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Red Dragon
"Explain to me this, Why do you humanoids keep voting in the same imbeciles who do more harm then help?"
Character Information
Race: True Blooded Red Dragon
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9" (Half-Blooded Form)
Hair: Crimson Red
Eyes: A Dark Blood Red
Age: 412 (Mid-Fouries in Maturity)
Classes: Sorcerer/Blackguard
Weapon(s): Claws, Tail, Breath, Magic, Staff, Dagger
Alignment: CE
Faction: Anamchara
Relationship(s): Blade Ki'Sing (Mate), Vearos'Sygax'Bane (Father)
Origins: Fuerun
Languages: Common, Draconic

Ticha'gottia (Beautiful Daughter) is a Red Dragon sorceress on Isle of Styss. Though she doesn't hold any offical rank in any of the citys she often finds herself being thrown into various forms of politics. She is often considered a hassle to the government of whatever city she currently resides in due to her chaotic nature. Despite her alignment she could often be considered more of an Anti-Hero then a true villian.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ticha'gottia being a Red Dragon finds herself easily capable of preforming strong transmutations on herself and the ability to assume many different forms. Each a mirror of the beauty of her True Form. A large Red Dragon.


The form most are likely to see her in, Ticha’gottia’s form of choice in these lands is that of a rather busty elf with large wings adorn with a smooth plating of glittering red scales and a draconic tail to match. Her skin contains an awkward, but not too unnatural pinkish tint due to the scales hidden below the skin, warping her normal tanned skin into looking as such. Her eyes a Blood colored emerald, radiating in the night sky. Her eyes hauntingly beautiful, much like the rest of her body able to trap any on looker inside. Her skin soft and smooth as silk, despite the scales hidden below. Her body giving off a natural body heat, often times very soothing and alluring to those who get close to her. The rest of her body is lithe and curvy; the women obviously not shy to doing feats of flexibility and dexterity, although she doesn’t have the body of an acrobat or contortionist. She’s built fit, but not strong or toned in fact considered physically weak in the eyes of most. She has long slender legs which go up to her generously plumped rear. Her arms going to her soft hands, completed with unnaturally sharp, but long nails. Her hair, long silky red locks, perfectly straightened reaching down past her shoulders. Finally, her bosom is fairly large in size to that of an elf; matching that of a fairly busty human. Despite this fact, her breasts are fairly well proportioned to her slender and curvy body; not looking misshaped or out of place.

The dragoness’s choice of clothing is skimpy at best, often matching that of someone better seen at a ‘Red Light’. Despite this, what clothing she does wear seems to be made of fine and rare fabrics, the sort of thing most likely seen on a queen or other nobility. Tich also aligns herself with a cornucopia of jewelry, all of it rare and priceless. Ranging from gold and silvers, rare gemstone such as pure cut ruby’s, sapphires, onyx, topaz, and the like; enough of which covers up the rest of her body that her skimpy clothing didn’t. Bracelets, necklaces, and rings, each of which easily found scattered about her body, making clinking and jingling sounds with every little movement the women does. Finally it would be good to note her scent, completely masking her sent of fire and other tell tale signs of her draconic nature is the smell of various rare regal herbs and spices; the likes that no normal person could ever dream of possessing, this only adding to feel of some form of ‘greater nobility’.

True Blood DragonEdit

In her true form, Ticha’gottia is a massive and majestic Red Dragon. The scales running down along her body in a smooth and perfect pattern, none of the scales over lapping in an awkward or freakish manor; while they seem to reflect light with a bright ruby sparkle. Her horns, nails, and teeth, well kept remaining most of the time a sparkling white. Her large legs, still built rather frail for a red dragon, as her wings are much the same. Though don’t let it fool you, she is still very powerful able to lift and fly off with a tons worth of treasure and cleave someone’s body clean in half. Finally, much like her other form, Ticha’gottia covers herself in a bright assortment of jewels, seemingly choosing to keep as much of her horde with her as possible.


Ticha'gottia is a very loud and passionate individual. She is not afraid to speak up on an issue whether she is right or wrong on it and is fully willing to get into an argument with anyone who disagrees with her. A Red Dragon to the core, shallow, arrogent, and greedy. Caring for almost nothing more then herself and as a result those things that make her happy in life, be it people or treasure. To those who annoy her can expect Ticha'gottia to be unaffraid to speak her mind and insult them and to those who hurt her can expect her to get her revenge in time. Ticha has never been one for laws or societies in general. Finding herself often out casted and awkward when in large conversations or when dealing with behaviors of people or things she doesn't understand. On the flip side, to those things she does, she can out talk a Bronze and in a state of intimacy and caring her fiery personality and brute passion can be a beautiful wonder to behold. In Ticha's own words to Amy Swift.

"To those who can stand me and are willing to put up with my actions. They will find they have the strongest of friends on their side. To those who lack the ability though, will find themselves one of the greatest of enemys."

History (Background)Edit

Native to the plane of Fuerun, Ticha'gottia is the result of the Red Dragon Vearos's first clutch with another Red who was desperate to find a mate and to have children believing her own starility. Once the dragoness discovered her pregnancy flew off to nest abandoning Vearos. A move fairly common in draconic culture. As a result Ticha'gottia never met her father until much later in life. Ticha'gottia was the first born in a nest of three making her Vearo's eldest daughter. Almost instantly Ticha'gottia was found to have a unsusally strong link to the weave, even for dragons causing her to become a prodigy in the ways of magic and mastering the ability to the point of being considered and arch-mage around the age of two hundred. (About the maturity of an eighteen year old human) Like all Red dragons, Ticha'gottia, once old enough to protect herself, left her nest in order to appease her races natural greed of wealth which lead her across many planes, each of which bares a nest and a horde guarded and maintained by a large group of kobolds whom worship and pamper her.


On her travels across the various planes Ticha'gottia found the plane of Krynn also known as Dragonlance. The vast world lead by its own unique pathon of god in which the chromotics and metallic dragons wage an almost endless war to annihilate the other from the plane. Almost instantly the dragoness took a liking and interest to Krynn, desiding to start her main horde there, this time not only under the protection of kobolds but of humanoid dragon worshippers. Each individual pampering her to her every need and desire. Be it sacrifices in the form of free meals, gifts of rare treasures scattered across the plane, or just worshipping the very ground she walked on. Although war was all around her, Ticha'gottia never truly took part in it, only caring about her own ends and her own endless quest to aquire the one thing which to her lasts forever. Even when she is dead and gone, it will remain, the only true power in the world. Wealth. It was here in Krynn where she first learned about humanoids and of the worship of gods or other figures, in Krynn she was educated in the ways of the Five Headed Dragon, Tiamat, a great demoness and her racial hatred for metallic's awakened.

Return to Fuerun and an ApprenticeEdit

Although she holds a like for Krynn, Ticha'gottia found her travel lead her back to Fuerun and to her horde there. It was at her second trip back that an unlucky family of elves happened to stumbled into her lair trying to find a place to rest from their travels, with them a young girl named Teresa. One by one Ticha'gottia lined them up against a wall in her cave, with the young girl as the last, and one by one the dragoness ate them. Leaving the rest of the family to watch in horror only able to wait for their turn. Finally on reaching Teresa, Ticha'gottia hesistated. For reason unknown even to her, she couldn't eat the child there was something about her which intreged her and because of that Ticha'gottia spared her. Fifty years passed with Ticha'gottia training Teresa, awakening her to the weave which flowed through her with as much strength as it did to Ticha. Teresa lived a cold but pampered lifestyle, isolated from the rest of her kind and the world around her. Ticha'gottia taught her how to live, she inflicted her morals and her view points on the elf which in the end shaped her into the women she has now became and once Teresa felt there was nothing more to learn. She left without warning taking a fair share of Ticha's horde with her. Just enough to last her till the end of her travels.

The Succubus and to StyssEdit

Years past since Teresa's leaving Ticha was left alone and isolated, traveling back and forth between Krynn and Fuerun watching both of her hordes which had grown to a substanual amount by that time. Overflowing with the riches of that of the most wealthy of kings, some stolen, some aquired by adventuring, some in tribute, and others simply by gifts. In her eyes, life was happy and good. Although she found herself bored and lonesome she had everything she ever really wanted, and she was getting more treasure then she could ever dream of but there was a certain thirst for knowledge that grew in her. In her eyes, she was right about all things she was the most enlightened creature in all the planes, but why couldn't other races grasp such enlightenment. Ticha found herself traveling outside of her hordes more and more and just watching humanoid civilizations and their social interactions with eachother. It was all so confusing to her, how could people live in such ignorance. Forging nations and believing in a pointless illusion of power. Yet the thrill and the politics of it all excited her. She found herself transforming herself into a fiery haired and attractive sun-elven female to communicate with people, learning the ways of humanoids and the politics and meanings behind their actions. All of it was so new to her, despite having her cult on Kryann she never once really associated with humanity before and the more she stayed with the human races the more she wanted to learn. Up until she finally met the succubus Trisha. Trisha enlightened her in the ways of demons, the actions, the politics, the wrecklessness of their politics and she finally saw how no society lead by humans, creatures of such weak mindsets, could ever work. Trisha told Ticha'gottia of a demi-plane lead by her kind named Styss a place she could get her thrill in observing humans and maybe even take control of one of the cities there. Ticha found the offer impossible to resist so she found her way into the plane where her adventures finally began. Her reunion with her father, her appriantice, and a few odd ball friends along the way.


On finding her way to Styss Ticha had one goal in mind to start. Create another horde in this plane as she did in all the others and join up with the faction that would come to aid her in achieving that goal by any means nessisary. If she had to join a winning side to feed off the spoils of war, so be it, as long as she had yet another horde created. Her second goal in mind, learn the politics of the plane and its enhabitance most specifically demons.


Ticha almost instantly decided though the words of people that the city of Tens would best help her accomplish this task. Little did the dragoness know of the fate that would beset her there and how she would become reunited with long lost family. It only took her a few days until Ticha'gottia learned that the city of Tens wasn't for her, after a few run ins with the law of the city and facing her own fair share of punishments for her chaotic nature the truth of the city of Tens came to her. Tens wasn't a 'Black City' of take what you want if you can get it, instead Tens was a city filled with hypocracy a bunch of humanoid creatures living together pillaging and raping because being evil is 'cool'. The weakest of the city being put into positions of power above those who should truly shine due to the sniviling stab-in-the-back politics that dominated the cities higher circles. This realisation yet again left the dragoness spiteful and isolated. Finding comfort in the discussions and conversation of only a select few who in her mind were 'intellectuals' harshly telling all others to pike off. One of these 'intellectuals' was her father Vearos. Vearos was trapped in Tens after a failed assassination attempt against the standing Tyrant Vier'idil, almost instantly Ticha'gottia took a liking to her father because despite his over protective nature of her she found that he came to much the same conclusions as she did about Tens and the other citys. Eventually, she hatched a plan to release her father from Tens after his own attempts failed after speaking to the Queen of Elzigard Nara. She was to either escape or lie her way into the city and take Vearos with her, in which Nara would then set him free from all slave bindings and magic currently on him. Ticha'gottia went ahead with the plan only temperarily still feeling, despite her views on the city, moderately loyal to Tens and decided to attempt to help the city in her own way.

Elzigard, Betrayal, Love, BanishmentEdit

So Ticha'gottia took her father to Elzigard. Her current goal still fresh in her mind, she was to keep father under her protection long enough until the Tyrant Vier'idil decided to forget about him. Then all the while, work on gathering what information she could from the city and see if there was any way to become a 'puppet' master to the people of the grey city. Those plans almost instantly changed when Ticha'gottia started to detect unrest in her father. Her own paranoia of him mixed in with his paranoia of her caused them to butt heads over when he was going to be set free eventually leaving Ticha'gottia fearing that Vearos would betray her and send assassins to kill her so he could take his own freedom. The very thought of this suspected betrayal lead Ticha to find an escort into the Tensian castle where she then returned the slave collar back to Vier'idil, successfully loosing what trust she had gained for her father and loosing the friendship of the Queen of Elzigard all in order to protect herself from suspected assassination by her fathers hand. It was directly after that event that Nara began to call Ticha'gottia a traitor for betraying her father and stated that if she acted up again she would be banished from the city she was taking 'refuge' in.

Days past and Ticha'gottia brooded in anger, not only had the suspect of her fathers betrayal left her believing herself betrayed by her family but betrayed by the very government she put the faith of her 'protection' in. Ticha was angry, left on a rampage willing to strike down the first person who got in her way. She wanted blood, she wanted revenge for the betrayal so she picked her scapegoat for her troubles and anger. If Nara wouldn't listen to her story and if she couldn't get revenge on Nara then she'd do the next best thing, Ticha'gottia would take her frustrations out on the General of Elzigard, the person whom, in her mind, had the second highest ranking in the city. Ticha

Ticha and Blade

started to scream at her scapegoat, Blade Ki'Sing, she wanted the drowess to make the mistake of striking at her. She wanted her head. But instead, she got the opposite. Blade listened to Ticha's story, agreeing with her on its every aspect going so far to invite the stranger into her home for comfort. Ticha, taken back by the offer, agreed. The hours became days, the days became weeks, and the weeks became months and Ticha found herself unable to leave the company and home of Blade Ki'Sing. Eventually finding herself seduced by the drowess's views on society, politics, the war, Blade's many tales about the history of the plane. And eventually Blade's body. Almost instantly the pair was inseperable despite being the same gender both of them were unwilling to hide their affection for each other. Both of them eventually going past the very principals they both held about affection, courtship, and love.

This lead to the distaste of the Queen who felt the entire purpose of Ticha's being was to seduce a public offical. Although, by that time and her romance Ticha'gottia abandoned all of her loyalties she was desperately holding onto with Tens and to her own ambitions only finding that she required to be with Blade and to have her as a mate, for now and forever. Things grew more and more hostile between the citizens of Elzigard once Nara promoted Sitreas into the position of warden reaching to the point of near civil war which caused Ticha'gottia to find herself unable to idly stand by and allow the Queen to stomp over her own people. Not when it directly affected her true love. Ticha'gottia started to become more and more violent with her words, causing the citizens of Elzigard to grow more and more violent until Nara was unable to handle it anymore. In order to calm the people she had to seperate Ticha'gottia from Blade and remove the ring leader from controlling the people. For that reason, Ticha'gottia was banished. Though, this didn't stop Blade and Ticha's love. Things had became harder, near the point of Blade deciding that love isn't an emotion she was suppose to experiance being a simple servant of the city and its people. Though in time Blade seeked help from her sister Shade, finally abandoned Elzigard and moved to Anamchara not expecting Ticha'gottia to follow.

Anamchara, The Current StoryEdit

Ticha'gottia finally finding herself able to see her love again openly took no time to yet again abandon all of her beliefs and follow Blade into the white city. The one place she hated with a passion. Her father had told her tales about the cities hypocracy and its inability to preform basic stately tasks. How the White city was corrupt and in many ways more sinister then Tens. Ticha, although unable to deny her distaste for the cities state, her distaste for all states, found herself not only welcomed in open arms but praised as a valuable soldier and member of Anamcharan society. For once a city was able to listen to Ticha and her words, no matter how loud and how violent and attempt to learn from her wisdom. Eventually Ticha found new friends, and despite her evil heart found herself doing more and more good all for the hope of a society that contained one thing all the others haven't, a hope to succeed. That is where Ticha'gottia finds herself now, with her love by her side, in a new city in which she should be an out cast but instead she is accepted in open arms. Prepairing for her future and of things to come......