Name: Vearos'Sygax'Bane (Vair-Ohs Sih-gahx Bane)

Nicknames: Bane, Big Red, Firescale, Lizard, Red, Sygax, V, Vear, Vearos, Wyrm

Gender: Male (most of the time)

Race: Very Old Red Dragon

Age: 739

Appearance Age: 27

Description of Full FormEdit

Overall Length: 104' 6"
Body Length: 29' 11"
Neck Length: 29' 9"
Tail Length: 44' 10"
Body Width: 13' 3"
Standing Height: 20' 7"
Maximum Wingspan: 134' 6"
Minimum Wingspan: 67' 3"
Weight: 987,890 Lbs
Smells Like: Brimstone and Flames

Before you looms a magnificent, gargantuan draconic being, tower dominatingly above you, easily twenty feet in height, at the shoulder, quietly gazing over the area around him. His massive, muscular body is slim in appearance, graceful, and a deep black, across which blood scales are laid across his massive hide, like brushstrokes on a canvas, shimmering slightly like fire under the sunlight, depicting raw power, raw muscle. Despite, being so slim, however, he's still very masculine in appearance and demeanor. His scales are pristine, generally, though occasionally when he's just come from battle of some sort they're spattered with blood, almost blending in against his firey scales. Those that should come within ten feet of him, or touch his scaly hide, would find that he produces a dry heat, akin to coming close to a campfire. He generally has a stern, almost tough air about him.

As your eyes travel along his features, the first thing you notice are a pair of ebon black horns, arcing out from behind, and a bit above his eye ridges, each horn easily long enough to be used as a weapon, should the situation arise. The horns would shimmer slightly under the sunlight, likc obsidian, slick, smooth to the touch. They arc upwards and back slightly, typical of a red dragon, though they lack the trademark ridges of such a species. As one progresses their sight down to his jawline, they would notice three more pairs of short horns, outcroppings of obsidian that jut back from his jaw, slowly scaling down from several feet near the jaw's connection, to about a foot in length down his jawline. Between each of these horns is a stretched a thin membrane of firey yellow and red flesh, scales covering this delicate flesh. As your gaze lowers a bit, you would notice him likely looking back at you with deep, topaz eyes, with a molten look to them, like hot steel, broken only by deep jet black pupils, slitted in the style typical to dragons and felines. Within is held a glint of incredible intellect and cleverness. Your eyes travel lower and you begin to run them over his massive, draconic features akin only to a Red dragon, though you notice as your eyes continue to travel that his features are slightly softer in appearance, well aged, and he lacks the traditional nostril spines that most reds bear. Unique to him, and maybe a few others, are the deep, molten appearing yellow scales that grace the space between his eyes, and down along the middle of the top of his snout, also flowing back between his largest set of horns.

As for looks, he's definately handesome, with features most female dragons could fall for. With open mouth one would notice rows of sharp, draconic teeth, and a long, forked tongue. As your eyes continue, they run over his strong, heavily muscled neck, deep patterns of obsidian scales roil along the sides of his neck. Along the underside of his neck are those same molten appearing sandy colored scales, like hot steel against the fire of his scales, wide and larger than the rest of his scales, overlapping slightly. Down the back of his neck runs a long ridge of spines, spaced roughly two feet apart, they start from the base of his skull at about four inches, and lengthen to roughly four feet down near the base of his neck, sharing the same obsidian hue as his horns, a deep, molten yellow and red membrane stretched lightly between them. You continue, and your eyes reach his heavily muscled shoulders and front legs, literally rippling with muscle, down to his clawed paws. The insides of his paws are covered in the same molten yellow scales that decorate parts of his body. His claws are a deep obsidian in color, each roughly a foot or two in length, and capable of ripping a man in half. Your eyes then run over his chest and underbelly, revealing a toned chest, literally rippling with muscle, his underbelly covered with the same wide, thick molten yellow scales as his neck. He bears many small scars across his weathered hide, but none that appear too severe. As your eyes continue, you would notice the massive, yet elegant wings that decorate his back, expanding out behind him, coming to an intimidating, massive wingspan of nearly one hundred fourty feet. His massive wings bear molten yellow membranes between the bones that give it structure, covered in heavy scales. As your gaze continues to travel, it runs over the spines running along his back, continuing from his neck, and down along his long, lithe appearing tail, deep black, obsidian spines, with a heavy, molten yellow membrane stretched between them.

Wrapped about the base of his tail is a massive golden tail ring, fitted over the membrane of his spinal ridge. The ring is several feet wide, several inches thick, and adorned with beautiful rubies. Then your gaze slowly travels down a bit, over his strong, muscular legs, graceful appearing, though rather than the thick red plates one would expect to see on his hind shins and feet, there are molten yellow scale plates. Between his legs lies a long slit in the scales of his underbelly, indicating that his sexual bits must be internal.

Description of Cursed Form Edit

Before you stands a large, muscular draconic figure, towering a dominating nearly seven and a half feet tall, he gazes easily above the crowd. His muscular body is fairly slim in appearance, yet still very masculine, and covered in fine red scales, usually shimmering lightly due to how well they tend to be kept, though sometimes when he comes back from recent battle, blood can be seen speckling them, almost blending with the deep red. Those who come near to him or touch him would feel a comfortable, dry heat, akin to coming near a campfire. He can often be seen stands tall, quietly observing those about him, arms crossed in a tough-guy attitude of a pose in front of him.

Horns: Arcing out from behind and a bit above his eye-ridges are a pair of long horns, just under a foot each in length, a deep, obsidian in color, they arc back and up slightly, typical to a red dragon, though they lack the trademark ridges of a red. As one progresses their sight down to his jawline, they'd notice thre more pairs of horns, significantly shorter in length, the top pair just under half a foot in length, the bottom pair a bit longer than an inch, and the middle pair somewhere in-between, all of which share the same obsidian hue as his upper horns. Between the horns is a soft colored, almost bleached yellow frill, a thin skin membrane stretched between the horns.

Eyes: As you watch him, staring back at you are topaz-yellow eyes, with almost a molten appearance to them, like hot steel, broken by black pupils, slitted in the style typical to dragons and felines. They hold a certain glint, however, of cleverness and Intellect.

Facial Details: Draconic features are heavily prevailant in his face especially, as he has the general facial structure of a red dragon, though his features are slightly softer in appearance, less harsh, and he lacks the traditional nostril spines that reds have. Unique to him, and perhaps a few other reds, are the deep, sand yellow scales that grace the space between his eyeridge, and down the top of his snout. They also flow back, fading slowly away between his largest set of horns. He's handesome in a draconic sort of way, with features nearly any female could fall for. When he opens his maw, one might notice sharp, draconic teeth, and a long, forked tongue, nearly a foot in length when fully extended from his mouth.

Neck: He bears a strong, heavily muscled neck, though he lacks the normal neck length that most draconic being possess. Running down the inside of his neck are deep colored, sandy yellow scales, wide, and larger than the rest of his scales, and overlapping slightly. Down the back of his neck runs a ridge of spines, spaced roughly four inches apart, they start from the base of his skull at about an inch in length, and lengthen out to about three four inches near the base of his neck, sharing the same obsidian hue as his horns.

Chest: His chest is heavily muscled, one might say extremely well toned, and covered in the wide, thin scales akin to those on his throat, a deep sandy yellow in color, but now cleft down the middle, following a musculature pattern akin to a humanoid's. He bears small scars of various sorts across his chest, though it appears that, given the inconsistancy of positioning and types, that they're caused due to fighting, and often are healed away with his wounds.

Arms: Long scaled arms, rippling with muscle, end in hands covered in red scales, the insides of his hands, the palms and undersides of fingers, for example, are coated with wide, deep sandy yellow scales, akin in ways to those decorating his chest. Each finger ends in a small, obsidian black claw, just over an inch each in length. One might note that each hand bears only three fingers and a thumb, though they're somewhat thicker than typical digits of their kind.

Back: Running down his well-muscled back are more spines, continuing along from the spines on his neck, they're roughly a half a foot in length each, and generally lay somewhat at rest behind him.

Wings: Behind him expand a huge set of wings, each roughly the same length as his height, coming out to an intimidating wingspan of fourteen and a half feet, and expansive, even for what would appear to most to be a half dragon. The wings bear soft, off-yellow membranes, covered lightly with scales.

Tail: Behind him lays a long, lithe tail, roughly four and a half feet in length, bearing the same wide, thin scales of a deep sandy hue which decorate his chest along it's underside. The tail is often curled about a bit, to keep from dragging on the ground. Decorating the tail, along the top, are several long obsidian hued spines, like the ones on his back, roughly four inches in length, though they slowly shrink to about an inch halfway down his tail, dissapearing entirely after that.

Groin: Covered in the same wide, thin, deep yellow scales that decorate his chest. Were one to examine him, it would seem that his male bits lie within him, rather than without, as he has a single, long slit, a slight break in the wide, sandy yellow scales. When aroused, a long, obsidian member would be obvious, slightly pointed in shape, and sleek and smooth looking, exiting from said slit, just over a foot in length, and varying in thickness from about a centimeter at the tip, to nearly four inches where the member exits his body.

Legs: His legs are heavily muscled, well toned, and powerful looking, graceful in their own way, and bearing a Digitigrade shape, akin to that of a red dragon's hind legs, the feet even similar, though rather than thick, red scales they bear sandy yellow ones on the fronts of his ankles, much like those covering his chest.


Vearos'Sygax'Bane's time on the isle of Styss has been a turbulent one. He has been a citizen of Anamchara and a servant and mercenary of Tens, among other things.