Black Dragon (kekai)

Many of the early Drakkar Knights were tainted by one, powerful black dragon that spread fear and wrought havoc in their homelands.

The Order of DrakkarEdit


To wear Drakkar full plate is something Squires strive to attain for many months through rigorous trials that few survive. These ancient relics are few in number, and for a knight to lose his armor is to bring great shame upon him.

The Order of Drakkar not only consists of Knights and Squires, but also scribes. Scribes record the deeds and acomplishments of each knight, so that no knight is ever forgotten when he or she falls in battle. Every deed recorded is displayed upon the walls of the Tens temple, to inspire future generations and potential knights.

The Drakkar KnightsEdit

The Drakkar Knights are bound by honor and dictated by their own vision and code- a code created by Brocard and modelled after the oath and measure of his homeland. The knights slowly increase their numbers and those lucky to survive the Trials are listed below.


Brocard - the current leader of the Drakkar Order.

Brocard of DrakkarEdit

The youngest of the first unit to leave Drakkar, Brocard was a promising Knight once touted by all in the kingdom as a potential future champion. He showed exceptional leadership qualities and skill with the blade. Brocard fell into disgrace when he was accused of corruption and forsaking his vowes. He was thrown into the mines with other criminals. Brocard was the first to encounter the black dragon, and the first to be cursed to become the Black dragon's general, a responsibility that saw him hunting down and slaying the remnants of the original knight order with his fellow cursed black winged allies.

Bohemund of DrakkarEdit

A giant of a man, standing near seven feet out of boots. Bohemund was the oldest of the Knights, and somewhat of a mentor to the others. It was he who they looked up to. When the cursed knights arrived on the shores of Tens, Bohemund disliked the city. He saw the people of the isle as little more than savages and uncouth scum. He was the first to return to Drakkar and face the dragon, but would ultimately fail.

Mortevn of DrakkarEdit

Mortevn by amsterdam

Mortevn by Amsterdam

Mortevn was one of the first of the dragon knights to follow Brocard on his crusade against the remaining non- cursed Knights. A brilliant tactician and swordmaster, Mortevn's considerable skills were made even more so by his new found draconic powers. One of the five that ventured to styss, Mortevn met his end on the eve before the invasion of Anamchara, captured and burned alive by an Anamcharan law enforcer. This most ignoble death still burns in the mind of all Drakkar, even to this day.

Garreth of DrakkarEdit

A cleric of the God of Fire, Gareth was knighted by the Drakkar royal family due to his untiring loyalty, despite not originally being of noble birth. For many years, he served his kingdom faithfully – a field medic and soldier in times of war, a spiritual counsellor in times of peace. Gareth was the one to nurse Brocard back to health on his return from the mines. Because of this, the curse placed on the knight seeped over onto Gareth. What had before been a serene mind was now fiercely set upon by an inner rage that boiled perpetually just beneath the surface. No matter how tenaciously the priest sought to temper it, his state of mind remained volatile – prone to lapse into fits of rage at a moment’s notice.

Calard of DrakkarEdit

Tall and lanky, but tough as nails, Calard served as a scout for the Drakkar before being eventually knighted into the order. When the black dragon awakened, Calard bravely picked up his bow and held the dragon at bay, allowing a good dozen of peasants to flee Drakkar. Instead of slaying Calard, the dragon cursed him the same way he did the others. Stricken and vulnerable, he reluctantly joined the charasmatic Brocard on his crusade. Calard's stay on Styss was brief, before returning to Drakkar to find Bohemund. It is unknown if he still lives.

El'rakis of DrakkarEdit

Though not originally hailing from the kingdom of Drakkar, El'Rakis's potential was soon noticed by the then King Brocard in Tens. He was bestowed with the title of Drakkar Knight a little after Nasher's death, after saving Brocard's life in a battle that saw the two horribly outnumbered.

It was El'Rakis who delivered the final blow to the Avatar of the Overlord at the old Argannon arena. It is rumored among Tens that El'Rakis has never been defeated in single combat.

Varian Bastyra of DrakkarEdit

Although scorned and hated by many a Tensian at the time, it was the giant El'Rakis that first saw potential in the young warrior Varian. With the Knight Commander's approval, he was put through the trials and would emerge as the first of the new order to be knighted alongside Azi Dahaki. Although hiding his draconic blood and having none the sheer brute strength of the other knights, Varian possessed exceptional skill with the sword, and a strategic millitary mind that rivalled even the Knight Commander. Now a Drakkar knight, Varian found purpose in the order, accomplishing heroic deeds that won over the Tensian populace and had the bards singing his name in the streets.

Destined for greater things, it wasn't long before Varian rose up the ranks from Sergeant to General of the army, and was later named Tyrant of Tens. His reign would be short, but eventful. He would become the bane of Elzigard, winning great battles in the Nirayan war and taking enemy territory that had never been conquered before. He formed several noble Houses to consolidate the city, frequently held great games at the Tensian Arena, and took steps to ensure devils of the Hells would have no sway over Tensian life.

The courageous knight met his end against the deity and King of Tens, Tssu, when he rose up against him in revolt. Varian succumbed to mortal wounds, but not before delivering a fatal blow to the demi-god with the legendary sword, the Overbane, and was then named King of Tens in the moments before he died. The name of King Varian and his deeds still lives on in the hearts of Tensians to this day, who frequently raise their blades in the air to chant his name before going into battle- honoring a legend that lived a warrior, and died a hero.

Today, his daughter, Valeska Bastyra, is the last remnant of his bloodline and heir to his throne.

Azi Dahaka of DrakkarEdit

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Saena of DrakkarEdit


The first woman to have ever survived the grueling trials of the Order of the Drakkar, Saena was also the only Celestial to have ever been granted the honour of joining the ranks of the Knights of Drakkar. A priestess of the Lord of Battles, she was once an enemy of Brocard's when she led the armies of the White City against Tens despite a great mutual respect between the two foes; a respect which lead to her siding with the dragon knight during his titanic battle against the Overlord, and which turned out to be the first event in a long series which resulted in her forsaking Anamchara and joining Tens, where she was then offered a spot within the Knighthood by Brocard himself.

Xavior of DrakkarEdit

A Knight who wields a giant two handed sword that can cleave through almost anything, Xavior is a devout knight of the order, and a close friend of Saena.

The Charred KnightEdit

Shrouded in mystery among the Drakkar , the Charred knight appears seemingly from the mists to test a Squire’s worth. A squire will encounter the Charred Knight only once in his trials, it is a dreaded encounter that has resulted in death for many an ambitious squire. Those that are found worthy without taint or corruption are spared. The Charred Knight’s origins are unknown, but it is whispered among the more veteran knights in the order that he is the physical form and consciousness of the original Drakkar, those slain by the black dragon centuries ago.

Charred Knight 3

There is wisdom in the Charred Knight's blazing gaze, timeless and inhuman, but it is a wisdom that has become rotten with loneliness and hate.

'''''''''The Charred knight is given his name because of the burnt, charred hue to his skin. He resembles a great hulking warrior of over seven feet tall. His lower body is encased in archaic Drakkar plate from another age, while his upper body is adorned with the sturdy bones from unknown monsters. He wields a giant great sword with tireless ease.'''''''''