Roman Soldier by KEGO442

Treo(Younger) backhanding undead

Probably most well known for his accent, that some consider sexy and charming while others claim it annoying or funny, this priest is a devout cleric of Tempus and casually follows Ilmater, his displays of manners and respect on the battlefield are unmatched so long as he can harness some respect from his foes. Many question why he acts in such a way and he will commonly quote from Tempus' dogma that "Disparage no foe and respect all, for valor blazes in all regardless of age, sex, or race."

Another trait that tends to make this priest stick out of a crowd is not only the prosthetic limbs upon his right arm and left shin but the skirts he commonly wears with all his outfits. Each skirt is usually made of cloth and chainmail, revealing the priest's muscular thighs to all but also much, much more should the updraft be strong enough.

Treo openly expresses his dislike of Tens and any form of slavery that is merely an act of limitless intercourse, his preference of slavery being used for labor which conflicts with his beliefs in Ilmater. Again, though, he only follows casually and does not heed every word like he does with Tempus.


Quirky, bubbly, and a sunny disposition the High Priest is usually considered the comic relief of a situation when tensions are high. His inflated ego and lack of modesty included with his personality make his decisions to defuse a situation rather interesting as he shows no hesitance to draw attention from high tensions and upon himself be it spouting "I remember the time..." or simply stripping himself of his clothing. Or both.

However if things appear personal for him or matters get serious, the High Priest can quickly change to irritable and angry when it comes to certain situations. However when it comes to tactics and strategy he tends to show a cool, level head and voices his opinions when others have none.


While his original intentions were to take a position of leadership within Elzigard, the priest would back down from the idea to something more suiting to him; High Priest. While he was experienced in both fields of religion and politics the idea of being a High Priest again sounded pleasant. He would apply and quickly be accepted into his new position and quickly he'd attempt to organize the healers of Elzigard into a Tempuran hierarchy.

As High Priest he is the most active out of the rank-holders of Elzigard and can be found commonly collecting donations for his temple and city or on the battlefield tending to the wounded and praising Tempus for a swift victory.

Relation to Hollow MenEdit

These strange creatures from the Plane of Shadow seem highly attrached to the High Priest, even going so far as to carve the word "Forsaken" down his spine. While their intentions seem hostile the High Priest secretly believes there may be more to their presence than most can perceive, but the fear they instill within him makes communication difficult.