Tyezira Phoenix Dahaka
In the forest is a monster who has done terrible things, so in the woods its hiding and this is the song it sings: Who will love me now.
Character Information
Race: Abyssal dragon/Linnorm/Sunelf
Hair: Raven black and curly
Eyes: Golden
Faith: Tymora
Faction: Tens
Title: Knight of Tens
Former Title: Sergeant of Tens

Lieutenant of Tens Commander of Tens High Marshall of Tens Captain of the Black Shields

Relationship(s): Dating Krag'ax the Mighty
Origins: Father: Azi Dahaka

Mother: Dawn Dahaki

Languages: Common, elven, abyssal, draconic, infernal

Played by: Sannive

Tyezira Phoenix DahakaEdit

She is over all a pleasant young woman with a smile that is just as charming as it is deadly. She has a direct personality but due to the mixed blood in her veins she is quite unpredictable in her reactions to what happens around her in the world.


Tyezira 01

Tyezira Phoenix

The young woman has small black dragon wings, scales on her back. Long black curly hair that slithers down between her wings and she keeps it for most part out giving her a wild impression. Her eyes striking intense golden and appears to be the only inheritance from her grandmother Mirilinne and the eyes do have a tendency to reflect light as well as her own emotions. Her small lily white hands has dark grey claws where there normally would be fingernails but just as deadly as they are she in very careful with them and clearly she has been taught that most beings are squishy. Her body strong and holds much potential, her curves modest but in proportion to her height.


Born twice so like her mother she was taken from the warmth of her mothers belly to be placed into a silvery egg. She grew within to the songs from the slave Cristall and the encouraging words of her mother Dawn. Unwanted to begin with by her father the egg was kept hidden within barriers in the mothers house and the creature Tyezira was a bit reluctant to hatch but was eventually lured out from it with the help of a music box Cristall had made for her and with a bejeweled necklass made by her mother.