and abduct the Then-Queen, Angelique Dawnstorm. After some time, she was released and he finally wrested enough willpower to surrender himself to Elzigard custody, during which time his soul was wrested from Frost and his free will restored, only to be rendered useless by a sentence being passed to serve Angelique.

Jezine, not daring to cross Angelique, but also hating Jinsun, sought an end to her 'condition' as a revenant. She found that help in Ta'hyen Nyarr, whom had cast a miraculous wish. This wish had restored Jezine and everyone in her immediate family to perfect health. Her life was restored, Jinsun's arm (painfully) grew back, Richo's mind became whole... and their father had been raised.

Soon after, Jinsun's sentence was fulfilled, and he returned to Tens.


Richo is currently a citizen of Anamchara, Jezine is a civilian of Elzigard (though she does not seem to care for the city or its politics), and Jinsun is an initiate in Tens.